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Social media is an important part of our daily life. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter need no introduction. Today, social media is the main medium of communication, business, marketing, and news.

On the one hand, social media is a means for the common man and society to fight for their rights and express disagreements. On the other hand, it is also the main means of spreading propaganda and fake news.

Ever since mainstream news channels have stopped talking about public issues, social media websites have become mainstream media. Social media has made every person anchor, himself public and himself a decision maker. Even people themselves decide what is right and wrong. However, until the investigation is not done, it is not appropriate to give an immediate reaction on any subject. Because the things and pictures shown are not always correct. Until and unless it is known what is behind the curtain, one should not believe anything heard.

Leaders to big entrepreneurs have also made social media a medium to improve their image and run propaganda. Today every political party has its own social media in charge.

On the other hand, it’s a huge platform for business and marketing. The biggest strength of social media is the mutual network of people. Every person is connected to the whole world through social media.

There are still many questions whose answers are yet to be found. For example, fake social media profiles, use of social media by young children, full of fake and adult content, fake sponsored ads, data security, and privacy, etc.

Because if social media is the strength of democracy, then the elements that weaken its strength are also available on the same platform. That is why awareness of how social media should be used well for education and business benefit is very important.

I have written some articles on all these topics which are as follows. These articles are critical as well as analytical and have been written entirely on the basis of personal views and experiences. Their purpose is only related to education and awareness. And if you disagree with something please don’t take it otherwise.

  1. Top 10 Productive Uses of social media in our daily life: This article explains the productive use of social media. Explores how students and business owners can use social media to further their career and business objectives.


  1. Impact of social media on school and college students: This article explains the effects of social media on children and students.


  1. How our minds are harvested by social networks: This article throws light on the negative effects of social media platforms and usage on us.


  1. Importance of social media marketing in business success: This article explains the business and economic importance of social media and its business elements.

The following 3 articles point to how Facebook, which is a huge social media platform, is used or can be used for knowledge and business. The ideas mentioned in this are not only relevant to Facebook, but you can take them as samples to use on other social media platforms as well.

  1. Facebook Marketing Benefits for Business
  2. Facebook promotion ideas for small business
  3. How to use Facebook for Knowledge

I hope that your search for the articles written above on social media has been completed. If you want more light on any other subject, then tell us, and we will definitely mention them in the coming time.

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