How good hosting enables continuous online business growth


Hosting is a rented place on the internet for your business. Good domain and hosting for your online business, web applications or website are very critical to growing your business with digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the fastest and most modern sales and marketing technique, skills, and practice. But to use digital marketing effectively to grow your business online then it’s important that the foundation of your business online or online business is based on faster, secure, optimized, and scalable hosting platforms.

How good hosting is important in digital marketing for business?

1. Speed: 

Good hosting service makes it easy to manage and run faster the application or website or eCommerce store when gets visitors from social media, organic search results, and advertisements.

For example, if you’re predicting or planning to get 10000 visitors daily to your website during marketing digitally then it’s very important that you’re using managed host or cloud hosting or a dedicated server instead of sharing a hosting plan.

2. Security: 

Good hosting is important to secure the web and mobile apps, website, and store. While doing digital marketing, you will attract a wide variety of traffic to your business. In that, you will also get spammers, bad bots, fake traffic spikes, and data scrapers etc. in that time it’s very important that the hosting server provides full security, firewall, backup, and 24/7 live monitoring and support.

3. Auto Optimization: 

The third most important reason to choose good hosting before you start marketing your business is that a good hosting server needs to be optimized as per the needs, requirements, application, and marketing goals of the business such as the use of SSL, CDN, and updated versions of apps or server application.
For example, host a WordPress woo commerce eCommerce website on a WordPress and PHP optimized server or choose managed WordPress hosting plan.

4. Scalability: 

Scalability is as important as the profitability of the business. With digital marketing, your business will achieve its profitability goals within a few weeks or months.
For example, for sustainable profit, you’re getting10000 visitors monthly. And you know that to grow the profit you need to get 200000 monthly visitors. For this, you planned to use a PPC ad campaign.

But if your current hosting platform or server is not able to manage the growth of your traffic or users on business then you will not get a good ROI on PPC or even with the traffic spikes it makes your SaaS or website slow to load. This is will impact the SEO. So instead of getting to 200000 monthly visitors, you will start getting less than 100000 monthly.

In simple words, if you have sitting space in your office or shop for 50 people, then where you will place 100 new customers. And no one like to share a chair with another person. This will create complexity and is not good for the business.

To solve this problem in digital marketing or online business there is a popular solution called scalable hosting or cloud hosting. It means you have to pay as per consumption, and you can scale your traffic or user base to any limit.

That’s why even if you don’t have the budget for cloud hosting yet, make sure that your current hosts have various up-gradation plans or you can switch to premium hosting.

The goal of digital marketing is to reduce the cost, increase the profit, and scale the business internationally as well as locally along with a great user experience. And for scalability in hosting server for your business is very important to continue the momentum and growth of your business through digital marketing.

All of these 4 good hosting features are very important to consider if you want to grow your business with digital marketing.

So we have listed the best hosting platforms with a good hosting plan that is the best fit for small as well as large business websites and applications.  Our goal is to help you to grow your business with digital marketing. And we know how good hosting plays a role in the success of any business online that’s why we’re suggesting it.

For example, if we’re sharing or you’re working with the plan to get 5000+ visitors daily on your website or application but your website speed and hosting server are not optimized for a great user experience then no matter whatever we do, we will not be able to achieve that goal.
So to achieve your business goals through digital marketing strategies then run your business on a good hosting server.

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