Top 10 Benefits of working for a small company


Working for a small company is very important for those professionals and newbies who dream to become an entrepreneur or want to start their own company. And also, for those who want to get a job in bigger companies and startups.

But above all the first thing you have to strive for is to become professional and expert. Small and big business have their own goals. And they hire you to achieve their goals and they pay you salary + incentives for that.

The problem here is that most of the beginners, even experienced people don’t have their own professional goals that they want to achieve while working for a company. Later they find that they are not growing, they find that the job they are doing is not good and not growing their income.

That’s why the first goal is to become a successful professional after a degree or course. Your first goal is to gain experiences, build a network with other professionals and learn as many skills, strategies, business models, management and marketing techniques in the first 2 years.

You will get these skills and knowledge in small companies faster. You also need to save a minimum of 30% each month from your first salary. After 2 years of working for small companies you will get the following benefits:

  • You will have knowledge of the industry. It means you know about consumer behaviors. Due to that, you will be able to create and produce solutions that people love to buy.
  • You will have a network of professional people. You can use that network later to start your own company. Also, that network can expose you in front of bigger companies for a job, partnerships, and investments.
  • While working in a small company you have gained and developed your professional skills through online learning, from the manager, team leaders, and project responsibilities. These professional skills and experiences will be the key to get the highest paying job, funding from investors for your own startups. It’s because you’re now known for professionalism and expertise. It’s safe to invest in you or to hire you in the company.
  • While working for 2 years you have avoided luxury. Due to that, you will able to save enough money that you need to start your company or you will be financially stable to change your job as well. You can also invest that money in other companies or in stocks.
  • Now you can play big. You have the industry knowledge, you understand customer behaviors, you have the network, you have the skills and experiences and also have the money. Now you can play a big game I mean you can take the risk in a managed way and that will double or triple your professional and financial growth.

Always think to play bigger, longer and consistently.

But how this all possible. It’s possible if you work for one or two small companies at the beginning of your career for a minimum of 2 – 3 years with few strategies.

Following are the points of benefits along with work strategies:

 1. Take more responsibilities:

In a small business, you will get by default many responsibilities. Such as if you’re doing SEO then you will also get opportunities for social media marketing. Similarly, if you’re building websites then you will get the opportunity to build apps. It’s not only in technical jobs. But also, in management work. You will get the responsibility to manage employees, as well as to motivate them.

It means you have the opportunities to grow your skills, talent and explore all your capabilities in the job.

But if it’s not happening then it’s your duty to ask for more work. Ask for new challenges. Do as much as best as you can. Don’t do a job to spend time instead of that you can use the time for the benefits of the company.

In bigger companies, you will not get many opportunities to grow. You have to work on one thing for a long time. And also, you can’t spend time there. You will find yourself always in challenges. Also, the same if you do your own business.

So, it’s good that you build the habit of taking on new challenges and defeating them before the deadlines.

In small company business owners and managers look to you as hope who can help to grow the company in the beginning. But in bigger companies, you will be the burden, until you’re not profitable.

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2. Build the network and relationship with professionals and dreamers:

A good professional network always beneficial in various ways for employees and beginners. In bigger companies, people or team members market themself or showcase themself like they are experts and know more. They always underestimate you and for your efforts. And in bigger companies’ employees play politics against other people. At that time, it’s important for you to don’t participate with such people.

It can also happen in small companies. There are varieties of people with different goals in a small company.

You have to network with people you think have dreams and professional. It’s because you also have dreams and you also want to become a successful professional.

So, it’s important that you learn from those who are professional and dreamers. In that way, you will learn fast. And they are also happy to get together with you.

3. Learn and build your skills faster:

Feel stable but don’t feel satisfied in your first job or 2nd or even 10th job. A job is level 1 of your professional goal. Success is never-ending.  But it’s possible that you feel safe and now your growth speed gets slower.

Your goal is to keep getting new success. Don’t stop yourself in your first success. Instead set new challenges and achieve them.

For example, you’re a PHP programmer, now your goal is to learn about python skills.

When you keep updating and upgrading your skills then you will remain beneficial for the company. And that small company can rely on you more. And they will put you in a more challenging situation and income. It’s because you deserve and you have the skills.

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4. Work harder than the employer and other team members:

It’s rare. But that’s why only a few are able to become highly successful in their career. The point here is to defeat your boss in hard work and challenges. When you defeat your boss in hard work and skills then it will double your professional and business capacities.

When your boss sees you and feels that you’re like him then they offer you new management roles, partnerships. It’s because now you’re able to do his work.

Due to that, he will take new challenges and expand the business. It will build a growth-oriented environment in the company. Other people will also feel inspired. And in the end that small company will become bigger. And It will benefit you more than everyone else.

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5. Focus on the work, not on politics, debates, and gossips:

Your job is not to prove how smart you are in politics, cricket debates. Not your goal is to gossips. Your goal is to focus on work. Only doing work will make you professionally successful.

If you’re doing gossips, debate and outside communication that is not related to work then you’re not doing the loss of your boss or company instead it’s your loss. So, make sure you’re excited each day for the work and focused on the work instead of politics.

You’re not there to become union leader, you’re there to achieve your professional goal so that one day you can become a successful entrepreneur, CEO or manager.

6. Avoid luxury, save more and invest on yourself:

Luxury attracts everyone. But make sure you understand the difference between needs and desires. The phone you buy in 15000 is good enough and solve your needs. Then it’s not wise to buy 40000 rupees mobile phone.

It’s because your goal is not to showcase how smart you’re. Your goal is not to showcase how costly clothes, accessories, mobile phones, cars, and bikes you have. Luxury can distract you.

I am not saying don’t buy branded things. I say don’t waste money. Save that money. Invest that money on your mind. Invest that money on buying books, doing online courses and joining distance learning programs. You have time to earn big and become rich. But this time, invest it on you. In this time, learning makes you stronger. And all these learnings and skill development habits will be very helpful after 30’s.

One day you will become rich. there is no doubt. But if you’re feeling rich because you’re getting 100000 rupees salary monthly or earning 100000 rupees monthly then you’re doing a mistake. It’s great that you’re earning that much money. But not good for professional development. Richness comes along with your professional development. And professional development is possible by learning and improving your skills, knowledge and taking new challenges consistently.

7. Think like it’s your company:

Most of the people work as an employee. The loss or profit is of the boss. They just get a fixed salary. And they just have to do what the boss says. All the points are good. But it’s wrong. Things that look good can be wrong.

Never think you’re an employee. Instead, think like it’s your own business. All the losses and profits are yours. If the company becomes successful then you will become successful. If a company gets loss then you will also get a lower salary and instability and unsecured feeling at the job.

But if you think like an owner, then you will work more. You will use and tell your ideas. You will work harder. You will work as a leader. And when everyone in a small company feels that then the company will be successful without any doubt.

You can also do it in bigger companies. But in small companies, you will get more chances to perform and progress. It’s because small companies don’t have options to hire people for each work.

In bigger companies’ managers and business owners don’t have time to listen to you until you’re not the employee of the year. Even in bigger companies your seniors will get befits from you or use your ideas with their name.

But how you will become the employee of the year if you’re not getting a chance to prove your leadership, technical skills.

That’s why a small company is the best platform to start your career or build your career.

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8. Test & Implement your ideas in the company:

In a small company, you will get the chance to use your creativity, business, marketing, and technical ideas. It’s because there, are not many people who competing for higher positions and taking more responsibilities and even for the salary in a small company.

If you’re the one, then it’s a chance to put all the efforts and ideas to grow the current company. And you will get these chances in small business. It’s because they want to grow faster and more. The small become bigger fast, but the bigger becomes biggest slowly.

The befits of doing it are the following:

  • You will see yourself where you stand.
  • You will become confident that your ideas work.
  • The employer feels confident to give management roles.

And each role will improve your professional capacities.

It’s because in your own business or in bigger companies, you will not get many chances to try or do experiments. Each experiment has a cost. A small company has nothing to lose. But bigger companies have reputations, market share and long-term commitments with customers.

That’s why build yourself as an entrepreneur, professional and leader while doing a job for a small business. Do as many experiments as you can.

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9. Never think, you’re getting paid well or not:

In a small company sometimes, you get paid less or late. In that situation never feel sad or panic regarding your job security. Think about the long term. See the vision and funding options of the company.

If the leader or business owner is working hard and confident about the work and then you can believe in them.

If a business owners’ words don’t match his steps then you can make the decision to change the job.

But I suggest that you can analyze the situations and then work.  If you stick to the company in their struggling time, then it’s an opportunity for you to take higher roles and leadership positions. Where you can implement and save the company from failing.

You will get business success and failure mantras. This experience helps in your 2nd job or bigger job and also in your own business.

You have to learn the 2 things:

  • What to do when things are good and the company is successful.
  • And what not to do when employees are leaving or the company is failing.

Stick with them they don’t give up or announce failures.  And it’s your duty that they don’t give up. Support them and grow them.

It’s not their development, it’s your development. Think big.

And your savings can help you at this time, that’s why I told you that keep saving 30% of your salary while working in a small business. It will help you maintain your expenses in a struggling time.

10. Understand when to leave the job and how:

Your goal is to become professionally successful and rich. The goal is not the job. Even if you do business, your goal is not a successful business owner but a successful professional.

So far, I told you above that keep working for a small company until you’re not in the position to take risk of changing jobs or starting your own company or startup.

But when your ideas, vision, income expectations and professional goals become bigger than your current company and boss then it’s time to analyze the situation and leave the job and start your own business.

So, friend, I shared the above points based on my experience of working with many clients and small companies. You might disagree on a few things but that’s ok. It’s a general view. But if you also want to share your experiences in the comments then you’re welcome.

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