Top 10 things you need to use to make a website


If you’re not sure what method to choose to build a website, build it on your own or hire someone, use WordPress or builder then this post will solve all of your confusion related to website building and provide your complete solution and guide that you can follow to build any type of blog, business and eCommerce website.

So, what do you need to build a website?

1. You need knowledge about what is Website and how a website become successful:

Before domain, hosting, design, content, SEO, tracking code (Analytics), technology and tools to create a website, you need knowledge about what is website.

If you don’t have knowledge about what is a website, why websites are created, what technology is used to create a website, how much a website costs, how to hire and manage someone to build a website for you etc.

Without knowledge about the website and the methods of website creation and a process of success, many clients or business owners and individuals waste their time, money and efforts. Even many never tried to build it again.

So having knowledge about the complete website design process and essential gradients that makes a website successful is very important.

What happens when you don’t have knowledge about the website?

You will not be able to create a plan for your website’s success.

You will not be able to buy SEO friendly domain.

Without knowledge you will not be able to decide fast, what method is best, do I build it on my own or hire someone.

Without knowledge, you will not be able to find and hire good experts, who will be building a website for you effectively and at a lower cost.

Without knowledge, you will waste your money on a website builder, designers, hosting, plugins and platforms. You will not be able to decide which one is good for you.

Without knowledge, you will waste lots of time building and searching on search engines for solutions.

And without knowledge of each step of your website building and success process, you will not understand where to invest.

When you communicate with designs or developer you will not get ideas about how much something is cost. For example, if someone says that you need to pay to write high-quality meta description content then what you will understand about it? What is a meta description for you?

So without knowledge, it’s really tough and not good or even to try to build a website. At least you can try until the paying point.

Each person chooses his own approach. And that’s right. Even by trial and error, many are able to create websites successfully.

That’s learning and winning. That’s another approach.

So I suggest that the number one thing that you need to build a good, effective, responsive, SEO friendly and successful website through the right technology and tools you must learn about basics of Website, WordPress, Page Builders, Hosting, Domain, SEO, and website designer and website marketing and promotion strategy.

If you do it, you will never get any problem building a successful website.   I also don’t mean that learning to do it yourself, I just mean learn about it so that you can communicate and use the technologies and tools effectively for you.

At least with knowledge, you will be aware of where do you investing your money.

That’s my number and most important point or suggestion that I want to give you and people, who are looking or searching for what they need to build a website.

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2. Reason: Why you need to build a website?

You need a written reason or vision for why do you want to build a website. For example, you want to build a website where you can promote your business and services online.

Following are the posts to find answers: 

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3. Type of Website: What type of website do you need for your business?

There are various types of websites such as business informational websites, landing page websites, blog websites, eCommerce websites, and many others. Here you can learn complete details about it.

Let’s assume, you need an informational business website for your business. And you also want to have a blog page on your website. So that you can write and connect with your target customers.

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4. Budget: How much you want to invest in building a website?

Only from $50 to $500 is your budget. If you build it on your own then you only have to pay for a domain, hosting, and premium theme. But you can also use a free theme to reduce the cost of building a website.

If you want to hire someone to build a website then you also have to pay for domain and hosting. And you also have to pay to make changes in the future in your designs.

Following are the posts in which I have explained everything in details about the methods of building a website:

Other costs:

  • Logo Design/Branding
  • Content Creation
  • Premium Images
  • SEO
  • Premium plugin (features) as per website goals.

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5. Ways to build a website:

There are different ways to build a website. Here you can learn more. So, which one do you want to use to build a website?

Let’s assume that you liked WordPress technology to build a business website.

Learn More:

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6. Domain Name:

You need a name for your website. This name has to be unique and as per your business goals. It can be the same as your business name. You can buy .com, .net, .in, and various other specialized domain names. You also have to pay for the renewal fees of the domain name. A domain name is the address of your website.


Difference between domain and hosting

What is the difference between website and domain

7. Hosting:

Hosting is a space for rent on the internet to host or run a website. You have to pay again and again yearly or as per your hosting for hosting companies. Even you can also host your website on your own server or computer. But it’s a little more technical and costly.

But there are various hosting plans that suit small and medium-size business and blog websites.

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8. Structure and Design:

You need a structure and design to build a website. For this, you can use HTML and CSS. But in modern times or to do it quickly there are various methods to create a website without learning HTML and CSS. You will get pre-design templates, structure, and designs.

For example, you can use Website Builder applications, you can use WordPress and you can also use HTML, CSS, and any programming language (only if you need dynamic functionality).

We have selected WordPress at this point that you can use to build a website. You can install the free open-source software with one click from cPanel.  During installation, you will create a login id and password to use the backend of your website. It’s called users ID and passwords.

After visiting the dashboard in WordPress 1st time. You need to search and use responsive WordPress themes (templates). After that, you just need to install that theme and the required plugins.

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9. Website Content:

Website content is the group of text, images, videos, animation. When you create a website. You also have to create pages on that website. Not mandatory but important.

For example, you have to create the home page. This is the main page of your website. The 2nd is a contact page. These two are very important. And similarly, you can create services or product page or any type of page.

And you can also use demo content of the WordPress theme to see how it look and feels.

But the basic knowledge of WordPress or any type of website building tool is very important for you to build a website.

So, you need content to display on the home page, products page, services page and on each page that you have created.


What is Digital Content: How to create digital content on your own

Online courses to learn digital content creation skills

10. Search Engine Optimization and Website traffic strategy:

Having a website these days is not a big thing. But the biggest thing is how do you will get traffic or people visit your website. A website is like a shop or a place that is visited by people or search engine users for solutions, education or information.

In that way, you need to optimize your website with relevant keywords and content.

To increase traffic, you can also publish useful and productive blog posts on your business website regularly.

And you also have to need to learn about SEO and content marketing. Especially, if you want to build a website to grow your business or increase sales or bookings.

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So there are many things that need to build and run a successful website. Having a good design is not enough. It’s also important that the content on the website is optimized effectively for search engines and people (readers). And having content, designs, good domain, hosting is not enough, it’s also important that each visitor will get something from your website. It’s also important to convert website visitors into followers, customers, and leads.

So having correct goals, marketing strategy and effective execution of the plan is very important.

Any type of website is not one-time project work. It’s a lifetime or continuous process of business, profit, cost and failure, and success.

If you’re unsure about your business website goals and strategy, you can consult with the appropriate person, expert, and reliable person about it.

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