How establish yourself between experts freelancers ?


On freelancing sites, there are too many experts for WordPress, software development, graphic design, SEO, Content Writing, and many others. Now it becomes tough for fresher to get freelance jobs or projects. So, the problem is which skills or area a fresher can choose inside the main category or Skills such as WordPress, SEO.

So personally, I think the following methods will be good to try to get projects and clients online on freelance sites as fresher:

There are always people and competition in each field. Instead of focusing on big categories, such as SEO or Graphic design, go a little deeper. Come up with an expert app icon designer, instead of the graphic designer. Similarly, instead of WordPress experts, go for WordPress landing page experts. etc.

Now if you want a different field to study, I think cloud computing, python programming, C# .net skills, sales, or lead generations are good and tough fields. Where most of the people avoid. For example, programming at the start looks tough, but sooner it will become easy as more you focus, learn and practice. But not all can focus and learn.

So, the conclusion is simple:

Focus on a specific area (object: Landing page expert) in the subject (e.g. WordPress Website Expert)

If not then try the most difficult thing such as database optimization or website speed or link building or C# .Net – Enterprise software development, App icon design, CSS expert, HTML expert, etc.

But one thing to remember is that you have to try to learn as many things as possible. Such as if you’re just working as a WordPress landing page expert, it doesn’t mean you will not learn plugin development.

You need to update your area of expertise and skills. Once you’re able to start getting a landing page creation project then after some time, you can start targeting bigger projects as per your skills growth.

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