Top 10 uses of Google Maps for Maximizing your Business


Google Maps is a GPS-based cross-platform web application that gives navigation power to people, businesses, and organizations to explore, access, visualize and add geographical regions, places, landmarks, incidents, and sites worldwide.

Anyone can use Google Maps on Android phones, iPhones, iPad, Web browsers, and all other IoT devices free of cost. Google maps web service is developed by Google in which you can add or see detailed real-time and historical geographical data and information for knowledge and decision-making.

There are so many products and services developed by Google for common people and organizations such as Google Drive, Google Search, Google Translate, Gmail, and many others Google maps is one of the most popular and widely used geographical navigation services.  According to Google, there are more than 200 million businesses and places listed on Google Maps.

While there are various alternatives to google maps as well such as bing maps, open street maps, Waze, HERE WeGo, and many others. But google maps is the most popular due to google maps features, google maps platforms for business, google maps marketing, and google business profile.

Google Maps for Business is a free service through Google Business Profile in which you will get the option to add your business to Google maps. You can access or add your business location or direction in Google Maps by creating your business profile on Google Business Profile.

Adding the details of your business such as name, services, products, address, photos, and directions or store location in Google Maps through Google My Business Profile your business gets listed on google for search and mapping.

Once your business and location are listed on your Google Business Profile you will get more opportunities to get new customers locally and internationally. It’s because when people search for local service providers or look for the store location or business services in the Google search engine or through Google Maps then your business will also get visibility. And you can turn those viewers or searchers into customers.

google business profile home screenshot

There are so many uses of Google maps in our daily life, education, and society, but in this post, we cover particularly more about the uses of google maps for business.

Top 10 uses of Google Maps for Business

1. Uses of Google Maps for saving money:

create maps with google maps

One of the largest uses of Google maps in business is to find good and service delivery locations. Having a location map helps to find the customer’s address or delivery location easier. Before google maps, almost all of us were used to asking people about the locations and routes.

Actually, that was the only easier option. But getting understanding the direction provided by the people on the road is not that easy in a new city. It’s because you only have to listen and then imagine the route.

google maps

But after google maps solved this problem 90%. And now you can understand your own current location as well as the destination. This helps in delivering the product and services faster and saving money.

So, with the use of Google Maps, you can find the best delivery route and optimize it in a way that helps you to deliver the products faster and save money on fuel or gas.

2. Uses of Google Maps in reducing stress and confusion:

stress relief map google maps screenshot

Whenever you visit a new city for purchasing or business connection and business meetings in a new or big city the hardest thing is to find the path whether it’s a seminar location, hotel, bus stand, taxi service, edge of the market or in-between market.

Most of these types of businesses and locations are listed on Google maps. So even before you start moving you can save a location map on your mobile phone. Or in between the crowded market, you can turn on your google map to find the store or place of business meetings.

This helps in reducing stress and confusion and also the problem of not knowing the native language of that city or country.

For example, Even if you search for a Stress Relief Map on Google you will get information or a business location that provides stress relief services. It means google maps are fully integrated with google’s search algorithm and as you know there are various uses of search engines like google and others. So google maps not only to helps find routes, places, and street views but also helps in getting personal and health development services.

While this map is created or similar business maps are created by contributors to help people. But these kinds of maps are also created by small business owners or digital marketing companies for branding and marketing purposes. So you can take advantage of google maps not just in finding the exact place to meet or do business but also personalized view of the map.

3. Make it easy to find local sellers and businesses:

Make it easy to find local sellers

Whether you want to promote your business and services or want to purchase products and services online for business or use it just for research to start a new business. With the use of Google maps, you can map you can find the local sellers and types of business services providers and markets in that location.

You can contact the sellers through Google maps online as well as by visiting. And you can do that just from your hotel or while you’re in the office or while on the streets.

4. Uses of Google maps to find a good business location in the city:

To get more information about the market and city where you want to start a business or want to open a new office branch, it’s very important for you to study geography or existing businesses of the market.

For example, if you want to open a computer institute in a new city. You can study the existing computer institute in the city because most of them are listed on Google maps.

You can also study where most of the schools, colleges other types of coaching centers in the city. This helps you to study and plan the location to open your business.

Today, you do not have to spend your whole day or week visiting and studying each street in the market.  Just with the use of Google Maps and the street view option, you can plan the best desirable location for your business.

5. Find office space, property, floor, and shop to start a business:

office space for rent map Chicago

No matter what kind of business you are doing. Google Maps helps you find offices, buildings, and properties to start a business. All you have to do is search “office space for rent” and “space for the shop” on Google and then click on Google Maps.

google maps street view office space for rent

By doing this, you will see the existing vacant and rented places on the map and through street view near you, and in other locations. And you can easily contact the seller or provider as well as plan the business location as per your service or type of store.

6. Uses of Google Maps in filmmaking and video shooting:

Used to find or research the right street view for file shooting or video background without visiting the actual location physically. This will save lots of money, time, and effort and increase production speed.

Even if you’re looking for the best background location for your short movies, and YouTube videos you can also create or contributed using google street view. You can also create and contribute with your brand name. And to do that best you can use 360 tools such as cameras, applications, and accessories provided by google under google maps.

7. Uses of Google Maps to track commercial transportation or delivery truck:

You can create a route for transportation and then share that with the driver. Learn more about this here.

8. Uses of google maps in the creation of more business opportunities:

new business ideas - google maps

If you’re a developer or someone looking for ideas to start a new business or your own startup you can use Google maps APIs to create mapping, places’, routes apps or web applications. With the app, you can provide information only about local business services providers, gardens, playgrounds, traffic, shopping, and various other things in your app.

Even if you’re not a developer but a digital marketer then can provide Google Maps, Google Business profile listing or optimization services for local sellers and businesses as freelancers or agencies. It’s because if you research you can find that “how to set up google business profile” is searched by thousands of small business owners each month. Even many of them can set up but are not able to optimize or create that effectively so that they get traffic to a website or get their business in search results.

Having a Google business profile is as important for small businesses like a business website or even more.

So, if you specialized or provide Google business profile setup or listing services then it will be a good online or internet-based business.

9. Build new mobile and web apps with custom google maps:

google maps platforms homepage screenshot

You can use Google maps platforms and API to Build New Mobile and Web applications for custom maps as per area or business for people or existing customers. You can add dynamic maps, Street View imagery, and 360° views on websites, web applications or mobile apps.

You can build new or Improved Web/Mobile user experiences through Google Maps Platform API and SDK.  You can build mobile solutions, and map experiences for your apps or web application users.

Sports complexes, amusement parks, travel destinations, sight-seen, and all such activities or businesses can be personalized for locals as well as tourists.

For example, as a travel company or travel lead generator with the use of Google maps API you can provide a high-quality travel itinerary mapping experience on your website and app for tourists or those booking a travel package with your company. Even instead of text-based itineraries travel agencies can provide more visual experiences or mapping experiences in the itinerary. This improves customer experience and improves trust and branding. See the list of google maps products and solutions that you can use to build and start a new business or add a new service to your SaaS application.

10. Google maps for business promotion and marketing:

Google maps for business promotion and marketing

The uses of Google Maps for business promotion and marketing is highly effective, important, productive almost essential for local retailers, business services providers, SEO, and websites. You can promote your business by using google maps marketing, advertising strategies, and a business profile.

Those are using google maps or searching for local business services and locations, you can advertise and market your business and get more customers or leads for your business. With the use of a Google Business profile, you can add students’ photographs, happy travelers, customers, inside office photos, customer reviews, holiday offers, and location maps as well.

The business profile is one of the 1st or more essential and basic things in Digital Marketing. Or if you want to grow your business online or want to list your business on google then must add your business details on your Google business profile in which you will get all the google maps features, as well as all the above and more.

Not only just that you can embed google maps and google reviews in your website contact page. So overall the use of Google maps is highly productive for small businesses to attract more local as well as nearby city or state customers.

Conclusion: Google has various products for its customers. And google maps is one of the leading products that are very widely used by people and businesses for various types of reasons.

Other than businesses Google maps are used by common people in daily life, it is used in educating students about geography, it is used in politics, and various social, environmental development, and government work.

So learning the basics of google maps and having the knowledge of the use of Google maps or using google maps and it’s accessing its related products or service such as the Google maps platform or google maps APs are really useful for students, web developers, digital marketers, and business owners.

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