What is productivity software and its uses?


Productivity software is categorized as computer or web applications that are used to increase productivity and creativity.

We all want to be productive. Productivity is an important part of a successful lifestyle and business. For example, if someone using land, water, seed, natural ingredients, money, and human efforts to produce, sell, and collect the return in terms of satisfaction and money is productivity.

Similarly, in the computer, if software helps us to create a simple digital document quickly and effectively then we can categorize that software as productivity software.

Any software can be productive if used effectively and creatively. But mostly we choose that application software or web application that helps to produce or construct or create official documents, management content, and marketing content.

We also have to remember that no land can become productive just because it’s land and someone own it. It also becomes productive when we use other available sources such as water, plants, seed.

For example, a one-acre land that contains only 10 plants of mangos or $5000 value fruits can be less productive for another farmer who produces $50000 value crops in 1 acre in the same area.

But for the farmer, A $5000 value mangos are also productive for him. Not matter farmer B produce $50000 crops.

The productivity of software also depends on the users who use it for certain goals. Software is not a productive product until it is not be used by the skilled workforce in the office or in the production area.

For example, the Microsoft Office suite or office 365 is productivity software for those who use it to create documents, manage or calculate data, store and share information, and do PowerPoint presentations of plans and data. For example, in Microsoft Word by using pre-designed or created templates is the fastest way to create or print a resume or content calendar just by replacing the content.

But you can also do the same or similar in GSuite or Google Drive or Google Docs, Google Sheet, Google Slides as well.

I don’t like to categorize productivity software only in the application software or office applications. I like and it’s natural that productivity software can be categorized or explained in a wider manner.

For example, an application that uses to create/manage/edit/share/collaborate official documents are office productivity software.

But the software used to market and promote or market products or services effectively, quickly, and accurately with fewer efforts (inputs) is marketing productivity applications. Such as you can use email marketing software to create, manage, and send personalized promotional or marketing content in a bulk with little effort with higher speed and accuracy.

WordPress is also a great productive software that helps to create websites/blogs at the highest speed and accuracy. But inside it, page builder is also a very productive website application to create landing pages, sales pages, and custom designs.

So, productivity application or software is when any software or tool or skill or application is used that helps to do certain works faster, accurately, and effectively.

Productivity software not only means desktop application it also means web tools or web applications.

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