What is the difference between shared hosting and WordPress hosting


What’s the main difference between both shared hosting and WordPress hosting packages. Which one will be best for your WordPress business or eCommerce website?

So in this post, you will learn all of this. And ultimately it will help you to compare and buy the best hosting package between shared and WordPress hosting.

WordPress hosting and Shared hosting both are hosting packages that are priced, featured, and promoted differently for the specific target customers as per their business requirements and website needs.

Each business and website’s goals and technologies are different (other than WordPress or CMS). It’s difficult to configure a server for all kinds of websites, needs, and technologies. That’s why hosting companies build and configure servers for specific business needs and customers.

They create and promote and sell server-specific features, strengths, limitations, and plans. This helps hosting companies run one and thousands of servers and data center businesses seamlessly. And using different packages websites, businesses, help them to filter, manage, and configure server-specific needs and security.

This helps small business owners to choose and buy a good server hosting space as per their business, technologies, and website needs, and goals.

This brings various hosting plans and packages such as single domain hosting, single domain/website WordPress hosting, eCommerce website hosting, eCommerce hosting, cloud hosting, shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, business hosting, and many others.

Let’s get started:

WordPress Hosting:

WordPress hosting is optimized to host and manage only WordPress websites. Best suited for single/multiple (as per the WordPress hosting plan) WordPress Blog, eCommerce, Directory, WordPress Affiliate Marketers, Bloggers, Writer, Educators, and Small Business websites. WordPress hosting is best for those willing to target 7000+ daily visitors.

  • Best for WordPress Websites:

WordPress is fully managed and optimized hosting for WordPress websites. It means the server (computer) is fully optimized to provide speed, flexibility, and SEO benefits for small business websites. And you can also host multiple WordPress blogs, eCommerce, directory and marketplace websites in WordPress Hosting.

  • Impact on SEO:

WordPress Hosting provides great SEO impact for small businesses, blogs, and eCommerce websites. Free Organic traffic to websites from search engines is most important for small businesses. For this, technical and on-page SEO is important for the website. And WordPress hosting is fully compatible with SEO features such as speed, caching, SSL, and tools.

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  • Higher loading speed:

When a website is hosted on WordPress optimized server then it will load faster. It’s because the server (hosting space, computer) is fully compatible, and configured effectively to run WordPress (open-source software). And due to this WordPress websites will load faster.

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is where one or many websites built with various technologies are hosted on a single server. You can host unlimited websites in the shared hosting plan. You can host WordPress and any other types of CMS and manually build websites.

Best for small business owners, WordPress or web development agencies, freelancers and those who need to host websites built with various technologies. A shared hosting plan is best for those looking to target and manage less than 5000 visitors per day.

  • Financial Impact:

You can host unlimited websites. You can host unlimited websites with a single shared hosting plan. It will reduce the cost of running multiple websites.

  • Productivity:

You can manage all the websites, email accounts, databases, file manager, home directory, public HTML, SSL, and many other things through a single cPanel or dashboard.

When you get more than 5000 daily visitors on your website, you will start getting automated emails to upgrade your plan. It’s because when you get more traffic other websites that are hosted on the same server, start getting slow. This can happen to you as well, when other websites get more traffic, your website loads slowly.

  • Limited SSD or storage space:

SSD storage space is faster and more secure than traditionally used HDD disk space.

But in almost all economy or standard shared hosting plans you will not get unlimited storage space, or unlimited bandwidth and this can cause a problem for multi-vendor or even single eCommerce websites, high-traffic blogs, and websites with lots of images, etc., especially when more than 50+ users in a single minute interacting with the content or website features.

When this happens on a website then the new user will not see the website until the decrease of real-time users.

Shared hosting is not good for SEO once you start getting 5000+ visitors per day then it will remain around 5000 and will not increase immediately to 10000. It’s because the website shared host is not able to support and balance that much traffic. Each new user after 100+ in real-time will start getting website loading errors, database errors, and many other faults. Due to that, the bounce rate gets increases. And that is not good for SEO.

 So, if you’re not running a web development or agency business and you want to host single or many WordPress websites only and have less technical knowledge then buying WordPress hosting plan is the best business decision. Even if you have good technical SEO knowledge, still use the WordPress hosting package for any type of WordPress website.

Shared hosting is good for a niche-specific website whether it’s related to WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python & Django, etc. that are built only for visibility, less traffic, and particular purposes such as affiliate marketing, landing page, sales funnels.

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