Why is it important to install antivirus software on a computer?


Antivirus software is a group of operating system security programs and services that are created, designed, and updated to prevent and protect computer or laptop applications and data from viruses and block the virus from making applications and operating system software infected.

By installing antivirus software on your computer, you can scan and identify the virus and infected files and delete the files and virus easily and effectively without losing your personal and business data.

How does Antivirus work?

When you install antivirus software on your computer it will scan your computer’s hard drive, install application programs and temporary files, and almost all the data on the computer. Almost all antivirus applications provide the options to do it manually and you can also automate the scanning process.

During the scan, if there is a virus when the antivirus detects it then it will notify you to delete it or skip it. It also shows you infected files and data. Most antivirus also repairs the infected files.

Not only this when you connect any device such as a pen drive, or external hard disk and try to download or install any application or files from the internet then antivirus scans all these connected devices, internet downloads, and websites so that your computer or laptop can remain safe and protected.

What is a virus?

A virus is also computer software that is programmed to do specific work such as scanning your computer, infecting your computer, copying the data from your computer, and collecting the bank account or credit card details, user ID and passwords from your computer, and to delete the important data and information.

What virus can do?

Virus full form is defined as a Vital Information Resources Under Seize. It means your important data, property, installed application, personal or business data and information is under control by the virus creator or virus program.

It means your data can be read without letting you know, scanned without your knowledge, copied, shared publicly, or deleted without your information and your computer can be damaged.

Who creates the Virus and why it is created or what are the specific benefits that the virus creator gets?

Anyone can create a computer virus or virus software for testing and learning purposes. But the creation of a computer virus with the wrong intent such as destroying or damaging other people’s data, or infecting other people’s computers or devices is illegal and a crime.

A computer virus can be created by companies to scrape customer data. A computer virus can also be created by political parties to manipulate government data or the election process. A computer virus can be created by one software company to destroy or infect competitive companies’ software or brand value. And it can be created by creative kids or computer scientists for the testing and prevention of other viruses.

Data is Gold. But to understand it it’s important for you to learn more about computers, the internet, data analytics, and networks.

If your data is leaked or your data is not secure then it means the virus is exporting the gold (data) from your computer to another computer.

And I found that most people don’t know the value of data stored on their computers, and share it on social media for free. The value of data for most people is just in the satisfaction of likes and shares. But the opposite that sharing platforms are generating revenue from that data. And it’s the complete and legal business model. And it’s working without any objections. And it should work.

But to understand the importance of data, especially in business, it’s important for you to learn more about computers, the internet, data analytics, and networks. If business data get leaked or hacked or damaged then it will damage the whole ecosystem of the organization, crash the stock price, decrease customer trust, reduce the brand value and create conflicts between the board of directors and impact the marketing of future product negatively.

So the safety and encryption of communication channels between devices are very important. An antivirus is a monitoring or security program for computers and servers. That’s why antivirus software is important to install on computers, mobile, and servers.

How to identify a virus without antivirus?

It’s tough to identify computer viruses even for those who have basic computer knowledge. For example, Conficker, ILoveYou, and Storm Worm are some of the top viruses of all time. Here you can learn more: top 10 viruses of all time.

Each computer virus works differently.

Normally you can identify the virus in your computer without antivirus by the following basic methods:

First, you have to understand what computer viruses can do to your computer. As per the above explanations, it means they can do anything from deleting the data, copying the data, and even using your computer as a resource to attack a third computer or application or network. So, what will happen?

  • If you format the pen drive or clean the pen drive, but then it creates a new folder or creates the deleted folder again automatically then it means the pen drive is infected by a virus. And if it’s creating a folder automatically in your C or D or E drives or duplicating the originals folder then it also means your computer is infected by a computer virus.
  • If you click to open any application or installed software on a computer but it doesn’t open, instead you see a flash or a black screen like CMD (Dos). And if it’s getting repeated in much other software then it is highly possible that your main application or .exe file is corrupted by a virus if not by you.
  • When you start installing software from the .exe file and instead of executing the setup it gets deleted then it also means your computer has a virus.
  • If you see that your computer is becoming slower to perform the tasks after 2 to 3 minutes of the start or even before the welcome screen then it means your CPU (central processing unit) or Ram (Random Access Memory) is getting consumed by 1 or 2 applications or files. And it can be due to viruses. To solve this or to check it, visit the task manager, and see what are those programs consume and capture all the processing power of your computer. If you found something unknown then it means that the file is corrupted or it’s now a virus.

That’s why it’s important to use Antivirus on Computer to identify the virus by scanning and deleting it automatically. Because not all or even it’s not easy to identify the computer virus.

Things to remember about viruses:

  • It’s not mandatory that viruses infect the computer or it just slows a computer. Many times it will keep working like other applications or services in the background. Normally no one can think about them. You will get surprised when this is will scan, identified, and deleted by antivirus. That’s why antivirus is important in computers.


  • If you download any software, pirated software from the internet and install it on your computer then viruses will be installed as well. That’s why antivirus is important to prevent the user or websites or software to get installed on the computer.


  • Don’t think that virus is just a special software or files or services that we can see or delete. It’s highly possible that pirated software or any premium quality software or features that you’re using for free on the computer is actually a virus. But its name can be image editing, video editing software, converter, games or it can be anything. I mean that the computer virus doesn’t have its own face, they use the face of other or duplicate icons to look like it’s genuine software.

How can you identify that without antivirus? That’s why billions of computers are protected and managed by antivirus in real time.

How you can protect your computer and data?

I have written a complete guide here that you must read and share: How to maintain cleanliness to boost your computer performance

But the following are a few simple steps:

  • If you’re using Windows 10 or (Latest version of Microsoft Windows 11, Note: Windows 11 is also coming up with new security features, let’s see. ) then make sure the windows defender is turned on.
  • Get basic knowledge of computers and learn these essential computer skills.
  • Regularly clean your computer. I mean delete unnecessary files or junk from your computer. Follow this computer cleaning guide.
  • Install Antivirus Software.
  • Don’t download and install pirated software and games on your computer.
  • Always protect your data or take a backup of your data on the external hard drive or upload it on the cloud storage platforms to protect it.
  • Don’t install or click on unknown or strange shared URLs in emails.
  • Don’t use too many or unknown publishers’ chrome or browser extensions.
  • Scan any external drive such as a pen drive before start using it. For this, you also need an antivirus.
  • Keep your windows 10 up to date. So that you will get the latest updates and security services releases. For example, you can get a windows 11 up-gradation notification or to install or upgrade your current windows 10 pc to Windows 11.
  • Do not use unauthorized or pirated copies of games on the computer.
  • And don’t tell anyone what you have stored or used on your computer.
  • Only use the original Microsoft windows 10 or 11 or Mac operating system that is licensed to you.
  • When you purchase 2nd hand laptop or computer make sure that windows or the operating system are original and all other installed software is not pirated and does not contain viruses.


So, the installation of antivirus is a necessity at this time due to thousands of data losses, computer hacking cases, software piracy, and unconventional ways used by companies to promote and sell more to customers.

But still, it’s not mandatory or guarantees that your computer is protected. But at least you can be safe and get alerts. Prevention and the auto scan through antivirus is the 1st step to protecting your computer. Even expired antivirus software can also become a virus. Like expired medicine is dangerous for the patient. That’s why it’s also important that your antivirus software is also up to date and licensed.

That’s why good quality, non-pirated antivirus, and medium-cost antivirus software are important to install on any type of computer or in all business or personal computers.

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