How AI in search engines can limit freedom and creativity?


Microsoft is a reputable and well-known company. People trust Microsoft products and services. Now as per the advanced in Artificial Technologies and tools, the Bing search engine is also introduced a new version. Which aligned in 4 big areas of the web that is search, answer, chat, and create.

This means that the feature you use in ChatGPT, now you can use them more effectively with the Bing search engine. But the uses of search engines will be going to increase with the power of AI.

Microsoft invested heavily in an Open AI ChatGPT chatbot. And they have big hopes from this to get good returns as a business and investor.

But this AI-powered Bing is now the big cause of concern and competition for google search engine teams and management. While they also introduced bard Ai to compete with Bing ChatGPT powers. Now let’s see in the future who will win.

I am trying to use it as a user, and I am on the waiting list, here you can watch this Hindi video Tutorial:

#AI into #bing Search Engine | How to use #chatgpt in Microsoft Bing | Early Concerns

Without any doubt, the user experience of the Bing search engine will be going to increase. When user search or type anything on Bing, they can find data, information, and knowledge right on the 2nd column on the Bing search engine page. While 1st column still maintains the traditional view of search results.

But this raises a few concerns, I think I am not the only one who thinks that they are following:

  • AI chatbot on Bing AI ChatGPT search engine, Google bard AI or all other search engine platforms display content, data, information and sources of the web.

Now when the user gets everything on the single dashboard below Microsoft or Google Search engine then this will decrease the traffic to websites or will make it more difficult to get organic traffic.

  • AI-generated content is not born inside AI or not actually born inside AI, they are created or written by people. AI just manipulates and filters the data and information representing that in a conversational manner to the users. What about the credit of those who have written or created them?

What about writers, bloggers, websites, magazine, educational institutions, and their content?

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  • Internet users are free to use the internet. They can open and visit any website they like. And they use Google or Bing or any other. That allows internet users to use their own intelligence and creativity to get things done. They can connect with individual people, bloggers, consultants, and websites.
  • But when the user experience is only optimized only around the specific business or company, then what about that freedom of the Internet? Because every data and information is presented by search engines’ AI robots inside the company homepage or website. Most of the next-generation users will think it’s provided by Microsoft or Google.
  • The search engines only display content. Even AI ChatGPT only displays content, text, data, and information. But these companies and AI tools do not create all of this content. I think AI tools are marketed unethically that they create content or they generate future information even the past.
  • It makes the search engine experience easy, and less complex and increases the speed of research. But this also changes the current ecosystem of employment, business, and many others. While this creates new opportunities for new businesses, products, and services also come along with that. But that takes time. Till then, it makes big economic changes.

It should be a choice of any nation to allow AI tools in the nation or not? They can consider the advantages and disadvantages of such technologies that will not impact citizens surprisingly.

So, these are my concerns. I hope you agree with this. It might be my early concerns after watching presentations and using some of these tools. As users, it’s great but also limits their freedom, and creativity or bound them to one company. But a big thing of concern for people those is in the business of marketing, content creation, and education or educators.

What do you think about this? How ChatGPT or Microsoft Bing AI search engine or Google Bard impact the business in the future positively and negatively?

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