Is typing services is the best way to work from home?


In this post you will learn about typing services, English typing jobs and demand for typist in today’s time. It is not only about data entry jobs or typing jobs online it’s more than your imagination.

If you’re passionate and searching for home or full time business options on the internet then this post is great for you, because all the research and trend are showing big business opportunities for startups in typing field.

To start a business you don’t need MCA or Bachelor degree but if you have it helps to grow. In the business market it is all about your skills and knowledge.

So, if your typing speed is more than 50 words per minute with 100% accuracy then it’s time to convert this knowledge into permanent income stream. The needs of typing experts are big in today’s business market with few other essential computers & internet skills such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Internet research etc.

Typist or typing masters are always in demand in the private and government sector. And internet provides biggest advantages for today’s startup business because internet helps us to promote our business worldwide. And we are able to provide our services to anyone from home.

Research on Typing Services Business

Let’s see the current demands for typing experts, Research on the typing services market in different cities in India and across the world.

  • 880 people searching worldwide for typing services on Google according to Google keyword planner results. And there is Bing, Yahoo, Ask etc. search engines people also using for search results. So it is approximately that 1000 people searching for typing service providers online. And this is evidence of demand for typing experts. See the pic below: Google Keyword Planner results for the search query typing services
  • If you explore online typing service in google trends then it is growing from last 12 months according to the Google trends. And this is 2nd evidence of demand of typing experts. You can also try different search terms in Google trends for correct or relevant data. google trends for online typing service
  • Search on Google e.g. “Typing services in Delhi”, Typing services in “Chandigarh”, typing services in California etc. Data typing services provider are all over the world.  You can also research on your area for typing services just sign in into to Google (Gmail) and search. And this is a sign of demand for data typing services, more typing services provider mean demand for typing services in the market. It will show the entire shops or services provider near your home. E.g. See the pic below: Typing services in delhi google search resultsdata typing services in california
  • Now type on Google “typing services” without sign in and see the search results like below picture. It means there are hundreds of people or companies or individuals providing data typing services from home or small offices and promoting on the internet. This 4th evidence of demand for typing experts. Search on Google for typing services and visit opened websites and see what they are providing in their data typing services. typing services search terms on google
  • 33,100 searching on Google for typing lessons and 27,100 searches for “typing speed” monthly on Google. What is this mean? It means approximately 100000 people searching on Google for typing related courses and knowledge. It’s obvious that typing is one of most essential basic computer skill for computer users. That’s why all want to learn. This is one the big evidence for business scopes in typing sector.
  • Visit the city or local market in your area see the crowd in front of typing services provider shops. For example: resume writer, document writer, typing centers or similar shops. Notice what people are doing, what they are offering, what they are serving and what they want to do related to typing. This is enough to get idea about the business you want to start specially related to typing.
  • Etc.

This is my personal research on the typing services market I suggest that you should do it by your own before starting typing business from home or in rented office.

Conclusion: – If you do not have high technical or academic degree but want to earn money and you have few basic computer skills then I think typing business is the way to start. And in time you got some experience you can align it according to your interest. Another thing i want to say that you should be updated with technological changes in business. Technological innovation creating new opportunities and challenges for businesses world wide. But if we’re adaptive enough then we can convert these challenges into profitable business and new jobs.

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2 thoughts on “Is typing services is the best way to work from home?”

  1. Ajay Sir,
    Myself Abhimanyu Singh Yadav from Varanasi (UP). I make my profile on upwork but it is 70% completed. Two times I failed in test. So How can I Pass in Test ? I am a computer operator in a firm last 9 yrs. I have typing skill Hindi & English both but typing speed is 25 to 30 words per minute. So I want to copy paste & typing job on upwork. pls suggest me for my better future.
    Thnak u sir.


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