The Importance of Responsive Web Design for Your Website


Responsive web design is the quickest, flexible, accessible communication method between the user, user device, and application.

It is a user interface and user experience design that automatically react and visualizes (showcase) the content, font size, functionality, menus, images, frames and everything according to the user device, screen resolution, size and loading speed.

If the end-user is accessing the application on 300px width mobile phone, then the application design (user interface) automatically adapts and displays the content inside that resized frame.

Technically it is a separately written design or CSS code/methods that work as per the condition and situation. Content width when website/app load: According to the device with. If it’s 300 then resize or enlarge and if it’s more than 1000px then do the same without compromising user experience.

Why responsive web design is important?

Following the top responsive behind the importance of responsive web design, application, websites and software:

1. Responsive web design is mandatory:

Responsive web design not only important and but it’s one of the biggest factors behind the success of websites and apps.

Responsive web design is adaptive to mobile, desktop, and tablet. It means the user can use the apps, websites or software on all types of devices without losing quality, experience, and amazingness. These days it’s mandatory to have a responsive user interface in apps and websites.

It’s because people have many devices and choices. In-office they use a laptop and computer to use the internet or use any web application. But while traveling or just for minor uses, they use the mobile phone.

  • More traffic from search engines because of the responsive design of the application load faster.
  • Quick conversion of traffic into customer due to easy-to-use interface.
  • Higher engagement rate because the content experience in responsive design glorifies.

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2. Quickly Convert Website Visitors into Customers and Clients

Because responsive websites are adaptive to the user screen size and it will impact conversion. For example, if you’re reading this article on mobile, it is adaptive, responsible for your screen size.

But when you read posts on the desktop/laptop or wider screen it will show differently. But if this website was not responsive you have to scroll horizontally on your mobile right now, to read a half-line that is hidden.

So, when users visit the website and it will impact their mood.

If the user is comfortable reading your marketing line, product line, or product on the same screen, when they visit, it will help them to buy, like and share quickly.

It’s because they don’t need to scroll horizontally and it’s very boring to read text or find a buy button on any website especially on mobile.

Everyone wants speed in whatever works that we do. If you’re selling sell fast before your website visitors get distractions or have to work hard to find and read your products and services.

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3. Higher Conversion Rate and Lower Down the Bounce Rate

When a website is responsive then there is the speed in the conversion process. Quick conversion into sales, likes, and shares enhances the capability of your website.

For example, if you’re getting 100 people on your website daily from Google and only converting 20 people into customers. Then there are many things to consider, and one thing is that your website content and design is not responsive for visitors to stay for a while.

It’s tough to read text, view images, and buy products on mobile devices if the resolution of the website is 1200 px instead of 300px (according to the user device), users need to scroll that time. But if the website is adaptive to the user’s website, it’s more convincing than, unresponsive websites.

Different websites have different goals, but if we talk about E-commerce or shopping sites, eBook sellers, course sellers their goal should be to convert a visitor into a buyer as fast as possible. But why most fails, because of content, font selection, page size selection, and many other things.

But when the website is responsive, adaptive to the personality of users, moods, behaviors, and habits, and most importantly their devices then it will generate higher conversion. Higher conversion means more sales.

Few things that I noticed in premium responsive WordPress themes that they have less code, less Javascript to load, images are auto-optimized, leverage browser caching and minimize the request sizes, etc.

Today, almost all new WordPress themes are responsive and adaptive to user devices’ screen sizes. But responsiveness means a lot more, such as font size and font family selection for a particular device, image size optimization according to the mobile, desktop, or laptop screen resolutions. Also, mean how many lines users are able to read in a one-time eye view on the text resolution. What has written on those 2-3 lines?

So, having a responsive website will be beneficial. But another truth is even buying premium WordPress themes, responsive website builders, it’s still tough to make that faster, highly responsive to users in the lower hosting package.

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5. SEO Benefits and Higher Rank on Google

Google is fast and adaptive. So, he wants his partner websites and indexed websites to load faster. Google is Shopkeeper in this case, and we are all website designers or owners are products.

Google can’t place or design our products and services or website according to their index. It’s all depending on us to make it possible for their crawlers to visit our website on customer queries.

I mean Google wants their customers or users to find and get results quickly. If our website has resulted, but not loading and have the faster speed to get in front of the visitor after clicking on Search Results within 3 seconds. It’s tough for Google, to recommend our website in the top 10 results.

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Responsive WordPress or any websites Rank higher on Google, get more website visitors and impression. And it’s great for Search engine optimizers to find clients with responsive websites.

We have to understand it practically, that when someone asks us a question then it’s our duty to respond fast. This is the same on the website. And our words in the answers have to be responsive according to the user.

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6. Website visitors/Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is most important in any business. Even it’s challenging to satisfy people. But it’s also important to satisfy the right people. The customer satisfaction process starts on the website from the first click on a search engine to the end message “Thanks for buying” or “Congratulations, your transactions successfully completed”.

In between the buying process, customers don’t’ want and have time to reload the page because the server is down. The server is down because it’s getting too many requests from the website to handle and it is already in between satisfying another website visitor and it’s also because of too many frames to loads.

Offline, you always see that a shopkeeper or salesman is busy serving others.

At the same time, they can’t handle your request because their server is busy.

But if all the customers ask in this way “Laptop”, “laptop between 30000 to 35000, WordPress theme for Designer, WordPress theme for Ebook sellers.

Each word and line required the special need to handle for server and shopkeeper. That way it goes down and the selling process becomes slower. And it will block the customer satisfaction process that any website owner and company never want.

Small little things on the website matter. Even installing a less functional and more productive WordPress plugin can satisfy clients. And there is a chance that higher functionality and lower productivity plugin increase the load time of the website, no matter how many 5-star reviews they have.

So, using a responsive WordPress or non-WordPress website design-builder is a way to go at this time.

7. Growth in Business and Sell on the Website

When your website is eligible to rank higher on Google and other search engines, when your website load faster, when users on your website can buy items quickly when they feel satisfaction then why not it will grow your business and sells on the website? It will grow!

That’s it, what I know so far about the responsiveness of websites and web design.

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