Ways to use Facebook business page to market your business online


The goal of the Facebook page is to build an online presence and spread awareness about your business on the web.   But many local businesses start and use the Facebook page with the goal to get customers to their business and business website. That’s ok. They post links, and videos and invite friends and that’s it but it’s not enough and that’s why many failed to make their Facebook business page to market the business online.

That’s why in this in this post, I am explaining the ways/tips/techniques that are so much helpful for local businesses to build an online presence, connect with new and existing customers, get new customers and let the Facebook business page market your business online.

So, let’s get started:

1. Be creative but don’t forget to be professional:

There are millions of users worldwide connected with local and international brands on the Facebook Page. But that way it becomes difficult for local businesses to compete with big online brands. That’s why you have to be creative.

It’s a very good idea that you design and create a Facebook business page for your local business creatively. But in this case, many forget to make it meaningful and reasonable for people to like and share.

Many use tricks to generate more likes and shares on the Facebook business page. But that is not worthy of followers and likes.

You often see someone’s page has 300000+ likes, but in the posts, only 20-30 people like the posts. Why? It’s because they are generated by using fake methods. And you don’t need to do that.

  • Make your cover page attractive, and use a meaningful and straightforward description of your business.
  • Add your business logo to the profile picture and then add the call to action.
  • Call to action can be your business phone number so that people can connect with you and it can be a website link etc.
  • Also, create a URL for your page such as Facebook/your business.com and copy this link in sticky notes or save it on your mobile phone. Later in this post, I will explain how to use it effectively.
  • Don’t post/share your personal photos and friends’ posts on the Facebook business page.
  • Be according to your business goal. For example, if your page is related to education, then it’s not professional if you use a Hollywood film hero in the profile picture or cover page, instead, you can use educational leaders’ photos.

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2. Communicate and empower your customers:

When someone visits your store, shop, company, or office and make a purchase or order something then it’s the most important time to connect with them on Facebook for future purchases and long-term relationship.
Now use this moment to build your online presence. Share the link to your Facebook business page with them using WhatsApp or any other method.

Make sure that they will visit the link, like the page and its notifications in front of you. Tell them that this is for future updates regarding our products and services.
Now make this a process in your company and shop so that each time customers buy, order and come for the inquiry they will like your Facebook business page.

Try this method for the next 30 days and I am sure that you will have more than 5000+ likes in the first month of starting your Facebook business page for your local business.

3. Post interesting and attractive content:

Your goal is to inspire and entertain them on the Facebook business page with post connected around your brand, product, services, and business. It’s about helping them and understanding their real-life problems and goals.

  • Make them feel vow and amazing and let them smile. Take selfies with them whenever customers buy anything from you. And post those on your Facebook business page and share the experience. (Not all will agree, but you don’t need all, you need just one person and it can be 1 out of 50 on any day. Make this a selling process. Don’t hesitate to grow your business. It looks odd, but do it.
  • Update them when it’s necessary. Update them when you have a new product range. But don’t push and don’t force them to buy and click on your links. Instead, just share with them and they will decide what to do. You can update any offer that you are providing on certain occasions.
  • Listen and reply to their comment.
    Chat with them personally regarding your products.

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When you implement similar creative techniques on your Facebook page, then people will start calling and messaging to buy from you or get an inquiry about your products/services. Even if they don’t call, they will be updated about your business. In the future when they need something, for example, the washing machine they will visit your shop.

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