How to earn money after MCA degree?

If you completed your MCA Degree and now looking to earn money then this blog post is specially written for you. This is also great for other IT students.

Let’s know about how how to earn money?
There are many ways on the internet and offline to earn money after mca degree. And your MCA degree will help you with this very well. You studied a lot to complete this with good marks or percentages. Now it’s time to know the power of degree.

You know that there are people who say a degree is not a guarantee for a job. It just helps to get an interview call but clearing an interview is depending on your knowledge.

They are almost right. And this is the thing that makes you frustrated. You got so much stress after seeing the value of your degree nowadays. And it is obvious that you’re looking for a job.

But I am writing and teaching you today methods to earn money after mca degree not about only how to get a job after mca degree? I want that you will earn money. I want that you support your parents from now. I want that you can help India or your country in development by achieving your own personal development goals.
But Let me clear one thing to you.

My experiences, creativity, and knowledge may be challenging for you to follow. But I hope and try to guide and teach you the best possible methods to earn money after the degree.
So, How to earn money after my MCA degree?
It’s very easy to earn money nowadays especially for IT (Information Technology) students & for people who have computer knowledge.

To earn money you have to be practically strong. The more practical knowledge you gain about computers and the internet the more money you will make.

I know that you have a degree and you know about computers and technology very deeply more than me. But your 70% knowledge is based on theories and only 30% you can implement practically according to what I experienced.

I learned more than 100 books and magazines that are based on past inventions and theories. It is very easy due to internet technology nowadays to learn practical skills or any skills. But in our time (my time) from 2005 to 2009 especially in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh India, We don’t have Internet facilities and institute, university and also fees, that much it is available for today’s IT students.

At that time few other people like me converted their theoretical knowledge from books into practical skills to earn money without any paid course or degree. The difference between me and you is only the degree and skills. You learned everything that a teacher teaches you in college. And I learned everything that is required to earn money by doing various IT works for clients.


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So, before I will explain how to earn money. You need to consider three things or you should remember three things before you begin to earn money.

1. You need to convert your theoretical knowledge into practical skills that will help others to solve problems. Skills that will help to create new theories in the technology field for the next IT generations. The process is looked like: Theories -> Knowledge – > Creativity -> Skills – > development (personal, national development by socially, mentally, physically, financially etc.) – > theories.
2. You have to remember that no work is small or big. I mean a data entry operator is important for a company as a web developer. Similarly, the importance of peon is as important as the CEO is important for a company. And soon, you can realize this point if you don’t agree right now.
3. Put your attitude on the side or at home or frame your degree on the wall if you’re thinking that you have mca degree. Or you think now everyone lowers than you in the IT field is nothing or uneducated. By doing this, it can help you to learn more from your seniors, and other experts and you can convert your knowledge into practical skills.

It’s not a fault and it is not wrong that you did an MCA degree. It’s great that you did it. But maybe your teachers or college or universities forgot to add life skills in the mca syllabus or to teach you the importance of practical IT skills.

It’s not your mistake this is our outdated system (according to me I think they all are theoretical people producing theoretical knowledge to others and earning big money with the help of few corrupt politicians) and I am not authorized yet by people but I just want to resolve bugs of this system by guiding students.

Forget me who am I and it is not important. Important is that how can I help you. So, I hope my little IT field knowledge will help you.

There are many methods to earn money online and offline especially for MCA students. But get some ideas from the following points:-

How can you earn money?


Teaching is the best work to do in this world to earn money with respect. Teaching helps to expand your computer and internet knowledge. When you start teaching about the computer you need practical knowledge to teach and this will force you to implement your own creativity and knowledge.

Teaching is not that easy if you think I can do teach the same theories of other people to students. You need your own creativity and thinking to answer the questions of computer students.

How to start teaching after a mca degree?

Well, this is easy today as you compare it to our time. Today there are many resources such as Blogging, YouTube and Facebook, apps, etc.

(i)Start by teaching school kids at your own home in front of a laptop or computer. Teaching basic computer skills to 4 or 5 kids of your neighbors or others is enough to start by getting small fees 500 to 1000 monthly and based on 1 or 2 hours daily.

(ii)If you do it in the village or small town in your area where no one knows about technology. At the start, it’s tough to find out the village but you can do it by doing research, asking questions, and discussing with village friends or people.

May be possible they will make you negative at the start but there are people, elderly parents, senior citizens and who don’t know about computers and the internet anything wants to learn. No matter if they are using Facebook or apps and remember this is not basic knowledge. You can teach many things that are helpful to them.

(iii) No registration is required and doesn’t do it too early maybe later if you think so, but just start to spread knowledge to others what are their problems regarding computers and the internet.

(iv) Create your YouTube Channel and integrate it with Google AdSense. Record your screen videos and teach them to people.

(v) You can also do it by visiting their homes.

(vi) Start with what you have, what the resources you have, no matter how bad you’re teaching skills? No one is perfect and never exists. This is science. I will teach you about this later. Start with one computer or laptop from your home. You can do it even temporarily and part-time. And in others keep trying for a better job.

Benefits:- You will earn money with respect. Your followers and network start growing. Your theoretical knowledge will be converted into practical skills. And your parents feel proud of you when you start getting appreciation from others or your village people.

Precaution: – Teach skills that help others to do good things or solve their problems. Whatever you teach but also teach about the precautions.

2. Do Freelancing

This is another best work to earn money on the internet without any investment. Freelancer earns money according to the importance of work and projects. These kinds of works are done on a pre-defined budget. Clients can hire you permanently or for a shorter time at hourly and fixed prices.

You only need a few clients, qualities in your personality, and few practical skills. There are various types of works such as data entry operator, technical writing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, web designing & development, troubleshooting, SEO, software development, etc. are available on the freelancing sites. I will recommend starting with Upwork as a good option.

How to do it?
You can learn here:

(i) How to start your career in freelancing after an MCA degree?

Benefits: You learned what is in demand. You can be inspired by seeing others’ performance in their personal and financial development. You will get high-paying jobs and works to do. This is good to start with from your home to earn money. And you can earn even while you’re traveling and whenever you want to earn. And you can do freelancing also while teaching people at your home.

Precautions: – At the start only apply for the jobs you think you’re capable of. Don’t worry about the fraud people on the internet. Just do it and know the importance of honesty in life. Don’t trick clients and if you’re honest you will get everything you need. Research on everything, ask questions on freelancing sites. And choose the best freelancing platforms after analyzing everything.

3. Apply for jobs in the computer education center

You don’t have a laptop or internet yet. And if you think you can’t do the above two things for any reason. Then visit a computer institute in your city or village
How to do it?
Write on paper all the computer institutes you’re targeting in your city or village.
(ii) Ask their ex or current students as a student. You have to know about their courses, qualities, financial dealings, etc. and future plans before applying. Know about those computer institutes, what they are missing in computer education.
(iii) Compare all your written institutes based on the research. Also, compare the qualities of their managing directors or owners.
(iv) Prepare yourself how can you help to grow any one of these institutes. During the interview discuss your skills and what you can do for them.
(v) Answers for salary based on your knowledge and need at the start. Later you can increase this. If the computer institute grows and more people interested to learn from you, any computer institute MD or owner should increase your salary.

Benefits:-You will become famous in your village and city for your skills. Your publicity, qualities, and confidence start to grow. You will get some handsome job offers from big institutes and colleges after one or two years because of your experiences. You will start earning money and it will great for you to support your family.

Precaution: Some computer institutes are frauds not by documents but by their commitments. They commit to students many things and later the results are bad those I don’t to write here. I think you know this. So, I only advise you that do research properly on everything and teach students from your heart. You can also use your spare time to learn career development and new skills. It is important that you should know what are your goals and strategy to earn money.

4. Provide technical services or open repairing center

If you’re not good at teaching or you’re thinking that the above three points are not suitable for my personality and knowledge then don’t worry. Provide technical services. I mean to say that rent a room in the crowded place and start helping people in their daily computer requirements.

I know that you’re thinking that did I complete my degree to rent a room to start stressing out about people’s problems. It is great to work. But I think you remembered what I said above on top of this post in the third paragraph or you can read it again, about the things you should remember three things before you begin to earn money.
How to do it?
(i) Do the research in your city and ask others what they are missing services in the city. What kind of technical skills are not available in the city? Do your complete research included cost and profits? But I recommend that you start by providing small services to a small group of people.
(ii) Start from home or rent a room, type and print documents and assignments of kids and others, repair common computer and internet problems. And it is very good to start in the village where there is a lack of internet connection and technical services.
(iii) Advertise your services on Facebook, recommend them to neighbors, and spread words about your services.
(iv)This can be part-time but while doing this, you will start getting practical knowledge about computers and people’s needs.

Benefits: You can earn money while learning by doing practical things. Cybercafes are a good example of this. Start saving money and invest it later on more services or new skills. These kinds of business or services are always in demand due to many reasons. Many people are running this successfully and earning money. So, if you think you can do it then try yourself.

Precaution:- This is not a permanent job or work for you. But if you use this money to advance your skills that matched your MCA syllabus then it is good to do. Maybe later your small brother or sister or you can hire any person to run this business because of the high demand for services in your area.

5. Internet Marketing Services

Internet marketing is everything for many companies. Students and degree holders are in demand in the internet marketing field. When businesses, products, books, etc. are advertised online is called internet marketing.

Many brands and companies are specialized in this. Website development, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, affiliate marketing all are in demand. Do little research about this it is a very good option for MCA students. And almost all are posting jobs proposal on freelancing sites for freelancers. If you think you can do better in the above skills then what is the problem. Just to do it.
How to do it?
(i) Learn about website development and earning methods!
(ii) Do or apply for this kind of job even if you have to work as a trainee salary between 4000 or 8000 monthly, experiences matter, so apply and get all the knowledge that is important to you while working with this kind of company.
(iii) Create a website for business, known people, and also create your own. You can easily earn 10000 to 30000 monthly.
(iv) Advertise your services and skills online and offline.
(v) Charge for websites, and do all other marketing efforts.
Benefits:- Benefits of doing this work after mca is great if you’re thinking to work on this. Companies and businesses invest billions of dollars monthly for marketing on the internet.

And the big thing is that it is required creativity and practical skills. It is also challenging but by starting from small even from logo design, HTML, word press, affiliate marketing services you can earn big money as you become experienced. And also after 1-2 years of experience, you can earn 200000 to 100000 monthly. It is just required your hard work and patience.

Precaution:-You need to focus on one thing at one time. If you want to create websites for offline clients then focus on that. Include your friends to make this project successful. Because on the internet we are always seeing new and creative methods to earn money and this makes people greedy for money. So, it is better to focus on one skill and improve new skills part-time.

6. Apply for jobs where you think you have to

The world always required great people. Great people are like you, who are doing the study, practicing, working hard for the jobs, learning new skills, thinking. People like you who have the common sense that will help others to improve their lives are great. A small job is enough to get the start and other things grow naturally like personal development, career development, etc.
How to do it?
(i) Research on government jobs, where mca is required. Research on what kind of job mca can do in the government sector, and then learn those skills. Also, do similar research on private companies.
(ii) Research on other mca degree holders. What they’re doing, how was their experiences and collects this kind of information and plans future steps accordingly.
(iii) Start from small, even typing jobs or data entry work near your home is enough for you, to start. I think you just need a start. I know and believe that your start button is in this blog. You just need to focus and read everything I said above.
Benefits: You can start getting a salary not a matter it is less than others, you’re a lifetime learner. Everyone from employees to the boss is a learner. The better you learn from your seniors, teachers the more you earn!
Precaution:-Don’t follow negative people in the company. Do not follow the people who are cheating behind the MD or owners. Just work honestly! Just focuses on your task and do not introduce yourself to office politics.

7. Blogging

All of the above are my tested and experienced methods to earn money. I earned money several times by doing the above 6 things. Even I started earning from this blog. I am still doing the above things from time to time when it is required. My experiences are gold and I value my skills.

I am still learning and working daily since 2006 in the IT field. The experiences I am sharing here on this website are called blogging and this is called blog post you’re learning title is “how to earn money after mca degree?” And right now I am playing the role of a blogger sharing earning experiences with you.

Everyone has their own experiences and it is our duty, hobby to learn from others. If you have knowledge, skills, hobbies, and creativity you think helpful for some people or for the world then you can also do this.
How to do it?
(i) Buy a domain that is different than others. Buy hosting space and install Word Press on the host’s server.
(ii) Share what you know such as knowledge, skills, hobbies, solutions, and creativity, etc. write 10 blog posts before you shared it with others.
(iii) Then index or information about your domain or website to search engine by submitting a sitemap on Google Webmaster tools. Share or index your thoughts on Google and other search engines similarly.
(iv) Also, learn how to blog but learn more technical things, just share what you think is enjoyable, knowledgeable, important to people who search on Google, and visit your blog. Use Google Analytics to track your blog visitors. See the performance and keep writing.
(v) Monetize your blog with Google AdSense to earn money.
(vi) Keep writing, updating, doing new things related to your hobbies, and keep sharing it with others.
Benefits:- Blogging is like a hobby like you saw people who write their diaries. The updated version of that diary today we called a blog, and this diary is in front of billion users who like to read what you have for their benefits. And soon it will become an earning source for you by advertising on your website.

There are so many other benefits like you can show the world who are you? You can share your thoughts internationally? You can test your thinking and thoughts, knowledge, creativity while competing with other people like you on Google.

Precaution: It is very tough if you don’t know what to write. I think hundreds of people start doing blogging daily and thousands are quitting. Blogging is for people who want to share things for free in the hope to make money from advertising.

Many are successful, but now thousands are teaching on the internet about it and many misguiding people about blogging.
So, friends, I want to close this topic here. Don’t worry, and sorry about that if you don’t like any above points.

No problem, just research any above point on Google and select the best method that will help you to earn money after MCA.

All the above are my experiences and I am still earning for living by doing creative and interesting things daily for myself and for students and for my clients.

Conclusion: – There are many options for you if you’re in the IT field. Don’t worry. My recommendation for you: Start with Freelancing (data entry, writing, development, designing, etc.) Give more time to this from home. And Teach people basic or advance Skills – 2-3 hours daily from home. And third Start blogging! – In free Time!

It looks tough but on the internet, everything is available to you! Keep in touch with me (By subscribing)! and I will update you regularly for your successful MCA career. Just believe in yourself and believe in God and never stop learning.

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