How to get more traffic to your blog despite competition


Getting traffic to new or old blogs needs good content, SEO and UX strategy. Along with that to execute the strategy you need a process or system that you follow on daily basis.

If you follow a good strategy, and process and consistently improve your skills then you can increase traffic to your new blog within 3 or 6 months.

I have already written a few posts to increase blog traffic such as:

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But in this post, I am sharing competitive, creative, and technical strategies and tips that you can follow to increase your blog traffic systematically and effectively.

1. Focus on your target audience:

Always focus on helping your target audience. Those blog websites are focused on solving the problem of a particular group and community to drive more traffic.

You also have to write and present actionable, creative, and innovative tips and solutions in your blog posts.

When your main focus is on the target audience rather than money, SEO, and competition you get more traffic. Readers/people can identify it very easily if it’s useful for them or just a sales copy.  People will suggest you SEO tricks and various strategies. But the best and long-term successful strategy is to help your readers.

And this is the most important for new bloggers and websites to get ranked now on Google. If you want to know what kinds of websites will get more traffic in the future then read this latest ranking update by Google: What creators should know about Google’s helpful content update 

After this update, many websites will lose 40% to 50% of traffic. and those who are maintaining a good user experience as well as publishing helpful and unique content for years will get 50% to 70% growth in traffic.

In other words, it just means to drive more traffic by publishing unique and high-quality posts. And you can only write unique and quality posts when you focus on helping your readers.

Having a keyword is important in the title for SEO and traffic, but that doesn’t mean you have to write only based on the keywords. You can write 100 types of posts on a single keyword. If that’s important then search engine display that in search results.

2. Maintain consistency in publishing new blog posts:

Understanding the problems of people encourages you to help them fast.

But you can’t solve all of the problems in one day. You have to maintain the consistency in publishing that helps both to grow.

Consistency in publishing new blog posts is important to grow your blog traffic. You must know what new information/data and tips your target audience needs. You must know about their pain and desires.

For example, a blog website focused on teaching SEO skills must publish new blog posts consistently about search engine changes and updates. Similarly, a blog focused on students must share new posts related to preparation during exams.  If you research high-traffic blog websites you will find consistency in publishing.

Consistency in publishing keeps you connected with your readers. And by definition, a blog is a website that is regularly updated. Each new blog post creates opportunities to get new visitors from search engines and retain social media followers and email subscribers.

So if you want to grow your blog traffic take writing and publishing seriously and publish useful and valuable posts consistently. You can publish 3 posts a week, or 30 posts in a month.

But if you publish 1 blog post in a month then it will take many years to increase traffic to your blog. To increase traffic these days to blog you need quality as well as quantity.

3. Get new blog posts ideas to maintain consistency in publishing:

The stock of blog post ideas and topics excites you to maintain consistency in publishing. People are looking for new information, the latest updates, and better solutions. But you will not get ideas for new blog posts all the time. And when you do not have ideas about what to write then it will break the momentum and consistency.

Many bloggers have to face the blockage, and motivation for unique ideas and topics for new blog posts. This break the momentum and consistency. And due to that, despite publishing 10 posts in a month, you will not see an improvement in traffic.

To solve this problem you have to become creative and focused.

Use these methods to get new blog posts ideas:

  • Communicate with your target audience/readers. Listen to them. Understand the challenges, and pain points.
  • For this in WordPress, you can use feedback/survey or question or answer plugin.
  • You can read comments and reviews on YouTube, Reddit, amazon, and online course websites related to your blog niche.
  • You can use keyword research tools, google trends, news websites, and magazines for the blog post ideas.Top 7 ways to get unique blog post writing topics and keyword ideas
  • Visit closely related competitors’ websites or leading bloggers in your niche or industry and understand the types of posts and content they are publishing.
  • Increase your expertise, learn new skills and get more knowledge about the industry /niche that you cover in your blog.
  • Revise and understand the purpose of your blogging once again.

All of these methods are best to get new blog posts. But you need to remember that not each day you will not have the ideas and motivation to write. Ideas come and go so it’s important to note them. With such practice, you will get enough ideas or keywords for next week’s or month’s blog posts.

This way you will be able to maintain the focus, and consistency and publish new blog posts. And in return, you will see an increment in your blog traffic.

4. Make your blog website error-free:

Error-free and fastest-loading blog websites get more traffic from search engines. The fastest and error-free loaded posts and content are crawled or identified by search engine bots more effectively.

Error in blog posts/pages and slow loading speed block the search engine bots to crawl. Search engines notice such UI/UX problems. And if the problem persists for a long time then you will see decrement in your blog traffic.

You can test the speed of your blog posts through GTmetrix and google page speed test. You can also see the page speed in Google Analytics in the Page Speed option under the behaviors option.

With these tools, you will also get suggestions to improve the speed.

You can also use google search console and Bing webmaster tools to find technical errors in your website. You can also audit the technical SEO of your blog and find errors.

Things you must consider to make your blog website error free are the following:

  • While all WordPress themes are responsive these days, you also test the responsibility of image and readability of text.
  • Do not ignore the google search console or bing’s suggested improvements and warnings. If you do not understand the technical part of SEO, you can take the help of freelance technical SEO experts.
  • Use Captcha in the input tag for contact and comments forms to block spam comments.
  • If you’re using display advertising then make sure they are not preventing page loading speed.
  • Prevent fake traffic bots, and spam referral traffic through Cloudflare CDN or through wordfence security plugin.
  • Do not share or showcase your blog on spam groups and forums.
  • Test the reasons behind high bounce rate posts. Investigate the source of traffic, hostname, device, and country. If you find a suspicious pattern then block the IP, hostname, and even country. You can set firewall rules for a particular post that gets traffic spikes.

So similar technical SEO practices are important to make your blog website error free for good bots as well as for humans. When your blog website is technically correct then you will get more traffic and boost your ranking. And because many blogs perform poorly in terms of technical SEO you will get competitive advantages.

For example, if you are ranking on page 2 along with an error, then removing the error you can position the posts in the top 5 or top 10 on the 1st page of google and bing.

So, to increase and maintain the high traffic implement technical SEO effectively.

5. Manage your time effectively:

The most important thing that helps you in getting more traffic to your blog is you. You have to manage your time effectively so that you work on those things that actually help you to get more traffic.

Whether you work full-time or part-time on your blog you need to make a list of daily, weekly, and monthly blogging activities and goals. So that you can stay clear, composed, and focused to work on your blog.

Else, if you don’t prioritize your tasks, then you will end up doing what others are pushing through notifications and popups on your screen.

To run or make any project successful, you need to organize your task and time effectively. And you must have a blogging schedule for a minimum next 10 days or a week and a month.

You can divide the blogging works based on what you have to on daily to grow blog traffic:

  • Writing blog posts: Writing new blog posts or completing the draft is the most important work of the day in blogging. Before even you connect to the internet, check traffic, and revenue reports, and scroll down to social media, you should start writing.
  • This should be the main focus of the day. If you write daily, you will always have content for publishing. And when you publish more often you will get traffic.
  • Note: It’s not important that you do it in the morning or evening. My point is that you must write at least 1 post draft or even 100 words. But do not skip this habit to be successful in blogging.


  • Publishing and Marketing: In this category, you can include editing/proofreading/On-Page SEO, Social Media Sharing, Google Analytics reports, keyword research, and strategies. You can manage these works with different strategies.
    • You can choose any day of the week for scheduling and publishing, one day for keyword research, competitive analysis, and strategies.


  • Technical SEO: Website Management/Customization/new feature addition. This is the technical part and the most time-consuming for publishers. Technical works break the writing momentum. So, it’s important that you prioritize the technology works effectively. You can choose any one or two days of the week or month as per the importance to resolve technical errors.

Learn more on this here: How to find time to grow your blog traffic and profit while doing the job?

When you prioritize blogging activities based on their importance then this helps in focusing and getting productive. You will be able to use the right strategy and actions to improve your website traffic.

But if you randomly choose the task related to blogging then you will not see any progress. You must need a strategy it can be SEO, Content Quality, Social Media Marketing, UX, or anything. But whatever strategy you choose to increase blog traffic make sure you follow that continuedly.

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