Role of hosting services in the success of website and business


Websites and applications have to be hosted on servers to run, which must be running 24/7/365. Whatever you run on the Internet, remains hosted somewhere. Only then you can use its data, content, website, and web application.

For technicalities read this post: What is web hosting and how does it work

Hosting is important for every website weather it’s Google, Facebook, Amazon or any other website. Public can’t use your business website if it’s not running on the web. And it only run when it is hosted. That’s why hosting is important.

There are many companies providing website hosting services. You can choose any good hosting for your website. Many hosting companies also give free domains to create a website. Although this is for a year but saves $5 to $10 then. Read thisDifference between domain and hosting

Apart from this, the hosting company also gives your business email or free email hosting. It would have been beneficial if you could add the business name to the email. Instead of Gmail, now you can use your

But if you use a website builder to create a website, then you do not have to pay separately for hosting. You will buy hosting only if you are making a self-hosted website or using WordPress, HTML, CUS, and Java Script.

That’s why hosting is an essential services that makes your content and website accessible to people using mobiles and computers around the world. You can upload your data in hosting account, even if you don’t create a website. Hosting is a space on the web. You you can utilize the way you want. You can host a public website or private both.

A good hosting company is very important if you’re running and building a SaaS or High Traffic Blog website. But websites that gets more traffic or build to get more traffic such as travel portal if hosted on poor hosting server, then that website remain offline many times or showcase time out or server not found etc. error for visitors.

But websites hosted on high speed servers gets more traffic and SEO benefits. But if you want simple or single page consultancy website or just an landing page to convert social media visitors or to convert ads visitors into leads then you can also start with cheap hosting.

There are various hosting companies some of the cheap and best for beginners are Bluehost, and Hostinger, the medium is siteground and premium cloud hosting services are Kinsta and Cloudways.

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