The Top 5 Ways to Use Google Drive for Smarter Workflows


Google Drive is the ultimate data storage and collaboration platform that integrates with powerful productivity apps like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. With google drive, you can empower your team and increase seamless collaboration and effortless productivity of your time and your business!

With setting up a google drive for the business you can store and access any type of personal and business data through any device, or browser with your Gmail account.  And you will get 15GB of free online data storage space for personal use. This includes free access to Google docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Gmail, maps, and all other integrated apps data directly store in Google Drive.

In paid Google drive plan, you will get 2 TB storage per user, target audience sharing, shared drives for the team, administration features, custom business email, and many other features that help you in business to store, share and collaborate through files and folder sharing. Any of your team members or employee can add, access, download, work, view, and edit google drive and apps data on any device from anywhere as per your or admin’s permission.

If you want to know the basic use of Google Drive in Hindi then please watch this video:

Personal Uses: There are various uses of Google Drive in personal and daily life as you can back up your WhatsApp chat data to Google Drive, and you can upload all of your personal photos and shareable files from mobile to Google Drive directly from the android phone or through Google drive access in mobile.

I am personally using Google drive for the last 12+ years in personal as well as business work. So, it’s great to share some of those uses and also the trending possibilities for productivity.

And because you will get 15GB and you can use this free Google drive space to save your mobile data as a backup on Google Drive. And you can also move your data to Google Drive to free up 15G space in your mobile and computer. There are so many personal uses of Google Drive.

But in this post, we will elaborate more on the uses of Google Drive in Business. And how you can utilize the power of cloud storage and Google Drive in your Business.

Top 5 Powerful uses of Google Drive for Business

It’s very important that you know the uses of Google drive so that each time or 1st time you Sign In to Google Drive you know how you can use this cloud technology or online data storage and file-sharing platform to increase your business productivity and performance. So with that goal, let’s start reading the below points one by one:

1. Uses of Google Drive as an online data backup and Restoration Service:

The importance of data in business is more than ever. The uses of data in business are unlimited. Each business operation generated data. Some data is very important for analysis, testing, and use, while others are important just as raw material.

The demand for data storage is more than higher. It started before the computer, then the floppy disk, CD, DVD, Flash Drive or Pen Drive, External Hard Disk, and now it’s cloud storage.

The best benefit of a cloud-based data storage service is that it provides you the flexibility to use, access and share. And you do not have to worry about data loss.

There are so many cloud-based data storage services. And one of them is Google Drive. Google Drive is best for small businesses such as for digital marketing, SEO, consulting, photography, video editing, telecom service providers, and many other types of small businesses, agencies, and construction or transportation companies as well as for Governments.

You can use Google Drive like the Your Computer DISK Drives. You will get free 15GB space to store any type of data. So, you can use Google Drive in business to back up your business data. You can back up your business contacts, WhatsApp business group data, chat, analytics data, keywords data, customer feedback, sales data, employee data, performance, daily progress data, and various others.

Even you can export data directly from CRM, Data Analytics, SEO Tools, and many others directly to Google Drive. And you can also automate the data storage with Google Drive. After this, any of your company members as per permission can restore or access this data on any device. Storage of business data, and websites or sales data backup is one of the tops and most popular uses of Google Drive.

2. File or Data Sharing:

File sharing is the 2nd most powerful use of Google Drive. You can share access to the files and folder that is in your Google Drive. You can also share Google docs, Google Sheets, and many other app data directly and privately with team members, clients, or customers.

You can share or provide access to a file or folders through an Email Id of users. Only those who have access can view and edit the files. You can also create and share documents, worksheets, slides, and links publicly on your website, job details or while chatting with clients or members.

For example, if a driver of a transportation company needs access to documents or any data that is important to showcase or required in any area then they can access or showcase that data and information from Google drive. Similarly, if a construction company or employees working in the field needs secure and encrypted access or file sharing related to the project status, they can use Google Drive.

3. Uses of Google Drive on Windows or Mac Desktop Computers:

You can download and install google drive on your Windows or Mac Desktop Computer. Here is the link to download Google Drive for Desktop, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad

You can save Microsoft Office files directly to the Google Drive folder on your computer if you’re not using one drive. Or you can add any specific folder such as business documents, ITR, registration details, inquiry forms, to-do lists, and various other confidential documents in Google Drive even if you’re offline. Your data automatically synchronize in the background when the internet is turned on.

If you use Google Drive for windows or mac you do not need to use the upload or download option separately to access or share files or you do not need to open google drive separately in the Web browser.

You can access or share all or specific files or folders directly from your desktop computer. And when you turn off the computer and then you can still access your data from Google Drive mobile app. For this, you have to install the Google Drive app on your phone if it’s not installed by default.

Please more about the desktop technicalities of Google Drive.

4. Increase Collaboration or teamwork and business productivity:

This reduces the time that each member has to spend making notes on their own computer and then send to you. Instead, each of your employees sends you 10 document files or you can read all of them one by one. The best solution is to create a single doc file and then invite the members to join and write their points. This I think will save 2 to 3 hours for everyone and this type of practice boost business productivity.

And you will always get admin control over who can see or edit or access the files or business data.

5. Uses in Sharing the files with freelancers and affiliate marketers:

Freelance web developers, designers, writers, and marketers need access to business data such as branding and marketing content, SEO checklist, keywords details, backlinks details, and many other things. You can’t send each file all the time. It was the tradition before cloud storage or the lack of file-sharing technologies. But now you have to create all the checklists once in Google Drive and then share them with freelancers.

For example, if you want to hire a person to edit or make changes to the logos, then you just have to upload the files or data related to changes that you want to share or even create a checklist or guidelines in google docs and create a folder with every detail such as color codes, sizes and etc. After that, you can copy the link to a Google drive folder and share that with the freelancer or add it to the job post.

Similarly, if you’re promoting your business through affiliate marketers then you can create a sheet or folder in Google drive and upload all of the marketing assets to that folder. And then share that link in the affiliate dashboard or in your application.

So that each time, affiliate marketers will not send you emails asking for the banners or you just do not spend your time collecting banners or marketing assets. Now every time new affiliate marketers registered to your platform, they will automatically find the asset folder and they can download it.

You can create this kind of process with your workplace or office staff to increase file sharing, collocation, productivity, and speed.

So, this list can go unlimited as per the business, process, and system. The use of Google drive in digital marketing agencies will be different in telecom services. It depends on the process and system of the business. And uses are created based on just that.

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Top 2 Alternative of Google Drive:

1. Microsoft One Drive:

If you’re using Microsoft 365 or Office 365 or any other version then one drive is best for you to save the document directly to the one drive. You will get 5GB and you can buy more space as per your needs.

Google Drive vs OneDrive, which one is best?

Google Drive gives you more features for free than One Drive or Microsoft Office. While there is no alternative to Microsoft Office. But if you have to use Microsoft Office then use the 5GB One Drive storage space to save Office files. And if you don’t want to buy more storage space then create Google Drive Folder on your Desktop and upload your future files to that until 15 GB.

If you do not have professional use of Microsoft Office in your business, then you just need to use Google Drive where you will get basic features for document writing, editing, data management, and presentation tools for free with 15 GB space.

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2. Dropbox:

Dropbox is a fully dedicated cloud storage service. And you will get all the benefits of Google Drive or One Drive storage in the drop box as well but without documents, sheets or related apps. You cannot create documents or sheets here. But you can upload all types of file formats. And you can integrate it with Slack, Creative Cloud, Canva, Asana, Zoom, and many others. With dropbox, you will get Dropbox Sign and Docsend features that increase data privacy and security during collaboration and sharing.

Best for graphic design studios, photographers, and multi-media companies who have a large amount of data sharing requirements.

Please read this post for more details: Top 5 Best Cloud Storage Services For Small Business

So, I hope the above details help you to understand the benefits, importance, and uses of Google Drive, and Files Sharing Cloud Storage, if you want to learn about any specific case or use please let us know. We will surely cover that in upcoming posts.

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