Best email marketing software for eCommerce website


Email marketing is a way to promote and market your digital and physical products and services, content, videos, and blog posts by sending emails to subscribers, followers, and existing customers.

It means your target audience gets an email on their Gmail, Outlook, or yahoo (as per the email account and service they are using) about your business, product, and services. Learn more: Importance of email marketing in maximizing business reach

This is also a part of digital marketing but it’s one of the earliest and most personalized methods of marketing and promotion.

In modern times, email marketing has grown up to a more advanced level. Which involved the creation of a contact list via YouTube, blog, and trial version of the product. Use of templates to create compelling marketing campaigns. Email marketing automation, A/B testing, CTR, and Average view duration such as practices are in trend.

There are various email marketing services and tools such as Mailchimp, Sendinblue, and Convertkit that you can use in eCommerce, business, and SaaS application websites or even with YouTube channels to build a contact list and also to send and manage overall email marketing.

Here you can learn more tips: 

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