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ChatGPT is a natural language process model and AI tool developed by OPEN AI to build the communication interface between the user and the computer.

I mean you can communicate with machines (AI tools) like you’re communicating with technical support, business assistant, marketers, freelancers, and friends.

You will get responses and replies to your queries along with examples. For example, if you want to know how to create a basic HTML/CSS file structure for a website then along with tips you will get complete code that you can paste into VS code editor and test on a live server.

Similarly, if you want to know how to write or what to write in the newsletter you will get dummy content for that. If you want to improve your script and headings you can ask chatGPT to rewrite that. While the content and replies you will get are not unique. But you can get a basic idea by analyzing and understanding the dummy content.

While there are many disadvantages to using AI in search engines and overall. This requires a good level of intelligence in users who use and do the work based on AI replies. It’s not good for common people. But it can be used as a tool and for sampling. Here you can learn more: Top 3 highly productive uses of ChatGPT in Business

In business, website design, and development you can create AI chatbots using Dialogflow, Botpress, and Microsoft bot framework and then integrate that with chatGPT.

Determine which areas of your business could benefit from using ChatGPT. This could include customer service, sales, marketing, or other areas. You can also create ChatGPT models and trained them based on your business needs and customer queries. And such practices will automate customer inquiries, sales, and conversion. And this will help you to reduce business expenses and increase productivity.

Here you can watch some of the video tutorials on ChatGPT uses:

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