10 Ways to learn Cloud Computing (SAAS) (IAAS) (PAAS)


You can learn cloud computing by doing an online course, you can learn by reading cloud experts blog, you can learn by using cloud computing services in your project and business etc. There are various ways of learning and In this article, Top 10 powerful ways to learn Cloud Computing (SAAS) (IAAS) (PAAS).

It’s a very important article on cloud computing and I hope you will share it with other students after reading and learning. So let’s get started:

1. Cloud Computing Video Tutorials on YouTube

If you just want to know a basic idea of cloud computing then free videos tutorials are enough for you on YouTube. There are various free tutorials, explanations, suggestions in videos that increase your General IT & Cloud Computing knowledge. These videos on YouTube uploaded and marketed by cloud computing services providers, YouTuber, cloud computing professionals, teachers, and online courses websites or companies.

In which you can learn many things about cloud computing that can be helpful to gain more IT knowledge used in business and career. It’s possible, you have to watch 5-10 videos to get the knowledge about cloud computing. It can also take 5 to 10 days to adjust that knowledge of SaaS IaaS PaaS in your brain.

2. Blogs of IT or Cloud Computing professionals:

The next way to learn cloud computing is from cloud computing experts and freelancers. These are the actual people working in cloud computing companies, or doing specific jobs for clients online in cloud computing. These cloud computing professional do not have time to write more about cloud computing on their blogs.

But whatever they have written, you can learn from that. It will help you to understand the various tasks & jobs that a cloud computing experts do on the daily basis in IT companies or as a freelancer. So this is the 2nd way to learn personally about cloud computing from cloud computing experts.

3. Tech News (Blog) Websites

There are various technological blog, news website and technology reports on cloud computing on the internet. These tech news websites/blogs provide information and updates about cloud computing. These updates help you to understand what’s going in the cloud computing market.

These news websites about cloud computing and information technology update you 2-3 times in a week. And you will get the knowledge about what’s happening in certain cloud computing company, cloud computing job market and services sector of cloud computing.

So I think this is the another way you can use to gain the knowledge about cloud computing on daily basis. If you don’t know that, just type on Google, Cloud computing and click on the news below the search bar. After that, you will get the lists of news about cloud computing.

4. Online Courses

Online courses on cloud computing is one of the best systematic method to learn cloud computing for students especially for beginners. Computer science, BCA, MCA, B.Tech, Web Designer/Developer, Digital Marketing etc. students should do at least 1-2 cloud computing courses as a part-time, no matter if they are doing degree or diploma in IT from offline/online universities or colleges. It will help to expand the knowledge of information technology in less cost. Also, online courses have different unique benefits.

Here you can learn more: Top 12 Powerful benefits of doing online courses for students

IT professionals, technology writers, freelancers can also do online cloud computing courses. Online cloud computing courses will be definitely helpful in there job and business. It will take just 1 hour for them daily to learn about cloud computing and later they can use that knowledge to bid on cloud computing projects in the online marketplace, blogging and affiliate marketing. And it’s highly possible that they will get a new business idea for the business or career development after learning cloud computing.

Here is the most helpful post for you:  Top 5 Places to Choose Best Cloud Computing Online Courses

5. Offline Courses

Offline institutes, colleges, and universities are very good options to learn about cloud computing. But if it is practical in which each student get individual time and method to experiments cloud computing services such as virtual classroom setup, application deployment, cloud storage, API integration etc.  

But I don’t think there are many or anyone yet offline, providing such advanced training on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, robots programming, machine learning, and API integration crash courses or degree, especially in the small cities. So it can be hard to find out one.

6. Knowledge and Certification from cloud computing services providers

Cloud computing services providers are the actual place in which you will get practical knowledge about cloud computing. They will train you on there own cloud computing products.

And they will also provide you certification after completion of certain modules and tests. Expertise in cloud computing or certification in a specific cloud computing model and methods or in popular companies products very helpful to get a job/project related to cloud computing. And currently, there are less competition and more demands for cloud computing expertise.

7. Google Keyword Planner/Google Trends:

Google keyword planner & Google Trends is a very good tool not only for digital marketers but also for the researcher. information technology students can research anything related to cloud computing both on these google owned web applications or websites. Such as they can see in which country more people are searching for “cloud computing services provider”. or how many people are searching for “Cloud computing certification courses” and what are the trends in the specific country for keywords etc.

Learning of similar things (using research tools) increase the power of students brain, and they will be able to think broad and widely about cloud computing. This is great for students to learn and to research cloud computing online course and they will be able to implement such creativity in there cloud computing-related assignment and jobs.

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8. Social Media, PPC, and Advertisements

Advertisements about cloud computing and related products on the websites and search engine are not only for customers. But very helpful to educate students about cloud computing or get educated about the clouds.

Good and effective advertisements aware, educate and entertain targeted customers. So that they can get an education and pick up the right solution. (Exception: Everyone is right/wrong, no one or no company never be perfect).

How you can learn cloud computing? Learn and see advertisements, PPC ads, sponsored posts, viral videos and all type of solutions provided by anyone related to the cloud. Everyone has a unique idea and mindset about the clouds, it’s always better to gain as much knowledge as you can as an IT student or IT professional.

The learning can be like:

  • What, why, who and how someone is marketing or selling cloud computing services. Students should know about it. So that they can learn, what exactly is the product/ Services and what is the actual cloud computing technologies.
  • For example, the Google Search Engine. Google is the product and search engine (algorithm) is the technology. Teach or learn with similar examples of cloud computing.
  • What kind of products are in more use by early birds of cloud computing and why companies are using cloud solutions.
  • In which cloud computing business model small businesses investing more.
  • How many companies and who is behind the project plan of cloud computing technology.
  • What are the political game and position of cloud computing technologies between countries?


Follow, see, learn and understand or execute everything about cloud computing that you see on the internet, social media, videos, advertisements, tweets and from cloud computing-related webinars.

I know it’s tough to learn like a research. And also difficult to focus on each cloud computing advertisements. But if you’re a good student with dreams and desires, I don’t think you will have any problem to focus.

But always learn like you’re doing a research, not a course. Only research is the actual learning. And learning can be from anything and anytime. It’s also important that you should have more and broad knowledge of cloud computing business models more than your competitors and your boss.

9. Freelancing Platforms:-

Visit freelancing platforms and bidding websites. See projects related to cloud computing. See, what are the demanding skills in cloud computing. What are the average value (dollars) of project related to cloud computing? How many people are bidding on cloud computing projects?

If you have your freelance profile, then bid on such projects only for research, communication and learning about cloud computing from clients. See what they will ask you to do.

Now after doing this, you will get the knowledge, about the benefits of learning cloud computing and the way you have to follow to build cloud skills.

10. Use the cloud computing services in your own project, business, and data center:

To learn by doing, cost more money and time than doing an online course for everyone. But one thing is different than learning from teacher and learning using any 1 business model of cloud computing out of 3 in business or your own project. Both have own adventures and excitements. And both are good.

Use any cloud computing services or product such as software as a service, office 365 or platform as service for software development, and infrastructure as a service for data storage. Use it for learning, by signing up for the trial version of cloud computing service from any top 5 cloud computing services providers. Many are providing for free for a year.

So, friends, this is the ways of learning cloud computing that I am able to think so far. I hope it will be helpful for you.

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