Powerful Uses of Cloud Computing

Uses of Cloud Computing: For users, Cloud Computing is an operational technology in which computer/mobile/tablet users can store, calculate, arrange, manage, host, create, publish, delete, share, edit and manipulate remotely hosted system software and applications software’s,  Data & Information by using the Internet.

For services provider, it’s a new stream of generating revenue from the same product through SAAS. And the IAAS business model is a new way for all kinds of businesses to replace in-house IT infrastructure with remotely installed infra. And IT enterprises using PAAS cloud computing technology enable them to create, deploy API’s and manage and integrate solutions faster at a lower cost.

There are following powerful operational uses of Cloud computing

  1. You can calculate, manipulate, arrange, manage, store data, and information by using any device mostly computer/tablet and mobile. Examples of cloud computing technology: cloud storage such as Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, etc.
  2. You can access the pre-installed application and system software from anywhere on any device. It means cloud hosting, remotely hosted server, so that you can host your website and the world can access it from any device.
  3. You can set up your own cloud infrastructure and provide access to other users. It means your personal computer or official computers are accessible for your customers by HTTPs: or FTPs.
  4. Cloud computing is an advanced use of the Internet.
  5. Cloud Computing is a new business model for companies.
  6. Cloud computing is a new way to instruct computers.
  7. Cloud Computing is less time consuming than traditional uses of computers and the internet for business.
  8. Cloud computing is expandable as per demand.
  9. Cloud computing is costly for common people or individuals but less costly for small businesses and big companies.
  10. Automatic maintenance and updates.
  11. Less use of human powers.
  12. Cloud computing technology is accessible by SAAS, PAAS, IAAS business models.

Uses of cloud computing in Education

The use of cloud computing in education can be very effective in many ways. 1st Operational uses of cloud computing in education. One, they can pay as per the demand to access the  IT infrastructure, application services for students and teachers.

2nd it will reduce the cost of maintaining Information technology infrastructure. Such as applications licenses renewals, used by students and management of applications, installations, and server. 3rd they can expand and share the IT resources with other branches of schools. And It will reduce and divide the cost of running Information Technology equipment services and products in the same branches of schools.

The uses of cloud computing for students are that they can now able to access the school educational or operational applications anytime, anywhere with high speed and accuracy. Teachers can collaborate with students in program deployments. Teachers, school management can get real-time data of uses and active applications. Monitoring will be easy. Educational institutions can collect, manage, analyze data in real-time with AI integrated cloud-hosted applications.

Now if students and teachers participate and have access to the latest technologies such as cloud computing, machine learning, and AI by the school, college authorities then can not only learn and improve their productivity but it also inspires them to innovate. And for security purposes, it’s important to monitor the student’s activities in the applications once in a while. And through AI+Cloud computing, special programs can be designed for students’ skills development and career development.

Microsoft Office Online, Google Docs, Creative Cloud (installation and licensing methods), online designing, and editing tools have daily life use for students and these are just an example of cloud computing power.

In this way, students and teachers, as well as schools and companies and almost everyone, can use the power of cloud computing through the internet and the Internet of things.

Uses of cloud computing in Online Education and Learning

Cloud computing technology is used by online education providers so that students can learn and practice to code, design, develop solutions. The use of cloud computing Infrastructure as a service for online courses and education providers enabling them to create and promote thousands of courses on the website.

But to save and run 1000 courses in real-time it is not that easy, it’s required highly configured the server to support time, not only 1 but more than 2 so that students can access, download the courses and lessons to their phone and computers from anywhere. And this all is possible after the uses of cloud computing in education and related businesses.

And after the uses of cloud computing, it’s very beneficial for the general public to access the world-class specialized language, programming, designing, and management courses online anytime and on any device.

The goal of learning anytime and anywhere on any device by online degree and certification provider companies can’t do it with top quality infrastructure. And the best IT solutions to support the goal is Cloud computing. It’s because the SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS enable them to reduce the cost, increase the profit and flexibility in the value exchange process.

Uses of Cloud Computing in Healthcare

The uses of cloud computing in healthcare are to monitor the medical care, analyze the data in real-time that helps to create and use a specific treatment of disease, organized services to individuals and groups.

Technology changed our habits. These habits leading us to new kinds of health problems. But at the same time technology as a solution helping to find the cause of disease such as recording patients’ data, analyzing behaviors of the body after certain medical treatment.

ECG, blood pressure monitoring tools, and various medical devices and appliances generate data that need to be saved, stored, analyzed to make qualified treatment. The data generated by medical devices, applications need access to multiple people in real-time from patients, caretakers, doctors, practitioners, and management for various reasons. Now the accessibility, speed, accuracy, and management of data and information in real-time as possible after the uses of Cloud computing.

Cloud computing enables to store and access a large amount of patient data generated during the treatment process.

Cloud computing reduces the cost of healthcare services provider per patient.

Patient data, recovery process possible to access mobile and computers from anywhere.

Cloud computing increases the amount of in-house IT infrastructure that is needed to be managed.

Treatment and disease identification become faster when cloud computing and AI-enabled devices included in the process of medical care and treatment.

Uses of cloud computing in daily life

Most of the top applications and websites that user access on mobile and computers are using (Hosted) cloud computing technologies. Such as if you’re watching movies, live streaming, TV with high quality it’s because the resources you’re using are hosted on a cloud server. That’s why many video streaming websites provide you the option to play the same movie on Server 1, Server 2, etc.

Cloud computing increased the value of time and money for users. Users are accessing AI applications such as chatbots in which user behaviors are noticed, queries are formatted and the user getting personalized experiences.

Cloud computing is also improving user experiences. Such as users now getting automatic advertisement, product suggestions, notification, promotional emails, cold calling whenever they are in their best mood to buy.

The use of cloud computing in data storage, collaboration, and communication tools are more powerful now than 10 years ago. Now it’s easy to create, edit, analyze, visualize data and information (documents, programs deployments, worksheets, CRM, presentation, broadcasting). It’s improving workplace productivity as well as increasing team collaborations.

Data is automatically saved and easy to recover and accessible for any team member anytime. The replacement of in-house data management IT infrastructure with Cloud-based remotely hosted applications and data centers provide access to user preferences faster than other methods of data recovery and management for business.

Google Drive, Onedrive is going to options for the general public and small business to store, access, create, and edit documents anytime, anywhere. The use of cloud computing and cloud storage helps and benefits them to reduce the cost of data management, improve productivity and safety & security of data and information.

The use of social media, video calls, broadcasting, live video streaming required powerful applications and server speed that can run smoothly whenever users want to access the application. And cloud computing, high server speed, HD video calling, live streaming motivating users to go live instead of posting just photos on social media.

The latest devices almost all using AI and cloud computing technology. It’s because the user wants the highest Technological experiences when they buy $500 mobile or $1000 laptop, or other costly IoT devices. And it’s tough for production and marketing management in the past to reduce the cost of premium services but with cloud computing IAAS, they are not only providing top quality services but also generating revenue through SAAS.

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Uses of cloud computing in IT enterprises

Applications deployment on the live server, big data management, live testing and development environment, pre-installed libraries, applications, SEO tools, Security applications now powered by cloud computing.

A simple example is when you install WordPress on a live server, SEO tools, emails applications, live editing and deployment, UI/UX, etc. are pre-installed and everything that needs to installing and setup localhost in past for web and software development, today, there is a readymade development environment. You just need to pay per use and license.

Development, big data analysis, and management required high configuration in server and maintenance and application management. Now it’s not only reducing the cost of deployment for IT enterprises but also enabling them to provide great user experiences at the same time they are reducing the cost of running process and management. And overall it’s increasing the profit.

The use of AI, BI, and integration of blockchain with cloud computing services and products enable IT enterprises to generate the proof and user pattern to find out which solutions will work best for the customer and clients.

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Uses of Cloud computing in Business

Cloud computing technology positioning brands flexibility at the same time increasing the market size with different products and services for all business sectors. The pricing is understandable as per the use of applications. If the cloud business applications and IT infrastructure not in the use of productions and deployment then it’s not the part of the cost, until the use. It means the business will pay when they use not when they hold.

Now businesses of all sizes looking for cloud computing to maximize the success opportunities. The SAAS, IAAS, and PAAS business models are producing software as a service such as CRM, Platform as Services such as for application development and Infrastructure (server) as service for data management and analysis.

Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, and many other big IT companies are providing and developing cloud-based IT infrastructure and applications for small businesses, healthcare, data centers, education, and CRM.

Now businesses all over the world facing higher competition and innovation. Anything can change anytime. The business now investing more in process and system, the main aim is to grow and monetize the resources in real-time for a higher profit.

For these purposes, business needs flexibility and options to compare the cost of production. And cloud computing technology, products, and services providing an opportunity for business to lead the products with data, artificial intelligence, big data analytics or BI by using a private cloud, hybrid cloud storage, and on-demand communication capabilities.

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Now businesses can use cloud computing power in product development as well as top quality customer experiences by using cloud platforms to build, develop, innovate, manage, analyze and monitor the inside operations of product and services development.

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