50 Powerful Facebook Marketing Benefits for Your Business


Facebook is one of the most used social media marketing platforms on the internet for business.  You can get outstanding benefits when marketing on Facebook pages, groups, and ads.

Why Facebook is good for marketing is because Facebook has more than a billion users’ expansive reach. It’s tough for entrepreneurs to ignore the targeted audience, website traffic, ranking benefits such as advantages of marketing business on Facebook.

Facebook helps you to choose the people you want to reach that drive more sales. The use of Facebook is very important to grow your online and offline business. The user base is in billions.

This post is all about the benefits of using Facebook. This post is written creatively and explores the different types of benefits of Facebook for business. There are more than 50 ways of using Facebook for a business that helps to deepen business relationships.

Facebook gives many benefits for businesses such as increasing website traffic, help to do B2B Marketing, business promotions, to know about the potential client and Facebook allow building groups or providing benefits to connecting business with communities.

Let’s learn what benefits entrepreneurs, companies and any kind of business can get by using Facebook for marketing.

Benefits of using Facebook for business marketing

So, here is the detailed list of how to access the benefits of using Facebook for business marketing:

1. Quickly reach the people who matter

The dual benefit of using Facebook for business is that firstly your product information quickly reaches a lot of people within an instant, secondly, it reaches the exact target audience you want because you can customize your audience using groups and pages with specific and relevant content about your product or service.

2. Targeted business activity

You can target your business activities on Facebook according to popular trends and careful analysis of your competitor’s strategy at different times.

3. Open business relationships with customers

You can create business pages on Facebook to build open relationships with your customers. This transparency in your business practices also reflects good business ethics and this helps in acquiring and retaining a loyal customer base.

4. Easy to find

Your business and services are easy to find on Facebook. Almost everyone and their grandmothers are on Facebook now and they spend a considerable amount of time browsing different product pages on Facebook. So it is easier for everyone to locate your Facebook business page quickly rather than type in a business website address.

5. Live Chat rooms

You can chat with your customers on your Facebook business page and address their grievances and concerns immediately; this helps in maintaining clarity about your business practices and builds trust and loyalty among customers.

6. Free to share

You’re free to share your products and services at the best time without having to worry about any expenditure in doing so. The best advertisement is free advertisement.

7. Viral promotion

People can like, share your business page, services, and posts on Facebook. If they’re really influenced by your brand message and activities they invite others to like your business page which can have a cascading effect on traffic numbers and make your posts go viral.

8. Target interested people

You can share your brand message targeted at interested people as a status update or an event invite. Since they will willingly be a part of your Facebook page, they will most likely appreciate getting instant notifications to special promotional offers and such before others.

For example, an invite to a product launching event sent to hundreds of people can be made even more enticing if you offer special discounts on early online registrations for buying the product.

9. Social proof

Social media proof is very important for your business. The likes, shares, and comments on your content are eager to grow your business. The benefits of this are that it will provide you the confidence to work more on your products and services. And also the likes and shares are signals for product appreciation.

10. Understanding of readers or customers

You can understand the interests and behavior of your readers and customers, what they like? Which single posts do they like and share the most and during what time of the day does this activity happen? And you can also track them in real-time (if you’re adding your website links in status) by using Google analytics.

11. Data insights

Facebook provides data insights functionality on the Facebook page for tracking and analyzing your marketing efforts. Data insights are very beneficial in decision making and were developed specifically by the Facebook core team so that businesses can get a detailed analysis of traffic numbers on their pages and build a strategy according to the available insight.

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12. Export to third party application (.xls/.csv)

You can export your Facebook business page insights into an excel sheet to get more filtered results about your marketing efforts by using charts, pivot tables and formulas in Microsoft Excel. Even though Excel is quite underrated, it is worthwhile to learn about the importance of Microsoft excel in business.

13. Unique web address

Facebook provides an advantage to your business page by using unique web address functionality. The use is very simple and easy to remember for people to find your Facebook page quickly. For example: www.Facebook.com/klientsolutech

14. 24/7 and 365 days connected

Facebook helps to keep you connected with your customers, readers, audiences, clients, subscribers, followers any time of the day or night on various devices such as mobiles, tablets, and desktops by using functionalities such as desktop notification, post notification, etc.

15. Customer Support

You can create customer feedback centers or customer care or support centers on Facebook by using the Facebook page or Facebook group or any other method on Facebook for your product guidelines, support or answers to queries.

16. Update relationships with one-time buyers

You can invite all your new and existing customers to like your business page and stay connected with them for the future with ease.

17. Share success stories

Stay in contact with your satisfied customers to leave feedback on your Facebook page or share success their success stories on your Facebook page.

You can also do it on your website or blog. The advantages of sharing success stories of satisfied customers on your Facebook page is that it will inspire millions of Facebook users to like and buy from you within a few minutes and also increase your website traffic without spending any amount for lead generation on Facebook.

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18. Trust in the brand

The eighteenth benefit of using Facebook for business is that if you share genuine things consistently which provide value to your customers then it will encourage people to stay active on your page and build trust in your brand.

The 17th advantage is also helpful to build trust. Trust is the way in which the customer is engaged to buy your products and services in the long run.

19. Competitive advantage

Facebook provides a competitive advantage to your business when you’re connected with your customers, answering their queries within minutes. You can also be connected with your competition as well because it is an open platform.

It will help to establish your business worthiness in front of billions of people and your competitors soon become your followers. Provide extraordinary customer support on Facebook because your efforts are seen by future or prospective customers.

20. More visual analysis of Facebook data insights

In 11th advantage I shared is that you can export your marketing efforts and facts to excel. Excel is important in business that’s why you can analyze your Facebook insights visually by using charts and pivot tables, formulas etc.

This way you can learn what is most liked? What is shared most often? What do the comments reflect? The advantage of using data visual analysis for Facebook data insights is that it will help you to implement the correct marketing strategy on Facebook to get more customer engagements with your brands.

21. Note the activities of your customers

A significant advantage of using Facebook for business is that you can note the activities of your customers such as where they work, what they do when they are not working, what they post, like and share on Facebook.

The advantage of using this method will help you to get knowledge about your customers and their psychology on social media. And when you get more knowledge about your customers then you can use precise, customized and creative methods to promote your products and services.

22. Use of success to further success

You can also use paid advertising on Facebook to promote your successful posts e.g. if you got more likes and comments on a particular Facebook post you are eager to promote then you can use this opportunity to promote your posts to more people because this method of ”Using of success to further success” is highly effective on Facebook.

This will generate more likes, comments, shares and it will increase your website traffic and conversion rate. More people share and like it because people already like it without sponsored posts.

23. Promote and sell in real-time

Facebook is like a business market in which people are approving meaningful products and services that they see by liking it. This is like affixing their stamp of approval on that business. They like and visit the links if it is targeted or look for them.

Try to sell in real-time. Real-time means “what is needed by people today”. It’s tough but uses your creativity and enables you to think like the buyers.

For example, if you’re promoting non-trending things there is a good chance they will ignore this. And if you’re following popular trends and incorporating #tags and sharing your content based on current updates they will like it and visit your website.

Your target is to convert your promotions into sales, visits, subscriptions, likes and not just into sharing boring irrelevant things. Try to sell in real-time. Real-time means “what is needed by people today”. It’s tough but uses your creativity and enables you to think like the buyers.

24. More activity means more website traffic

The higher your activity is on your Facebook business page, the better you will rank in the news feed because Facebook users are unpredictable when they are using Facebook.

It is good to serve new things every time when a new Facebook visitor logs into Facebook because you are not familiar with his likes and dislikes at that time.

But you need little intuition and creativity in this because too many updates are very disturbing when people use Facebook according to varying moods.

25. Facebook paid to advertise

Facebook advertising features are extensive, which provides functionality for business advertisers to promote products and services to specific people that matter the most.

26. Targeted location

The benefit of online advertisement is that you promote your products location-wise. Mostly useful for clothing web-shops promotion but can be used for small business operations as well.

For example, when people of Shimla are buying clothes for the winter season, people in other states or nations may be shopping for summer, so you can use this knowledge to target advertisements in local Facebook pages so that you can promote products according to the prospective customer’s physical location.

27. Build a community

When you’re using Facebook to get benefits for business then you create a community around your Facebook business page to engage with more people and their friends and then market your products and services using messages or status updates directly to them.

The advantage of creating adverts on Facebook for business is that new customers and clients are more likely interested in responding to your advertisement because they looked just for them. Employing this kind of practice, building a community around your Facebook business page is highly effective to promote and sell more on Facebook.

28. Data of billion users

Another massive advantage of using Facebook for business is that Facebook has data of billion users and it is in front of every seller or publisher or advertiser to analyze and act accordingly. If you convey your product’s qualities and benefits to specific people then you can easily sell and get more traffic to your website.

29. Reliable relationships with the target audience

The relationship is very important in business to find new clients or customers and retain them. You can get knowledge about what to share from current trends, #tags, news feeds. There are many direct and indirect benefits for a business to share important things consistently with your targeted audience.

For example, promote your own posts but also share topics written by others, images designed by others and products of others on your Facebook page if these are important for your customer.

In simple words, in order to build long-lasting reliable relationships with the target audience or customers, you should keep sharing everything that is important for customers to know about.

30. Learning resources:

Businesses and advertisers can learn marketing, Facebook page basics, etc.  and experiment with thousands of things on Facebook by following and learning the latest updates and tips from the various sources of Facebook for your business. Examples include Facebook for business websites, advertiser support, video tutorials, creative tools, and tips, etc. The advantage of using learning resources for business on Facebook is that it helps you to create an action-oriented marketing strategy.

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31. Trusted feedback

Facebook provides trusted feedback for your business and products. If you’re using your marketing efforts in the right direction on Facebook then it will build strong emotional bonds between your friends, groups, pages and with your competitors. Reviews, comments, likes & shares are social proof and nothing is better when your business marketing efforts on Facebook go viral.

32. Communication features

Your business gets a free communication tool. Facebook is like a body and communication is its soul. Without communication features Facebook is unable to survive. Facebook never fails until we stop communication. Like, share, comments are the tools to communicate. So, the more you communicate about your products the better communication you will have with your customers.

33. Track competitors

The thirty-third advantage of Facebook for business is that you can track, analyze your competitor’s marketing strategy, sell strategy and responses on Facebook. You can also convert and target your competitor’s unsatisfied customers by seeing the negative feedback of people on your competitor’s Facebook page and posts.

34. Grow your business in real-time

When you’re confident about your products and services you can easily convince your negative or irate customers and resolve unwanted situations. People often comment negatively on-page or posts about your products and services and this is a clue that your products or services are influencing people directly or indirectly.

So, you need to comment positively on negative feedback and the advantage of doing this is that it will grow your business in real-time and you will also get to know where exactly your business is lacking.

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35. Learn important value addition lesson

Negative feedback or negative comments are really important for your business because it provides you with a lesson about what you need to do to add more value to your product or service. Facebook comments option is really helpful in this case and it will help to add strong feedback features to your products and services.

36. Peace of mind

When people communicate about your products and posts on Facebook by likes, shares or writing and posting on your Facebook business page, it provides peace of mind for your soul and for your social media marketing team. When you’re marketing effort and the team is positive and optimistic then you can sell more products. The positive feedback and appreciation help a lot on Facebook to get more Facebook page likes and brand engagement.

37. Retain your existing customers

By using the Facebook business page for marketing you can retain your existing customer by sending invitations or friend requests. And you can introduce new services in innovative ways for your existing customers.

38. Facebook groups related to your business and products

The 38th advantage of using Facebook for business is that it provides you the functionality to create Facebook groups related to your products. For example, tour & travel companies create location-wise groups on Facebook such as my Himachal, my India, Himachali people, etc. Similarly, language teachers or language course providers create Facebook groups such as English to Hindi, Learn English, English quiz, etc. this is an example of providing creative ways without any paid course. And you can add your website link or product link in the group description widget. The more people posts on groups the higher are the chances to get targeted visitors to your business website.

39. Facebook group members

Your existing customers and employees are the best members of the group to spread awareness about the problem you’re solving or a product you are offering.

40. Targeted traffic from Facebook groups

Facebook groups are great resources to promote your products and get targeted traffic to your website. But only if you do it in a genuine way. You know that there are hundreds of groups with attractive names with thousands of members but when you visit the group page it is full of links about products but without any like on such posts.

This is because it is not a genuine way to increase visitors from Facebook to your website and is nothing more than spam to people.. Facebook groups are great, it is a community and you’re the leader of this community.

If you believe in important, valuable things you should get benefits from Facebook groups directly or indirectly sooner or later. Just be consistent with your efforts and stand behind your products every time.

41. Connected with Billion users

Facebook is a social networking website it means it is connected with billion-plus users worldwide. So, you get a chance to find your target customer every time when you post something on Facebook. You can get new customers by targeting one customer, then two and seeing the results. These two people are connected with hundreds of other people. By consistent use of Facebook, you can ensure a better future with increased exposure to potential customers.

42. More leads for free

By doing marketing on your Facebook page, own timeline, groups, comments you can get more leads for free. Yes, without spending any amount of paid advertising on Facebook.

If you’re new in business, just follow one approach and be consistent with that approach for a particular time. When I started marketing on Facebook in the year 2011 to promote my local educational services, I didn’t get any single referral for few months to my site but nowadays I am getting 20% of visitors from Facebook to my website.

That’s why I am writing this post on behalf of my experiences and creativity used to succeed in adverse situations. Sometimes advantages are hidden behind disadvantages. Disadvantages are negative emotions or failures or excuses and many other things. I know there are disadvantages to Facebook if you’re not doing it correctly. Innovative and personally developed people know the significance of important things.

That’s why some people gather leads, email addresses, make sales and some don’t. It’s all about knowledge and attitude. If you’re doing Facebook marketing honestly you should get more leads for free without spending any amount on paid advertising on the internet.

43. Save hard-earned money

By advertising freely on Facebook pages, groups, and in your own timeline as a status update, it saves your hard-earned money. Because there is no cost of creation for a Facebook page or group, it will cost you only time. I know time is money but that’s why you can schedule your Facebook page posts when you’re free or before the next day or next hour.

44. Signal to Google Crawlers

Google is very important for business websites and the use of Facebook business pages provides a signal to Google about your products and services quality. The more people like your business page, the better Google rank your website will attain for specific organic keywords. I haven’t yet tested this thoroughly this but many SEO experts are talking about the fact that Facebook page likes to boost organic SEO efforts.

45. Best place to share inside business story

The 45th advantage of Facebook for business is that you can share information, images, and videos of your team, office, and fun time office images. It will build a personal connection with customers.

Your employees and investors get inspired by seeing your stories. You can also tell the creation story behind your business, why your business exist? What exactly you’re doing that proves beneficial for others? No matter if the value is 1% but you’re doing something and this is most important to grow the business from 0 to 100. And doing this practice creates a personal bond between the user’s feelings and emotions.

As you know emotion is everything and if your success stories deliver your brand message then you definitely get more traffic, more leads, and more user engagement with your business on Facebook. If person A likes your Facebook page posts it means thousands of people similar to A are interested in your page but haven’t yet found you, so just keep doing it creatively to get more benefits to your business.

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46. Give knowledge and Get traffic

Many people use facebook for knowledge. Facebook is the best place to share knowledge related to your products and services. The more knowledge you provide related to your products the more they will buy your products as this is said by great Steve Jobs (Apple Inc. Founder).

The disadvantage of not doing this is that if people do not know the benefits, solutions, the advantage of your products, how do you think they can buy from you? So, get advantages for your business by providing people with what they need to do to solve a particular problem.

47. Permanent marketing sources

Facebook free marketing is not dead; it is matured now to next-generation marketing. All your marketing efforts are saved on Facebook and you can reinvent everything- your posts, shares, likes, etc. If you’re focused on one marketing platform such as Facebook then you should get many benefits for your business by focusing on it.

48. Updated and growing platform

Thousands of people are joining and creating Facebook pages daily to promote business on Facebook, to use Facebook for knowledge, to use Facebook for time passes, to use Facebook for spam, to use Facebook for earning money, to use Facebook to advertise. If you target people according to their interest you should get benefits.

The advantage of using Facebook is that it is a huge platform and growing daily. The new features and functionalities to be implemented by Facebook such as more expression similar to “Like” will provide a way to differentiate and analyze customer response.

49. Many creative ways to market

You can create many Facebook business pages related to your products and services. For example, if you’re promoting a blog website you can create a Facebook page based on the categories of your blog. And it will help others and you to get targeted people to your website.

50. Analyze big/small data and move forward

The 50th advantage of using Facebook for business is that Facebook is a powerful website doing business by connecting people with each other emotionally and professionally. And the big and small data is on Facebook that you can use in decision making.

You can track your business marketing journey, responses, likes, comments and people from the day you started the use of Facebook for business. And this will help your business to learn and grow from your successful marketing efforts of the past. And you can convert these facts and figures into data and visualize this data, analyze this data and move forward. Never stop, don’t give up, every no means a new opportunity. But be consistent creatively.

I hope I explained the benefits of using Facebook for business correctly.

My experience related to Facebook: Using since 2009, I started using it for business promotion in 2011. I am running successfully 7 Facebook business pages and 2 groups. My website is getting 20% referral traffic from Facebook.

Sharing time and daily schedule: 7 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm, 7 pm, and 10 pm. sharing posts related to computer and internet knowledge, money management, online business, quotes about real life. Sharing posts on other people, websites, images, commenting on good posts and sharing their own website posts only 4-5 times in a week.

And I use Facebook for 1 hour daily and complete all my promotional and uploading work within that time frame without wasting any time browsing irrelevant pages. So I personally feel that Facebook has helped me to grow my business tremendously and I don’t see any reason why you want to avoid using Facebook Business.

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