Top 7 benefits of Cloud Based Data Storage for business


The importance of data in business is even more than important. Data brings power to the business process and system. The easy availability of business data speeds up productivity and increases efficiency in work.

Today almost every small, medium and large business and companies rely heavily on data for marketing, business decision, and production. Each business uses more than one computer and web application or tool for business. Whether that is a digital marketing company, construction service provider or photo studio or computer institute.

The use of computers and the internet in the business process generates a large amount of data. That can be website data, customer data, financial data, marketing data, video content, images, documents, and the data used to build products and services. These types of data are highly usable and required flexibility in access, storage, security, and management. Read More: Top 3 basic uses of data

There was a time when you save data only on the computer. Even before computers, business data storage was on paper. That’s why the speed of innovation and technological changes or the speed of change or creativity in business was slow.

But the use of internet-enabled computers in business made a big difference in the production and delivery of products and services. And today, we’re on stage where we use multiple technological tools and machines for research, production, delivery, management, and marketing such as mobile, digital, and hybrid computers, IoT devices, automation tools, digital channels, and web applications to run the business.

So due to modern technological transformation in business, this increased the demand for data security, data encryption, remote access to data, and larger data storage units. Read More: How cloud computing will change our lives in the future

A pen drive, external hard disk, or even a 100 TB hard disk is not enough in a business or personal or business computer. Data storage on a single location, computer, portal hard drive or storage device is not enough, secure, and easy to access. Such worries about data management and security made cloud storage popular and the best data storage solution for businesses so far. You can use public cloud storage space or you can build your own private cloud storage space for business.

Private and public cloud storage is the modern way to store business small or large amounts of data more securely, frequently, and automatically, and on remotely located servers in a more organized manner.

The uses of cloud storage and cloud computing are unlimited as per the business. The power of cloud storage and feature provided by cloud storage service providers help small as well as large businesses, organizations, and institutions to store, access, and secure data as per their demands and needs.

So now let’s understand the top 7 benefits of using cloud storage in business one by one. So that you can understand how cloud storage can benefit your business and speed of growth.

Top 7 benefits that you will get by using cloud storage for business:

benefits of cloud storage for business

You can use cloud storage in business processes, daily operations, and systems. You can use cloud-based data storage for collaboration, file sharing, backup, automation, and as per your data management needs. So now let’s understand the following points top 10 common benefits of cloud storage for every business:

1. Easy to store and access data:

Data storage on the cloud is as simple as copy-paste. You have various options to store data in the cloud. But this also depends on the app feature and service provider.

But a simple example is Google drive. Where you just have to click on the Upload button to store data on the cloud. Similarly, if you’re using Microsoft Office 365 apps + one drive (such as word, excel) you can directly save word documents or excel sheets directly on one drive without saving them on a computer.

Cloud storage is storage space on the web (internet) like you have C, D, and E drives on the computer. You can store whatever type of data (.exe, .apk, .docx, .jpeg, .png, .py, .sql, .mp4 etc.) you want to save it can be word documents, website databases, software, code files, videos, photographs, blog posts, business documents or any other things. Read moreWhat kind of data can be stored in cloud storage?

And you can access, download and share this data with anyone or privately from any device mobile, computer, or tablet from anywhere. And you can also connect other business tools such as communication, data analysis, reporting, billing, and accounts apps with your cloud storage app such as google cloud, Microsoft Azure, and amazon cloud services. And this will automate the data storage in the cloud.

You can’t access your business laptop or office data anywhere easily until you don’t have remote access or network setup. But by using cloud-based data storage in business you will have global reach and sharing ability.

And it’s not just for you, you can choose who can access the particular folder or type of data. This makes it easy to work remotely for your staff or helps you to manage data sharing with a team or freelancer.

So, using cloud-based data storage is the easiest and latest technique to use in business to store and access data.

2. Privacy and security in data sharing:

Before your data is stored on the cloud or before you download it is encrypted, scanned, and checked by the firewall for any vulnerability. You can sign app for cloud-based storage services through your email id. Or you can create a separate email account for particular data storage or sharing.

Until you do not share your id or password, and data no one can access or even see the data. Even no one can imagine you’re saving data on the web. This data can be confidential or any other type does not matter. It’s secured privately. And then until cloud storage companies do not give access to their data centers or web application or platform to any other.

So, you can choose to share data with one or thousands. If you do not want to share marketing data with the web development team, you can do that. And if you want to share data only with the managers or even partners you can do that.

Now, this also needs strategies as per your business. If you have any doubt you can write to me and I will check and suggest that as per your strategy. But commonly you will get complete control and management features with your cloud storage service provider.

3. Cloud-Based Data / Server Backup:

One of the most popular uses of cloud storage in business is to create server or computer folder backup. You can store all of your business data as a backup with cloud storage. If in any case your data gets deleted from the server or computer folder, you can use a backup or recover the data.

For example, with one drive you can set up a backup of business laptops or computer data folders.  One drive cloud storage service app automatically backup and synchronize everything that you do on your business laptop or pc.  And if in any case your data gets deleted from the computer or the computer gets corrupted or damaged. You can still access the same data on a new pc or mobile or laptop. Similarly, with google cloud, you can backup, build, run and protect your apps, products, and services from disasters.

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4. Shared Files and Folders:

Whether you want to share data with freelancers or affiliate marketers and clients. You can create a separate folder for each type of user to share or get data. For example, instead of sending emails with attached files, you can simply share the folder link with the freelancer. Related: Top 5 uses of Google Drive for Business

5. Access data anywhere:

You and your team members for freelancers can access data anytime, anywhere on any device. This increases the speed of execution and productivity. No one has to carry a physical storage device or portable device or paper.  So you do not need an external hard drive or pen drive to store photographs, videos, and documents.

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6. Store an unlimited amount of data:

After your 1 TB external hard drive or SSD get full, you have to buy a new one and then again new after a certain time. This is a very costly and not so much effective or organized method to store data. You can’t protect 10 DVDs or 10 HDDs for a long time from damage or disasters.

But with cloud-based data storage, you can store more than 100TB or unlimited data automatically or manually. You never have to purchase any other physical data storage device.

7. Cloud brings a culture of innovation into business:

You can’t ignore the importance of innovation in business. Cloud-based data storage, cloud-based server backup or using a cloud-based server in your business brings a culture of innovation or feel of advancements in your team members, clients, partners, and employees.

And using cloud-based data storage is not just for the sake of advancement or show-off, you actually able to increase efficiency, speed, and productivity in very cost-effective manners. And you actually have to pay as you go or as per the use.

Having business data on cloud-based storage or in a hosting server helps your employees or team members to collaborate faster easily and comfortably.

So whether you’re running a retail business, financial services, healthcare, media and entertainment, education or logistics business you can take advantage of the latest cloud storage services that are hybrid and AI-enabled as per the business.

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