ChatGPT: Is it just an AI chatbot or a new disease?


Hi, this is Vijay Sharma. I am sharing with you in this post the initial things about chatGPT. Which I found right and wrong in its use. The purpose of this post is only to research, awareness, and education about AI tools. You can disagree or agree with any of the ideas. I surely encourage comments.

So, let’s start

If you see the content related to ChatGPT on social media and the web, it would seem that some new disease of technology has spread.  In the technology and online world, things do not get viral on their own but are spread for commercial and international purposes.

Everything that can be said about chatGPT has been said. ChatGPT can do this or Chatagapt can do that etc. But one thing was not said chatGPT is the new god. Thanks to those who haven’t said that.

What is chatGPT?

According to the openai ChatGPT is trained as a model which interacts in a conversational way.

So as per my understanding training a model here means, creating a group of programs (software) that can filter the data and information from good and bad or relevant versus irrelevant. Here is the public presentation of chatGPT or to start using it.

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot application. It means whenever you ask or communicate or write a query in the chat application, the code behind the application work to show you results or replies. The answers or solutions or communication are not written by humans. But come to you after lots of filters and models. It’s similar to other customer support chatbots.

How does chatGPT works?

ChatGPT or any chatbot application or scrap existing content or answers from the web, websites, books, and blogs and then displays filtered results to the users, without revealing the sources.

The process of scrapping the content and manipulating that content into an answerable or readable format is faster than a manually written or deployed script in python beautiful soup from VS code. If you study how beautiful soup and web scraping work you will be able to understand such chatbots.

#ChatGPT Basic Tutorial in Hindi for Beginenrs:

Is it just a chatbot or will it replace developers, writers, educators, marketers, and even google?

No, chatGPT or any other AI tool will not be able to replace developers, educators, marketers, writers, designers, search engines and social media and all kinds of IT workforce. But it surely changes the way they work. They can take it as a tool to advance their work.

Actually, the content and answers you get in chat GPT are not from authority or the sources are not displayed. ChatBOT cannot develop future content. It can show you past data on the web. Like the Google search engine does.

The difference is that google displays a variety of data and information in search results along with their sources. And user can take independent decisions to choose the relevant source of information.

But chatGPT does not allow you to make decisions based on your needs and analysis or choose the results as per your choice or query. Instead, it takes the decision for you. And that can be more wrong than right and biased as well.

The application is developed very well, but so far for me, it looks like a search engine filter and data scraping tool.

Is there a need for chat GPT in the web market?

Microsoft is in the news for the investment in chatGPT. That’s a close competitor of Google’s search engine in many ways. You can’t ignore or take anything for granted in the technology field. What can become big or change the entire web no one knows.

If you compare search engines like google and big with ChatGPT then fundamentally people are already doing the same things on Google. Google is also a search engine working artificially. Indexing the content from the web. Filtering the index. And then displaying the relevant data and information in the search results. Google Assistant or Alexa is similar.

What is different in chatGPT that you’re not getting on Google or Bing?

The only answer is that chatGPT is not displaying or directing users to 10 or 20 links to get the information as per relevance and user query. Instead, just showing you the final information. But we also have to remember that they are chatbots and not search engines.

Those who are getting bored with Google, Bing, and other search engines or do not want to research on their own, will use chatGPT.

Those who do not have time to read each website, book, or blog post will use chatGPT.

Those who do not know how to write and those who do not create a unique business, educational, and marketing content on their own will use chatGPT. Those finding it difficult to duplicate or manipulate already written content will use chatGPT.

So people or the future will decide whether data and information generated by AI chatbots created practical differences or generated real results better than humans or not.

What are the advantages of chatGPT?

  • ChatGPT can help in research and making a decision

You can get ideas on what needs to be written for a particular type of content. You do not need to research on top 10 search results. So, it can help in outlining the content for blog posts, newsletters, advertisements, and many other types of content. But that’s not good for educational, personal development, and advice content.

You can’t fit your creativity or education into a template. The development of creativity and education in people’s minds needs freedom. And you can’t write great content by following the AI-generated template. You have to use your own mind and education if you’re using your writing or platform to educate people.

Exception: No source or trust factor behind the information. People can be misguided or can take wrong decisions. It’s NLP and AI but lacks EI (Emotional Intelligence). And marketing content does not work without emotions.

  • Automate customer support or technical support:

With the use chatGPT Open AI you can create an AI chatbot and automate customer support and technical support queries in your business or related to your application. This can be helpful for small businesses or in sales and cross-selling.

Exception: Google search engine is already used by people as go-to customer support or technical support for them.

  • Quick in response and answers:

The questions and answers are fast like a human chat. But also chatbot gets hanged when you ask any complex question. But normally the speed of AI chatbots or answers is faster than humans.

While using chatGPT,, and some other AI chatbots the things I found that they are great at understanding human questions, even when there are spelling and sentence mistakes.

But they are limited to the quality of questions. You can only ask a specific answer, else they can be misleading. Actually, chatbots or chatGPT are designed to make research and learning through AI conversational ways. It’s not true that they are going to replace humans but surely impact customer services and the sales workforce.

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Disadvantages of chatGPT?

1. Fake and duplicate content will proliferate on the internet

If you use any type of AI tools for content writing and website copy then it will negatively impact the SEO and traffic to your website. It’s because people do not like to read duplicate data and information. They want and expect unique answers. They already know the past.

And the answers displayed to you will not be more different than the answer displayed to others for the same query.

While chatGPT can be programmed to answer randomly to each user. But still, you can’t ignore the fact that it’s only getting from the web.  You can surely get the idea. But if you use AI-generated content then you lose your ranking, traffic and business.

So chatGPT or AI-generated content increases the duplicate content on the web.

2. AI tools reduce the creativity of students:

If students start using AI tools for homework and study then that will reduce their imagination, creativity, and thinking power. They will become slaves of machines or AI tools. Many schools and colleges already considering banning AI tools and AI-based educational apps.

What can be the way to protect the business from AI chatbots or AI tools?

Just block these AI tools, chatbots, and websites from scraping the content from your website and blogs. Using page firewall rules, disallowing through roboto.txt, captcha, blocking cookies, blocking full URL of AI content generate tools, etc. can be good initial solutions.

It takes lots of hard work and creativity behind writing and creating educational and business content.  And ChatGPT not revealing the sources of information and data like google. ChatGPT is promoted or presented like everything is inside this. While even Google’s search engine who is the biggest and most popular search engine use certain ranking factor.

This is sure against the content creator who creates original content. It’s because people will surely use ChatGPT to publish duplicate content on the web. And no writer or website gets credit for that data and information.

So, it’s definitely important that you track or monitors the sources of traffic in Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity and banned those platforms or sources specifically which have high bounce rate or low average session duration. And also monitor the sources of traffic where the source URL such as xyz, .ai, .io and if you find something suspicious just block that source.


I personally welcome new technologies and tools. chatGPT is under development. We can’t make any conclusion yet. It’s definitely a good tool to try but as with any other technology, everyone has their advantages and disadvantages.

If you use it correctly you can get advantages. Surely your own education and thinking are more important when dealing with any new technology such as chatGPT. If you think it’s great then use it. If you think it’s wrong do not use it. That’s it. But doing anything just based on advice on the web or AI tools is not the right way.

If you use or take AI as a tool then it can work. It’s not a final product yet, it’s under research. But if you use it as a human clone or artificial brain then it will become a disease.

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