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“Change is the rule of nature” with the passage of time the need of human beings changes for the sake of new changes opts. In the same way in the education system changes are being done. Online colleges are the greatest revolution of today’s era. Earlier there were regular colleges to educate the students, with the passage of time concepts of private and distance education were introduced.

In today’s era, there is a need for online colleges so these are trending in the era. Changes must be accepted as these are done for the sake of human beings betterment.

Every coin has two sides, in the same way studying through online college has both advantages and disadvantages in itself. If you know the pros and cons you will be able to make a wise decision about whether to enroll in an online college or not.

Disadvantages of Online College:

1. Lack of practicals:

Those Students who pursue their studies through online college cannot get practical knowledge. Due to that, they are not able to clear their concepts/topics fully. Lack of practical knowledge makes their studies incomplete though they have degrees with them, don’t have the knowledge of them.

On the contrary, they can not perform as a regular college student can. The student who had done practicals during the course can correlate the things and is able to perform the job related to that. But it’s not possible in the case of those students who had done online coursework, as their knowledge is just scripted.

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2. Doubts remain doubts:

While doing online coursework, a student is surrounded by so many doubts, but at that time no one is present there to solve those doubts. In the case of a regular class when students have doubts they can clarify them instantly with the help of their professor.

It is not possible in the case of students that are enrolled in an online college. Though they have a live session/group chat with the professor of the concerned subject. But it is quite difficult for the professor to clarify all the doubts of the students in a session or in a group chat. Sometimes the student misunderstood their doubts. Their hesitation does stop them to question or cross-questioning. So their doubts remain doubts.

3. Lack of collaboration or Group studies:

Group studies help students to clarify their concepts with the help of their classmates. they can discuss their problems with their mates which can clarify their doubts and make the concept clear. studies make a person extrovert, the inner potential to speak up and prove your points is general in the regular college course work.

In online college coursework, students need to study themselves and they can not share their views about any topic. And there is no one to listen to their views about the topic.

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4. Extracurricular activities ignored:

The students studying in a regular college got the opportunity to participate in many extracurricular activities like music, dancing, debate, sports, and Volunteer Work like NCC, NSS, etc. These activities help to make the students more active and increase their confidence in them. That helps them to concentrate on many activities which take out the qualities lying inside them.  It’s not possible in the case of online colleges.

5. Degree not be valued:

As these degrees are obtained by studying inside the room, studying the coursework inside the room without knowing the actual use of it. I think, not considered of any worth for all students. The companies hiring will prefer those candidates, who have acquired their degree from a regular college as compared to the online college.

As one is more clear about the things of the entire job concerned, whereas one is just familiar with its syllabus. So you as a layman can also think over it, who is more deserving?

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6. Lack of discipline:

Online college lets you study when you want to study you can do, but in the case of regular college, you have to reach on time to the college to study. You have to be regular, absentee is not considered. Regular exams force students to study on a regular basis. It has become the habit of the students to be on time and complete the work on time, making the students disciplined. Participation in sports activities makes the students more disciplined.

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7. Lack of consistency:

Going to college regularly, studying, making assignments, and completing project work on time, under the pressure of attaining grades make consistency whereas it is not possible in the case of online college. As there is no one to follow up with you whether you are doing your project work regularly your assignments are completed by you or someone else is doing it on your behalf.  Consistency in the study is a must because it makes you study or do your work consistently.

8. Concentration will not be maintained:

Online college means the student has to be online while studying the coursework. But being online you are going to be surrounded by many fascinating things available on the internet like movies, games, social media, etc. Those things wouldn’t let a student concentrate. Being a student you are not that much capable to surpass all the bribes, and that internet stuff will distract you from focusing on your study.

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9. The scripted lecture will be delivered:

Professors utter the scripted lecture within a limited time. As they are paid for those things only, they were just uttering out whatever is scheduled for the day.

They don’t have the zeal to teach and they don’t have the feeling that someone is listening to them. The presence of students in the class does motivate a teacher to teach by using various methods. Giving the lecture in front of the camera does not motivate them to teach, so just utter the written script. It doesn’t connect both (student & teacher) with each other.

10. The innovative idea will remain unexplored:

Students invent so many things while studying in regular college. The students are provided with the sources and they are observed by someone who is a master in these. This gives the confidence the students to involve in the activities and do research on their interests and innovations.

For instance: In the chemistry lab new chemicals are invented, just because the students can do experiments under the observation of the expert one.

In mechanical workshops, students perform activities with the instruments and the machine, which helps in innovating a different kind of machine for the betterment.

On the other hand, while doing online coursework there will be no experiments if someone does that is a teacher who performs it in the video, the student doesn’t get the chance to do it itself. So their ideas related to innovation remain with them.

In short, we can say that Online colleges are much like self-study, they find and research the content, and they can hire experts to create a special syllabus, and then they can self-study. So if everything is on students then why do they need college? Online colleges are not meant for everyone, those who have problems can pursue their further studies by enrolling in these colleges.

It’s up to you whether you want to study in an online college or not it’s all your decision. You can ask someone who can guide you about it whether online learning is right for you or not. Both options are available nowadays you can choose what is best suited to you.

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