Basic tips to learn to code quickly, effectively and easily


1st be clear, confident, and trust in your abilities that you can learn to code. After that, you have to trust and work on at least one learning method, coding course, programming book, and coding instructor to learn.

And each day you have to increase your belief in yourself through practicing and learning. Giving up is not a solution. You have to make coding your new daily habit.

If you do not do the above things, forget about learning to code fast or within six months, and forget to learn it even in the next 5 years.

It’s because if you’re not clear about your coding learnings goals if you’re not confident in yourself if you’re still comparing yourself with others if you’re looking for the perfect course or tutorials, and if you are not learning and investing at least 2 hours each day on you can’t learn to code.  You have to keep learning coding without losing your interest.

So, in this post, my goal is to share with you the best coding tips and techniques that will help you to learn faster.

1. Identify and clarify your learning goals:

Computer programming is used to build, run and manage a business, business operations, input and output, operating system, server, mobile, and web applications, and various other things. Due to that, there are hundreds of programming languages, modules, frameworks, and uses.

It’s very important that you know your thirst and goals. In simple, words answer this question “why do you want to learn computer programming is very important?”

When you know the reasons then you can plan better to learn programming languages and skills faster. Else it will take years to learn to program and still you will need a guide.

It’s because the learning path, courses, and methods are different except for the basics of programming. Those who want to learn computer programming to work as Freelance Android developers have different paths and sources than web developers to select any one language to learn to program.

Those who want to start a mobile app startup need a different path. And those who want to work as computer scientists have to follow a different path. And if you want to learn to program to create programming content then you have to follow different paths and learning sources as well.

While following different paths is not mandatory but it helps to learn programming faster and specific things that will matter when you will try to find a developer job or project or to build something.

There are thousands of things, frameworks, modules, and languages to learn and we can’t learn everything. We have to think realistically and smartly to select the best methods as per the goals.

Identification of your goals, dreams, needs, and situation is one of the most important things where you have to invest a good amount of time in self-inspection and career research.

So, when you are aware and clear about your future steps and goals you will be able to increase the speed of learning computer programming.

For example, if you want to work as a web developer then learn the basics of the latest web development technologies or programming languages. Start with the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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2. Learn the basics of computer science and programming:

When you spend a good amount of time learning the basics of programming you will be able to increase the speed of learning and execution much faster at the intermediate level. Those who have good knowledge of basics can learn complex programming concepts faster. And they are able to think and create business logic.

Here are the free programming tutorials that you watch or practice to learn the basics of programming.

3. Focus on learning one programming language, library, framework or concept:

For example, the quickest way to learn python programming is the learn and become an expert in one concept or library. Such as web scraping through beautiful soup. Streamlit expertise to showcase data.

Those who have good knowledge of basics are open to transferring their focus to one or two things. Having multiple programming languages skills and knowledge is very good for those who want to start a business or want to build something for people or want to teach basic programming and computer skills.

But those who want to do a job or want to get a freelance project have to become experts or masters in one thing. It’s because in the job you will be hired for a particular gap or role.

But if you want to start a business or want to build web tools then you have to be open to learning and building it in any language that is cost-effective, durable, and easy to manage the application. Might be your business idea will be best executable in Dart and Flutter than C#.

4. Practice programming skills through exercises and advance concepts:

If you learn through exercises and try to create samples of others then it’s much faster to learn to program. For example, if you decide that this week, I will practice on 3 web or apps, functions, objects, modules exercises or samples then it builds in your practical skills, and you will be able to cover various aspects that are required to build a mobile or web app.


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5. Learn to use APIs:

An application programming interface is the modern and fastest method to build data and feature-rich applications. The only amount of time will be invested in the front-end development or for receiving user input and displaying the output.

The work of the engine or processing can be done by integrating third-party APIs in the application. You can build fully functional apps through API. But as a student or beginner, the best use of learning and practicing API integration skills is to build tools for self and others. And you can also monetize these tools through advertising.

You can use free WordPress, Google, Yahoo, HubSpot, and various popular companies’ APIs to build your own custom tools. And you can also find various APIs and business models to build tools or apps on the web by companies.

6. Be open to new learning challenges: 

Good salaries and appreciation from teammates and project leaders make us satisfied and relaxed. If your goal is this then great. Enjoy and live it.

But if a job as a programmer is not your final destination or goal then keep moving after each completed goal. Set new learning goals and achieve them.

All those who are in leadership roles in their professional life needs new goals and challenges continuously. And for that, you have to keep updating and learning new skills and technologies that help you to achieve your goals. Technology is a tool. Tool 1.2 can be good for the B goal. But for goal C you need Tool A1.0 or a different tool.

So be dynamic in your learning approach to learn to code faster and move.

7. Keep moving forward:

As a learner, you can’t stay or be stuck in one thing. If you’re in confusion keep going with that confusion. Do not wait or try to create a perfect learning plan. If you’re scared about the future. Then keep scared. But keep going. Keep learning at least 1 thing each day.

When you learn new things, you still start to understand the concepts and your learning goals and reasons.
For example, it’s not mandatory that you will reach your goals after 100 KM. It’s possible that you will get that in 50 km.
But to reach 50 1st you have to complete 1KM or 10KM then 20 after that 40 and then 50.

Similarly, for example, learn about variables, the 2nd day learn about strings, the 3rd learn about data types, the 4th day learn about loops, the 5th day learns about data structures,  and so on.

So walk as long as you can see. You will get link roads, directions, boards, and people on the journey. Be active and aware of software development updates and techniques.

I am sure that you got many ideas and tips from this post. But having just one strategy is not enough. You can learn a few from this and some from others then build your plan. It’s because your own plan to learn computer programming faster will be the best and perfect for you. 

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