How to use your free time while doing MCA Degree

MCA students have many goals and dreams after an MCA degree. Such as a good job in reputed IT Company and personal development during the job and good salary are the common goals of every MCA student. All the dreams come true after the achievement of goals. The interview stage is most important after any degree. MCA students have to do very practical and professional works in the company. Any MCA students after 2 years of experience will get 20,000 to 30,000 monthly salaries in good reputed IT companies. But it is after 2 years of experience and 3 years of the degree course and the invested money will be approximately 4, 00,000 to 5,00,000.

So, my point is here is that what you should do in free time during your degree that will help you to get a good job after MCA. It’s ok, that 90% of MCA students get a dream job after the experience of a minimum of 2 years. And it’s very important for a company to hire an experienced candidate for a position. They are paying 200000 to 300000 monthly, and it’s not profitable for any company to pay a high amount to fresher.
So, What I think you can do during an MCA degree that will help to get a dream within one year in a reputed IT Company with personal development and a good salary.

Use your free time to improve these skills during MCA degree

1. Communication Skills

Communication skills play a very big role in personal development. If a prospective employee is great in technical knowledge (language, database, coding, tools, resources, etc.) but unable to explain, communicate, lead, and convince other team members then how a company can get benefits by this employee. The cost of hiring a wrong person is high and keeping the wrong person is too much costly for the company.
What are communication skills? Technically, communication skills are a way to express data, information, knowledge, ideas, and answers to connect with the user, listener, readers, and viewers. We do use various methods to communicate our ideas, thoughts, and knowledge with others. I hope you learned or you will learn in MCA 1st semester about English Language Communication Skills. It’s very important that’s why universities add this topic/subject in the MCA syllabus.

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So, improve your communication skills in your free time. The common communication skills you can improve during your MCA degree are the following:
• Try to improve your face to face communication and practice this with your classmates and teachers. See your teachers and classmates, how they communicate, their body language, expressions. Practice the best-learned skills with others or in front of the mirror.
• Practice to transfer your information and knowledge by using diagrams, charts.
• Learn and practice to write professional email messages and chatting. Improve the language you use to speak or you want to speak. Such as English language speaking, writing, facial expressions, and body language etc.
• Also use Skype, Google Chat, email, or other internet tools to communicate.
• Don’t speak unnecessarily, speak important things.
• Writing is another method of communication. Practice your writing. Write your knowledge in your own words. Write the information you’re giving to others.
• The most important is thinking before you speak.
Communicate confidently whatever the method you’re using and try to improve your practical knowledge. The more you do practical about your subject. The better you can communicate about it.

2. Mastery in one programming language

It’s tough to decide earlier during the MCA degree which one language is in demand in the future. It’s so important to improve more knowledge about one subject or one programming language because top companies hire more specialized people. You can do little research about this on the internet or you can discuss with your teachers. Also, ask your friends or seniors about mastery in one programming language. Ask and learn more about the importance of mastery in one programming language.
If you like PHP programming then study more about PHP language. Research on this topic and surround yourself PHP friends, ask seniors and the best method is research on the internet more about PHP programming. Another thing is that if you’re great in PHP and then don’t try to be master in java for more money. A PHP developer can earn more than a java developer. It’s not depending on the language or skills it depends on your mastery and knowledge about that particular subject.

I don’t mean you can ignore java or another language. I mean to say that learn everything and all subjects of the MCA syllabus but try to learn about the specialization and mastery in one subject. This will be so much helpful for you after an MCA degree. But consult and research everything (future demand, salary, companies).

 3. Tools

You should know about the tools used to develop software and websites. In free time learn about the tools used to create software, websites. See and ask other classmates and seniors or teachers about the tools that will help in knowledge and skills.

For example visual studio code, CMS, Sublime, Atom, etc. Do more practical things then theoretical. Research and practice on interview questions. Study and practice and you can also use YouTube, w3school, etc.

4. Awareness about the latest development and trends

This is so much helpful to get a job quickly in any field. If you’re aware of what is happening around you and in the technology you’re learning then you can prepare yourself accordingly for future challenges. Use Google News for the latest updates and development knowledge. If you’re learning PHP, type on Google news PHP and then learn what is looking important to you. Also, do group discussions with your classmates about the technologies. Also, ask a question to your teacher about the development and trends of those technologies.

 5. Build something

Yes, this is something great that you can do part-time during your MCA degree. It is your proof for future interviews. For example: design your own website, create software, and create something that displays your knowledge and skills. This is tough to start but by help of internet and teachers, you can create great things that are really really helpful in your interview after an MCA degree.
That’s all for today!
I think you can discuss all the above things with your teachers and classmates. Try to build links with IT people and try to ask questions. It’s confusing but you learned great things earlier in your career and these all things are great for your future in the IT field.

Conclusion: The best use of free time is depending on what is important to do? What is important for us? What is the importance of money we’re spending on learning? In a student’s life, we waste lots of time on unnecessary things that are not that important as our career. I think every student should know their best use of free time. My suggestion is for students that don’t waste your time. Use your time on the best and great things. Spend every minute on your personal and career development when you’re in college. Make use of the money parents are spending on you for your development. So, use your free time for the best things.

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