Top 3 highly productive uses of ChatGPT in Business


ChatGPT which is an Artificial Intelligence-based robotic chat application has taken the internet by storm within 30 to 40 days. As per internet sources, it has got 1M+ users so far, and even after the power of the Microsoft Azure hosting server, it’s struggling to remain 24/7 live. But that is the technical infrastructure that can be balanced.

But what is actually inside ChatGPT? Why it’s becoming popular. How business can benefit from ChatGPT? You will get answers to all your questions, when you know and explore the uses of ChatGPT in business and daily work activities.

So, in this post, we’re sharing the top 3 uses of ChatGPT based on our own personal research so far. And you will find the answer to why internet users are so crazy behind the use of ChatGPT.

Top 3 uses of ChatGPT in Business:

Whenever a new technology, tool or platform becomes popular it also impacts the business, society, and education negatively. ChatGPT also has lots of disadvantages. We will cover that in future posts as well. But today we’re coving only the beneficial uses of ChatGPT in business. I hope you will like this post and take the advantage of ChatGPT to grow your business and 10x your productivity.

1. ChatGPT Assistance in website design and development

If you are aware of the work related to website design and development. Or do website design and development work professionally, then you must know how difficult it is to find, study, and filter data and information or content in website design and development work.

But ChatGPT as a tool speeds up the tasks of website design and development. Not only does it give advice but also gives you ready-made code to use.

For example, if you input this, I want to create a website for the business using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

So it will guide you on how to make a website and will also give a dummy code. You can paste it into Visual Studio Code and edit or make changes according to the needs of your business website.

You can also watch the uses of ChatGPT in website design and development with examples below in Hindi Video Tutorials.

For example, if you want to research its power and assistance capacity in the website design and development field then use the following instruction as input or chat.

Hi, ChatGPT. can you help me with this:

  • Write a code to convert JPEG into a PNG file.
  • Create a business website structure.
  • Create a directory website structure.
  • Or create a beautiful business listing directory website.
  • Create and give me a code to create a WordPress popup plugin that can automatically trigger after 10 seconds of user visits.
  • Please give me the CSS code or style for this website.
  • I am learning python, give me the 10 examples of “for loop” practice.


So, think if you have to search on the above things manually using a search engine how much time and bandwidth of your mind gets consumed? If you do this in ChatGPT, still the output might not be as accurate, but reduce the time and complexity I think more than 90%.

But one thing is sure and the fact is that to use ChatGPT or to ask questions you also need knowledge and creativity. And creativity and imagination do not get birth inside machines or code. It requires humans.

ChatGPT as an AI assistance tool, it’s very useful not only for developers, and designers but also for those learning website design and development on their own. It increases the speed of learning.

The more specific and accurate your input or communication with ChatGPT the better and best it will give output.

2. Uses of ChatGPT in the creation of dummy content:

ChatGPT can be very useful for you in daily tasks related to digital marketing and business. Whether it is writing emails for email marketing, the script for YouTube videos, content for social media ads, or blog posts, you can generate dummy content through ChatGPT.

That dummy content will give you an idea of what is already there and how to write it. Because ChatGPT shows you filtered content from thousands of sources. It can be both right and wrong. So the 1st thing is that do not use content generate by AI writing tools or ChatGPT. It’s because that is not unique.

Dummy content or AI generate content will not help you to rank higher on google or nor it will increase your traffic or conversion. The only thing that dummies content can do is make your website or blog or script duplicate or useless.

Use that content only to get ideas and for learning. That’s it. But with the use of AI tools like ChatGPT, you will at least have an idea of how to write and what to write.

For example, you can give the following instructions to ChatGPT:

  • Write an email to the client who not responding to partnership offers for the last 10 days.
  • Write a short script to promote videos on social media and the target audience are eCommerce business owners.
  • Please write a job proposal or cover letter for the website design project.
  • Please write engaging short sentences to increase social media shares.
  • Convert this “para” into a more engaging paragraph and also make it SEO-friendly.

So, when you input these instructions in the ChatGPT input bar, then ChatGPT processes that or creates information and shows you the output. After that, you can read that output, and make changes according to your product and services. But make sure it’s plagiarism free or not look like just machine-written text. Give the content emotional touch as well.

Watch an Example in this video: 

3. Uses of ChatGPT in learning basic as well as advanced computer skills:

All the answers in ChatGPT are currently in text format. These are final answers but not options as you see on search engines. ChatGPT is not a search engine but AI based Chat tool that you access through input or instructions.

But while doing that with ChatGPT you can learn to improve your technology, business, marketing, and general knowledge.

For example, you can improve your English using ChatGPT.

You can use learn HTML, CSS, JS, Python or any other programming languages along with examples. Y

For example, you can say,

(Start the chat and type):

  • “I want to learn and improve my business English”. Can you help me with that?
  • “I want to understand the uses of functions in python programming”.
  • “I want to understand how to write exception handling in the code”.
  • “I want to understand how mechanical engine work”.


Now you can also ask questions related to What, Why, Where, and so on.

There are unlimited possibilities with ChatGPT that you can explore for your career and business development.

But yes, it’s only a tool. Having tools doesn’t mean it can do everything physically. Currently, it can show or guide you. That’s it. Your own intelligence matters the most or in the future human intelligence required more than ever in using and controlling AI tools.

It’s because there are various uses of artificial intelligence in our daily life. Technology already changed our life, business, and communication. Read all of this in the below posts.

How Technology has changed business

5 Powerful Uses of Technology in Business Today

But now these tools will also be going to impact our life, business, and daily activities in the future positively and negatively. So having knowledge of such tools or basic ideas or intelligence behind the use of these tools will help you to use such things for your benefit.

That’s all for now.

If you want to study or want to research specific things related to ChatGPT please let us know. We will update that in this post or cover it in upcoming posts.

Note: We are updating this post as per our new findings, information, and experiment. Stay tuned.  

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