Essay on impact of social media on students


Social media is impacting students positively and negatively. Positive practices of social media increase student’s social intelligence and understanding of human behaviors.  Negative practices of social media make them materialistic, angry and addicted to too many bad things.

But it’s not the problem, created by social networking websites, but problems arise when we use it without analyzing what we are doing and what will be its impact on us, our family, society, and country. That’s why social media not only a great tool for personal development but it is also a tool for personal and social destruction.

So, I think it’s really important to educate students about the best practices of social media in the schools so that they can get the benefits of communication applications and technologies for their career and personal development.

If you’re interested in learning more then let’s discuss this topic in detail with problems and solutions.

1. Students have deviated from career and personal development goals by the overuse of social media.

As I saw the quote a few years ago that is “You can sign up for a Facebook account by your choice but you can’t exist without the choice of Facebook. I mean you can’t delete, else deactivate is not delete. That’s also a good feature by Facebook to hold for cybercrime investigators. But too much use of social media for school and college students deviated from their career and personal development.

Instead of Yoga, Meditation, learning, and research practices, students are wasting or using their time in likes, shares, chatting, and posting selfies. It’s not bad, but if you’re addicted to it, it’s tough to sign out.

Even social media websites consume the most productive time of employees and staff. As you know overuse of anything even too much consumption of food can make us ill and unhealthy, similarly too much exercise. This is the negative impact of social media on students because they don’t know when to stop and how to stop.

2. Social media is a playground for the new generation. They are playing teenage games but they don’t care about the rules of the game.

Parents are busy with professional and daily life activities. They don’t have that much time to communicate with kids. Kids or students can’t stay too long without communicating with others. Even it’s tough for adults to stay in silence. So, students or teenagers feel bored during study times, and then they turn to social media appreciations and discussion about themselves. For that they invented selfies, and they post it 2-3 times in a day, as I saw the new generation living around me.

Social media is a new playground for students. Students living with their parents in cities are unable to find a playground to connect with friends. And they saw Facebook and other social media websites for fun and joy. They are not playing cricket on Facebook but they have invented new kinds of games such as watching profiles, sending friends requests to unknown people, chatting with the opposite sex for pleasure and fun or for time pass, etc.

In pleasure, they forget about who they are? What can their actions turn around into? What will be the negative and positive outcomes, they are doing currently. Playing and use of social media for pleasure can connect them with external or virtual animals. Virtual animals look like humans (Fake IDs) but they are not and hiding and getting personal and professional information from students’ lifestyles, schedules, and about their parents. And I don’t think it’s good.

3. Students can be influenced by anti-nationalist and elusive political practices on social media.

Contractors of religions and their defective religious conversions on social media keep looking for an opportunity to penetrate the countries integrity by influencing students.

Similarly, elusive political leaders and their social media birds keep tweeting, sharing vomiting of their mindset. And I don’t think that’s good for our students, that we hoping will be the future of our nation.

It’s because participation in such things by students will infect their love for country, innocence with parents, proud of national symbols, and various other things. It’s because what they are seeing is temptress, charlatanry and but they don’t know that they are a façade. They recognize it later that they did wrong, but until then they are late.

While there are various positives and great social media practices that can be followed by students and teachers.

Example to use social media for knowledge:

  1. For learning and teaching
  2. Promotion of Social Upliftment
  3. Use of social media websites by defining career goals.
  4. Analyzation between fake and original content.
  5. Discussion with parents before taking any final step on the social media content.

If you’re a private or government school teacher then you can think about how you can help students, how can you influence them by using social media for their career and personal development?

  1. Create a group or page in which you can produce the content based on your experience and profession that helps students around the world to connect and follow the moral values.

If are a student, think about how you can utilize social media sources for greater benefits without violating the emotions of parents.

Here are some ideas for you:

  1. You can follow the pages and groups in which you find the information and knowledge about your studies. And unfriend or unfollow the rest of the material on social media. Even you can report the anti-human content.

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In the end, I want to say that technologies do not matter it is social media, the internet, robots, artificial intelligence, and various internet of things. One thing always matters the most and that is Knowledge, Education, rule, and regulation for content and these things need to be regulated by analyzing its side-effects before it will become the problem for citizens and social values.

The best way to regulate is to analyze the data, see the crime rates, see what are the things infecting our values on social media and then create rules and regulates and a higher level of discipline that does not only benefit the country but also the companies, producing resources for human beings for the sense of greatness in life.

But who cares?

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