Best Typing speed and accuracy techniques for beginners


Learning computer typing is one of the most important basic computer skills. Computer typing skills help in document writing, and editing and it’s one of the most recommended skills in data entry and computer operator jobs.

But even it’s very important for professionals and experts. Typing Speed improves productivity at the workplace and in daily official or repeated work.

And I don’t consider anyone expert or professional in the IT field, if his/her typing speed is poor or if they use to see the keyboard for typing. Typing skills are very important for every computer user.

No matter they are students, programmers, writers, graphic designers or IT consultants. What they will do for others or themselves if they don’t have 1st and most important basic skill?

It’s very easy to learn computer typing if followed correctly. I consider a person good at typing who can type a minimum of 40 wpm without watching on the keyboard.

To learn computer typing or keyboarding you have to follow a few basic steps and methods to learn it effectively, faster, and accurately.

Start with practicing basic typing lessons:

Follow the basic typing lesson:

  • ZXCV , MNB

The top 3 are the most important.

After that try to practice the following sentence:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

This sentence contains all the alphabet of the English language. It means if you practice and type this sentence repeatedly it will help your fingers to adjust and move effectively on the keyboard.

After this, also try to use Shift + Alphabets. Mean try to type alphabets along with the shift key on the keyboard. For example, use Shift + s to type Capital S. Now try to type capital Alphabets with Shift Key.

Try to type small words from a dictionary or from the newspaper. Try to type 1st in sentence case in which try and practice typing the first letter of the sentence capital. After that try to capitalize 1st Letter Of Each Word. And after that try to practice or type or use tOGGLE  cASE

How to practice the basic typing lesson:

  • Try to schedule 1 hour daily. And try to practice only 1 lesson or method in that hour. It means that type asdf ;lkj more than 1000 times before you move to the 2nd lesson.
  • Don’t watch on the keyboard once you know where are your fingers. If you forget then keep trying to type until you have not typed correctly. But don’t watch on the keyboard.
  • When you type make sure that you position the figure correctly on the keyboard.
  • asdf from the left hand and ;lkj from the right hand. Both thumbs have to be free.
  • Use or press the space key from the thumb.
  • Don’t press the key or button or alphabet or A with another finger. But with the same. For example, you typed D with the middle finger. it’s correct. Now always try to type D with the middle finger.
  • By doing this, your hands will become flexible, accurate, and effective, and automatically become habitual to typing on the keyboard without watching it.

Please find here my complete guide along with videos: asdf  ;lkj typing lessons & Top 3 Basic Typing Lessons

So, the above steps are the most important to follow to learn computer typing faster, effectively, and accurately. It can be a minimum of one month with 1- or 2-hours daily practice to reach 30+ WPM.

So now let’s find out the ways to get better at typing or how to improve your typing speed:

1st thing you have to remember is that it will take time to improve your typing speed. It will get improved each day when you type. It means when you type more and practice correctly then it will be improved faster.

Following are the ways you can use to improve your typing speed or learn to type faster and become an expert in computer keyboarding:

  • Practice correctly for 1 or 2 hours daily. Invest 20 to 30 minutes in each type of lesson.
  • Install typing tutor on your computer and follow all the lessons in that. You can also see your speed and accuracy level in that typing tutor.
  • Play typing-related games online or use game options in your typing tutor.
  • Not only type from visual content but try to type content such as news, poems, and stories from books and newspapers.
  • Try to practice 10 difficult English words each day.
  • If you’re praying for a specific government job test then create a list of words (vocabulary of that job category) and then practice those words.
  • Take a one- or two-day break from typing if you think it’s not improving. And start the next day with a fresh mindset.
  • Watch the expert typist in your known. Or see it on YouTube.
  • Don’t try to read the full sentences to type instead you can try to read one alphabet at one time or word.
  • Make and notice some technical on yourself.
  • Practice the alphabet keys in which you’re getting difficulty typing. For example, if your typing speed slows on Q, T or Z, or P or any other then create a lesson to practice it on a notepad or in any text editor. Such as QZTP, PTQZ, ZQPT etc.
  • Improve your concentration when typing, don’t talk while learning to type or practicing. When practicing only practice typing and don’t watch movies or cricket matches.
  • Make your phone silent or switched off while typing or practicing to type so that you will not get distracted or disturbed.
  • Try to contact with typing instructor to test your typing skills if possible. If in your family another person also knows about computer typing or typing on the keyboard without watching it, then try to compete with each other.

Listen to these tips in Hindi with more details and creative methods: 

So, friend, I think the above are the best techniques and methods I have shared with you that I have used on my own, tested on various students, and taught many students to learn to type.

But even after watching typing videos, practicing, or doing online courses, if you’re still unable to improve your typing skills then you have to contact with typing instructor or typist, or computer consultant. So that they can see or watch what’s the fault behind your low typing speed.

You can also contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Here are some other tips: English Typing Speed Practice Tips &  Increase Typing Speed

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