Top 20 Articles on Technology – Gain Critical Tech Insights


This is the list of technical articles that are written from a personal point of view, experience, and creativity.

These articles focus on business technologies, education technologies, the latest technologies, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, computer technologies and the internet.

These are the best articles for students on computer technology to read and understand.

Note: The articles shared in this post are links to the main post and you have to visit each article to find different concepts and information on technology and its positives and negatives. The points shared in the listed articles are personal and based on my 15+ years of consistent use of computer technology as a career and business experience. You can agree or disagree with me. Articles are totally for educational purposes and we don’t mean to offend or defend anything. Regards! Vijay K Sharma

Articles on Technologies: 

1. Technological revolutions:

This article is based on how technology has changed our life, habits, and behaviors.  You will find out how technology has changed education, ways of communication, digital habits, lifestyle changes, health care technologies, negative on critical thinking skills, business and workplaces changes, technology impact on workplace productivity, behaviors, and many other points. This article on technology is easy-to-understand and we also have written various examples to help you to understand more.

Please visit the following links to read these articles:

2. Online Education and Technology:

These articles on technology are fully focused on the positive points of technology in Education. How technology helps students and teachers worldwide. You will read about online education, educational content, online courses, degree programs, and various educational technologies.

Please visit the following articles to read about:

3. Technology impact on business:

These articles on technology are fully focused on how technology has changed business. We’re sharing business communication technology, payment methods, documentation, customer support, marketing, talent management, employee training, and the latest business technologies. You will also read about the impact of the internet on business, the uses of technology in business, and eCommerce.

You will find both positive and negatives points in these articles on business technologies:

Please visit:

4. Articles on the Latest Technologies:

The following articles are focused on the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and IoT. In cloud computing technology we’re covering how cloud computing impact our life in the future, the importance of using cloud computing, and the uses of cloud computing in business and daily life. In the artificial intelligence technology article, we’re sharing about the use of AI in our daily life, and business and how it will be beneficial for humans. And in the IoT article, you will read about the advantages and disadvantages.

So, to read all of these articles on the latest technologies please visit the following links:

5. Information and Communication Technology:

These articles are based on information transportation and technologies. In these articles, we’re covering communication technologies such as video conferencing, data visualization, email, social media, and various other things that have positive and negative impacts on society and business.

To read all of these articles on communication technologies please visit the following links:

So, we hope that the above sources and articles will help you read, analyze and enhance your creativity and concept. If you like this post, please share it with others as well.

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