Empowering Yourself: The Art of Learning Something New Every Day


Learning new things is an ability, it’s a skill, it’s also a habit and it’s also awareness. As per my thinking ability, “learning new things is a combination of ability, skill, habit, attitude, and awareness”.

Learning new things daily is the utmost important part of our life. A person’s ability to learn is what sets him apart from the crowd. The ability to learn new things is required in almost all types of professions and jobs. The success of any project depends on the learning ability of the people/teams working on it.

While it’s fact that leaders like to learn new things. But actually, learning new things made them leaders. That’s the power of learning. And if you want to become powerful as a professional, entrepreneur, and leader then never ever stop learning.

But to become powerful, competitive, successful, happy, and enthusiastic you have to learn how to learn new things. And in this post, you will learn how you can learn something new every day related to your career, job, and business.

So, let’s get started:

1. Be relaxed and energetic:

Stress and difficult situations in business and profession are normal things. But due to that, it becomes very hard and confusing to focus on the learning. And this creates more stress and confusion. Similarly, when you’re too excited or in success then you ignore learning and things that need to be remembered.

So, to learn new things you have to 1st need to feel normal, controlled, and aware. 1st make yourself stress-free through meditation or yoga. Drink water or fruit juice. Try to feel or see the reality. Past success or failure is gone, you can’t stay with that too long. Understand and handle yourself practically. And be committed to trying again or to achieve the next goal.

Once feel relaxed and energetic even on a small level then start learning. You will be able to learn any topic.

2. Build a lifetime learning attitude:

When you have a learning attitude then you try to learn from every source, activity, and challenge that you encounter. While learning new things is not limited to learning resources.

We can learn from anyone.

In a normal case, a kid learns from their parents. Students learn from teachers. We learn through online courses and degree programs. We visit schools and colleges for learning. We read books for learning. And we learn from mistakes. All of these are obvious and normal things.

But when we have a learning attitude and awareness, we learn from almost every step and interaction in our life.

For example,

When 1st computer that is a different engine (mechanical computer) was built that there were no computer courses that teach to build computers. But the learning attitude and ability of Charles Babbage made it possible. Definitely, his learning ability was strong because he studied mathematics and mechanical engineering.

Even those who haven’t specialized in any area or didn’t complete schooling did great inventions.

Similarly, it was with Thomas Edison, Albert Antiseen, Galileo, Aryabhata, CV Raman, Vikram Sarabhai, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and many others are known for their great achievements, visions, invention, and entrepreneurship.

How is all of this happening?

I think it’s because of the learning and their thinking ability. They observed, thought, understand and execute. When failed they learned. And started the work again. But they did it fast. So, they were able to invent things and grow faster.

Today, it takes many of us months and years to get out of the failure. And many of us didn’t try again.

Thousands of us know about various problems in our society and environment. But only a few of us learn to solve those problems. And they start to solve the problem. When they start to solve, they don’t have solutions but they are willing to learn along the way.

When someone has a learning attitude, he/she sees things differently:

  • When a father and mother have a learning attitude they also learn from kids.
  • When we have a learning attitude we listen more and talk less.
  • When we use YouTube, we just don’t use it because it’s YouTube, we use it to learn something from someone.
  • When we use Facebook, we don’t just because it’s Facebook. We use to learn how society is changing.
  • When we join a course, not because parents told us to this. But because we want to learn.
  • When we go to college, not because we will get a degree and then a job. We got to college because we want to learn.

This is because of a learning attitude. Those who have a learning attitude will learn even from a below-average course. But those who don’t have a learning attitude, you can send the world’s best college or course still they will not learn.

But the benefit of a good learning source is that it will increase the learning ability of the students who have a learning attitude.

For example, you teach someone who has a good learning attitude and learning ability. It becomes easy for you to teach.

But if you teach the student to weld. He/she will become the best welder in the area. But if you teach the same student to design an airplane, he/she will become the best designer. And if teach such students bad things, then that student will become bad.

Students are white blank paper. What you teach, and how you teach impact their future.

And as a learner, you’re the same as white blank paper. To learn new things every day, you need hunger and blank to learn. If you know what you already know, then what you will learn? And why did you learn?

(Even easy and comfortable learning in modern educational philosophy. Or you can say teachers and students are not able to think and invest time in converting things into practice just from imagination.)

So as a teacher, our duty is not just to teach what needed to be taught to the students. But we need to build the interest, hunger, and reason for learning in the students. And if we, do it, then we can automate the learning attitude and ability of the students for their lifetime.

And such students will become scientists, leaders, and entrepreneurs. And today with the use of technology, you can maximize your learning as well as teaching abilities. You’re not limited to the syllabus of the institute.  Build the syllabus to learn and teach organically.

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3. Define what you need to learn:

If you want to learn new things daily such as programming, designing, blockchain, SEO, business, marketing or any type of arts, commerce, language, or science subjects you need clarity.

Learning things randomly such as today’s design, tomorrow’s programming and the day after tomorrow’s writing is good for time passing but not a good learning method. It just means you fill the blank paper just because you think it’s important to fill.

Similar learning random things daily mean you eating just to slow down the hunger but not for good health.

Those who want to become successful in their profession and life need to follow a systematic approach to learning. And all of this starts with clarity.

So how do get clarity on what needs to be learned?

Make a list of things that you need to learn to achieve your goals related to personal, professional, business, financial and spiritual goals.

For example, if you want to start a digital marketing business, then what do you need to learn? If you want to improve your English then what do you need to learn? If you want to learn to program then what do you need to learn?

Make a list of things that you want to learn in the next 12 months along with that also write the strong reason to learn them. After that schedule it on a monthly and weekly basis. And just follow those learning steps each day.

Things to remember to learn new things every day:

Don’t try to learn everything in one day. Execute and practice what you learned. When you have done that learn the next thing.

Learning without practice or execution is not learning. It’s just data and information that consumes the storage space in your brain. And this will also make you stressed when you do not use that.

That’s why even you can try to learn less, but whatever you learn, practice and master that. When you do it, each day your learning abilities and skills get improved.

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4. Stick to the 1 or 2 learning resources:

Getting information and data from multiple sources is good. But it’s also important that you use each learning source one by one. Not all in one time.

There are various learning resources on the internet that you can access through mobile and computer.

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You can use the following online sources to learn something new every day as per your interest and goals:

  • Online Courses
  • YouTube as a learning source.
  • Mobile Apps
  • eBooks
  • Blogs

You can also learn through news websites and social media Pinterest for learning. But be aware of fake data and information. You can also join offline events and boot camps. You can buy books to read. You can join offline courses and coaching classes.

Below are some of the best online courses and skills that you can use to learn new things every day:

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5. Take on new challenges:

Challenges in life, profession, and business are very important for growth. If you do not get challenges then you will become comfortable with what you’re getting. The world of business is changing every day. Such uncertainty decreases confidence. Experience is not enough to take on new challenges. You need new information, skills, and partnerships.

But all you have to do is to learn and execute faster than the competition. Whether you fail or succeed, you have to try.  If you succeed you will learn how things work. And if not then you will learn how things don’t work.

6. Schedule your learning time and be disciplined:

We can be always in learning mode. But it’s not that easy to practice. Instead, you can try to schedule your daily learning time. Invest 1st 2 hours of the day only in learning and building new skills.

If you’re in marketing learn and improve your public speaking skills.

If you learned the basics of programming now learn API integration.

If you’re in sales learn to use CRM tools.

Learn whatever needs to be learned to achieve your next goal. Always try to learn bigger and more than your past experiences.

7. Practice and execute:

Learning is a vital ability of any human being. But if you don’t experiment, practice, and execute what you have learned then it will become a burden and reason of stress.

That’s why it’s important to learn even less but execute more.

For example, you learned to optimize your website for search engine traffic. But if you do not put this into real practice you will not be able to learn SEO. That’s why whatever you learn always use that learning in the real world.

Even I suggest that before you learn new things execute your already learned lessons.

So, I hope the above tips will help you to learn new things every day and you will be able to build a lifetime learning attitude or habit.

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