What is SEO Software? What does SEO software do?


Search engine optimization is important for your business so that more people will see your website on search engine results. When your website posts and pages get in the top 5 or 10 search results based on the search terms of target customers, you will get more traffic to your website.

After that, you can convert that traffic into paid customers, and subscribers or you can monetize that traffic through product and services. It’s free traffic or one of the most used free online marketing techniques.

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What is SEO Software?

Most SEO software is web-based applications or websites and platforms. All are created with the use of programming languages, frameworks, and APIs. SEO tools or apps or platforms are built by individuals and companies to help small business owners, bloggers, and affiliates grow their website traffic.

Types of SEO software:

While the main goal of all types of SEO software is to show the way to grow, monitor, and analyze website traffic. But we can categorize SEO software based on technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Backlinks, keyword research, competitive analysis, and keyword rank tracking etc.

Types of commonly used SEO software:

What does SEO software do?

1. Keyword research:

Keyword research is the most important part of SEO. Keyword research tools are important to use for content marketing, product pages, PPC, email marketing, and copywriting. With the use of keyword research tools, you can find relevant, long tail-pro keywords for content marketing, low or high CPC keywords, trending keywords, and PPC AD campaigns.

You can track and analyze how competitive are certain search terms, which keyword is best having low competition, and how many times that term is searched by people in specific locations etc. For this, you can use free or paid keyword research tools such as Google keyword planner, google trends, google search console, Moz keyword explorer, semrush Keyword Research, and ubbersuggest etc.

2. Website SEO auditing:

The main goal of SEO auditing software is to show you how a particular website is performing in search results, how much traffic it’s getting, what are the top-ranking keywords, how many backlinks it’s getting from where, and loopholes in pages.

The main goal of SEO auditing software is to show you how a particular website is performing in search results, how much traffic it’s getting, what are the top-ranking keywords, how many backlinks it’s getting from where, what the SEO loopholes, sources of traffic, traffic location, bounce rate, website loading speed, keyword’s structure etc.

Overall SEO auditing tool helps to you to find out how on-page SEO, Technical SEO, and Off-Page SEO performance and tips or options to increase that performance. For this, you can use free or paid plans for website auditing software such as woorank, semrush, spyfu, SEO sitecheckup, google search console, google page speed insights, gtmatrix, similar web, google analytics etc.

3. Competitors’ Website SEO and PPC analysis:

You can use free or paid website auditing tools. In which many provide competitive analysis. Even you will also get competitors’ keyword analysis in keyword research tools. But you can also use specific SEO software only to monitor and track your competitors paid and free marketing techniques, strategies and on-page, technical SEO, link building/tracking and off-page SEO performance and stages. For competitors’ websites or own website SEO and PPC analysis, you can use spyfu, semrush, similarweb, ahref etc.

4. Website Traffic, conversion data analytics, and SEO Monitoring tools:

Website Data analysis is very important for good marketing and management decision in business. It’s very important to track how specific posts and pages are performing, how keywords are performing and how PPC ad campaigns etc. It’s mostly about collecting and analyzing user behavior on the website, posts, pages and advertising campaigns.

Further, this data is used to create low-cost high-return marketing strategies. For website traffic, click tracking, backlink tracking, conversion tracking, data analytics etc. you can use Google Analytics, spyfu, semrush, ahref etc.

Why the use of SEO software in business is important?

Even if you’re a genius in marketing and public dealing you still need to use at least free SEO tools such as Google keywords planner, google trends, google analytics, and many other free SEO tools.

SEO tools help you to find and analyze what is the demand of your customers, how they are responding to your solution, what platforms they are using, and what they liked or not. etc. Almost everything on the Internet is eCommerce. In simplest words, if want to start or even want to grow your business online, you can’t do that without using SEO or marketing tools.

Now the best question is do you need to use a free tool or paid SEO software for your business? Which one is best for free or paid SEO software?

SEO is a technique, process, and marketing creativity. You can use grow your website traffic to 300000+ monthly visitors just by using free SEO tools such as keyword planner, google analytics etc. But along with traffic the more important is conversion and good ROI at the lowest cost possible.

It means whatever you’re doing is doing for the business. If there is profit and money that’s why you’re investing in Internet marketing and SEO. And if there is money there is competition. You might get a good ROI in 1 month just with free SEO tools and strategy. But to keep getting good ROI, revenue and growth you need to use the power of premium SEO or paid SEO tools.

How does SEO software help you to grow your business?

SEO overall helps you to grow your business, not just because of software. But with SEO software you can do it more effectively, and accurately at high speed and accuracy.

As per the above explanation, SEO software helps to target your marketing campaigns on customer demand at the right time and through the right platform. When do you know what customers want? (keywords). Then you can deliver that to those who want that? And you can do that more effectively without losing your ranking.

So, friends, I hope you get a good basic understanding of SEO software, how they work and how they can benefit you to grow your business.

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