Top 3 tools to get website page speed insights


The speed at which website pages and posts open on a visitor’s device and browser makes a big difference in Google rankings and organic traffic.

No internet user wants that when he clicks on a link to research or open any website or its pages, it takes time. In today’s time, everyone wants everything fast.

So, whenever you launch a new website to the public, you must check its loading speed. If it’s before 3 seconds, great. Otherwise, you should reduce it to less than 5 seconds. That is, whenever any of your customers or visitor opens the website, it should open in 2 to 3 seconds or a maximum of 5 seconds. And makes sure that it should pass the core web vital test.

If you want to see the speed of your website or want to find out the reasons why its speed is slow, then use the following website speed testing tools.

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights
  2. Gtmetrix
  3. Pingdom Website Speed Test Tools

If you want some tips to increase the speed of your website, then please see the following posts.

 Without changing hosting, How to boost your WordPress Website loading speed?

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