Why Managed Hosting more beneficial than shared for WordPress


Website hosting is the foundation and key to success for your small business on the internet. Mainly you need the top 3 things speed, security and backup, and support.

Speed is important to rank websites higher on Google, security is important to protect your business from malware and also to restore websites from backup on any technical defect. And 24/7 Technical support so that your business never goes down. Read MoreHow good hosting in digital marketing enables continuous business growth

When you research to host a small business WordPress website you will get two types of hosting services and plans. One is shared hosting and the 2nd is managed WordPress hosting. Both these WordPress hosting plans are popular but not meant for all.

But Why? You will find big differences in pricing, speed, security, and support. That’s why it’s very important to compare the pros and cons of both shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting.

In this post, we are comparing both managed and shared hosting for you. You can go with the one that is important for your business and goals. And we will do our best to make this comparison unbiased as possible.

So, let’s get started:

Why Managed WordPress Hosting is better than shared hosting?

Shared hosting vs managed wordpress wordpress hosting difference

1. Website Speed:

Website loading speed in the user device browser is one of the biggest ranking factors on Google. Quick-loading websites get more traffic while those websites that are not optimized for speed get low ranks and less traffic from search engines.

In a website, loading speed and server response time is one of the biggest factors. When the user clicks on the website link in the search engine the server gets the order to showcase the page and post. Server means the machine (computer) that serves the content, posts, and pages as per the user query or request.

That’s why good server response time is very important for website speed. Read More20 basic things to know before building a website

Now which one is fast, Shared hosting or Managed Hosting:

Server response time in managed hosting is faster than in shared hosting. Shared hosting server responses are shared with other websites and queries. Like one cab is shared by 2 passengers or more.

In managed WordPress Hosting, the server is only configured for WordPress websites and monitored by managed hosting service team. So that each website stays technically correct, optimized, and minified with compression. And all technicalities related to server speed are managed or operated by the managed hosting service providers for all hosted sites.

But in shared hosting you have to optimize images, need minified CSS/JS, CDN integration, and other website files, and have to manage all of the server-related and website-related works on the server on your own. This gives you the freedom to experiment with server resources.

And if you failed to do that then your website will load slowly in the user’s browser. And that will impact your website ranking, organic traffic, user experience, and revenue negatively.

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2. Website Security:

Website security is critical on the web to build and grow your business confidently. In shared hosting, you have to deal with malware, spammers, and bots on your own.

Your website and account will be suspended by the hosting provider without any notification to you about the malware they found along with the website’s files in the file manager or server.

Until you do not remove the malware on your own, your website will stay down.

So, you have to install and use SSL, CDN, Firewall, and all other security practices on your own. Because in the shared hosting plan you will not get all the features by default. Shared hosting is cheap. And if you need security support then you have to pay extra. Read MoreHow to stop bad bots traffic on WordPress website

But in managed WordPress Hosting, you will get full security features by default in your plan along with technical support. That includes SSL, Premium CDN, Enterprise level firewall, DDoS protection etc. as per the hosting company.

And most important malware and bots are automatically blocked and monitored by managed hosting service providers 24/7.  So, with managed WordPress hosting you can run and grow your business confidently.

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3. Daily Full Website Backup and restoration support:

Website backup is very important to take before you make any changes to your website or before you give access to Freelance WordPress Developers. So that any changes will not impact your website functionality and real-time traffic.

Also, backup is important when website folders or files get infected by malware and virus on the server.

In a shared hosting plan, you will not get automatic daily backup facilities. You will get the option or backup but those are not that much user-friendly. You have to search a lot of free backup plugins else you have to pay or need to use paid WordPress plugins. And it’s an added cost to your business and expenses.

But if you choose Managed WordPress Hosting you will get the automatic daily backup of your business website and restoration facilities. And you don’t have to pay extra for backup and restoration.

4. Scalability:

Managed WordPress hosting servers run on cloud infrastructures such as google and AWS cloud hosting infrastructure. IaaS or cloud hardware infrastructure is expandable as per the traffic or use accessibility. Almost all OTT, larger WordPress projects, magazines, directory websites and platforms are hosted on Cloud Hosting servers. Because someday or time traffic goes up more than normal.

Similarly, when you get more traffic to your business, or eCommerce, or blog website during special events, offers and occasions you will not be worried about the website speed or server uptime, user experience and security.

Even you can host as many websites as well or expand the hosting feature without migration. But in shared hosting, you can host unlimited websites as well but websites will load slowly and you will get errors during the customization.

5. Pricing:

Pricing in shared hosting is cheaper than managed WordPress hosting. You can host your website for $3 to $5 monthly cost. And managed hosting plans start from $10 to $50 per month.

Conclusive hosting points:

  1. Shared hosting is best to host different builds or types of websites such as WordPress, Magento, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. But managed WordPress hosting server only accepts WordPress Websites.


  1. Shared hosting is best suited for small business websites. Especially for those websites where content will not get updated so often and does not require higher security, backup, and support such as portfolio websites, and pet websites. And in which you expect the traffic less than 1000 per day. Shared hosting is best for such websites. For example, shared hosting is a good plan for small website design service-providing companies. It’s because they can handle and manage all the technical things on their own. And later they can move the managed cloud hosting where they can host any type of website in managed hosting environment.


  1. Managed WordPress Hosting and Managed cloud hosting plans are the latest, most beneficial, and actually for building the business.

What to do?

  • If your budget is very tight, but you are good at understanding and managing technology, and have to host multiple types of websites then choose shared hosting.
  • But if you do not have budget problems, are technically good, and have to host multiple websites with all security, speed, and optimization features then choose managed cloud hosting services.
  • If you’re running a WordPress Development business then the best and always the best option is managed cloud-based WordPress Hosting.
  • If you want to build and manage your own WordPress websites then also choose managed cloud-based hosting.
  • If you want to run only 1 to 3 WordPress in the beginning but want speed, security, and all the latest technologies or important features at a genuine price then also choose managed WordPress hosting.
  • If you have any other concerns or similar concerns let me know. I will suggest to you the best of my expertise and knowledge

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