Importance of Computer Education in Schools for Students


Computer education in schools plays an important role in students’ career development. A computer with the internet is the most powerful device that students can use to learn new skills and a more advanced version of current lessons.

Universities & Schools around the globe teach student’s basics of computers and the internet online and offline. The uses of computers and the internet are growing day by day at high speed.

Almost all businesses, companies, and schools use computers for various official operations. New tech tools are coming to help students to learn better.

Computers help students to draw the creativity on the computer such as by using windows paint programs. If students are taking Hindi Classes or poem writing then they can do it by typing in Hindi on computers.

If students are taking Mathematical classes they can use Microsoft Excel application to solve and understand questions.

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Parents want their kids to be intelligent and creative. They want to see high marks at the end of the year. They don’t want to see their kids don’t know about computers when others know very well. They want to send their kids to schools where a high level of education and schools have enough IT infrastructure.

That’s why especially private schools are leading in education and taking higher fees because of the importance of computer education. But not all parents are able to admit their students to costly schools.

Computers and the internet not only help students to explore creativity and imagination but also help to understand technologies. Students are future leaders for any nation. Current school students are future doctors, engineers, and entrepreneurs. So, for education development, it is really important to teach students in schools about computers, the internet, and their benefits.

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In schools, computer education is one the most important subject if you compare this with current technological updates and demands of computer knowledge in various government and private sector jobs. In schools, it is really important for computer teachers to teach students about How to use computers, How to understand, and the benefits of using various applications such as Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, Internet safety etc.

I know most of the schools are trying to do this. But they are teaching students in schools about computers more theoretically than practically education.

As you know that many developed countries are providing computer applications and high-quality IT infrastructure for schools. The goal of technological education is to make students better thinkers, creative and confident. That helps them in higher education and in life. Education plays a very important role in our life and career development.

Just think that why are developed countries such as America, Japan, China, Russia, etc. leading the world in many things such as technologies, sports, employment, nuclear weapons, etc.? Just think that why some countries are more powerful and dominating developing nations.

I think because they are providing high-quality technological tools and IT infrastructure in schools and colleges. They are paying a high salary for computer teachers. In Developed countries, there is an ease of doing business for new people. That’s why there are people who created Google, Facebook, Linked In, YouTube etc. This is because of the level of computer literacy in their society and in people. People in developed countries are taking initiative in almost everything.

If you compare this to India our people here are busier talking about politics and corruption instead of doing something becoming better than yesterday. The level of computer education in India is very low. You can check this: even a high percentage of MCA pass-out students don’t know how to create a simple website.

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Maybe I am wrong, but the computer education we are providing at college and university levels such as programming, designing, apps development etc. after graduation that knowledge in developed countries known by schools students. We Indians are creative, intelligent, hardworking, honest, and innocent. We are happy in taking what is served to us by developed countries. We are not grouped because of selfish reasons that are why the level of new inventions is very low. We are implementing almost everything from other countries instead of creating something that is for India and developed in India.

Our computer teachers are on strike most of the time. They are helpless because of policies produce for them by less computer-literate people such as politicians. Computer education in schools provided by private companies, CEO, and operators are known or linked up with politicians. There is no law and quality testing system for computer education in schools.

Our students in schools are still using Windows XP and CRT monitors. They are learning a more theoretical portion of the computer than practical knowledge of computers and the internet. It is because of the less  IT infrastructure. That’s why the level of computer education and creativity in students towards computers and technologies is very low as you compare it with other countries.

Why is this happening? The simple and trending answer is corruption. But let it be!

What we need to do is to empower and educate our kids and students. We need to educate them to become more powerful, creative, and confident that they can lead India. Let’s first MAKE INDIA then MAKE IN INDIA.

Our government is also trying to improve the education level but is not fully focused on education and the development of unemployed youth. Industrialization is not only one formula or overseas investment we can believe that it can lower the rate of unemployed educated youth in India. It can help but only for a few people who are highly skilled and have enough money to invest to get a job. Yes, there are many skills in India kinds of programs run by the government of India but the level of education or supply of high-quality individuals is lower than the demand.

I saw a few videos and programs in which the Delhi government is taking high imitative by improving the level of schools education in government schools. Maybe I am right that the Delhi government is providing more budget to improve education infrastructure and level of quality education in schools. That’s great! Even I saw they are investigating schools and staff to check and remove the black holes in the education system. That’s the thing that other states of India or education authorities should learn. Education is the only way that can remove corruption from our country.

So, that’s why it’s really important that our students don’t feel dominated because of a lack of IT education.

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