What is Web Hosting Service, How to Find Best Hosting Plan


The Web means a website. Hosting means a place on a server in which website live. A website is accessible to the public through a domain name that is hosted on the server.

Web hosting services mean companies, individual providing services for website owners and website designers to host websites on their server. It means hosting services provider is like a building owner. In which he/she is providing a place for rent. One room rent is 3000 per month, while 3BHK flat rent 12000 per month or 240000 yearly.

Similar single domain hosting plan is around 3-4 thousand rupees yearly and shared hosting plan can be around 5-6 thousand per year to run a website.


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There are various hosting services provider companies provide best plans and have competition with each other’s based on features and prices. Hosting plan prices and services are based on customers demand and features.

If you want to host a single website, then it means you can use single plan hosting in which cost as an example 3000 rupees per year. After a year you have to renew it.

Let’s understand the various hosting plan and its features:

1. Single domain hosting plan: – Single domain hosting plan cost 100 to 300 rupees per month. In this single domain hosting plan, you can host a single domain and get 25GB to 40GB storage space. This storage space is like a pen drive, a memory card that you use on your phone.

It means you can use 40GB space and this space is utilized by an application that you install (such as WordPress) or website pages, libraries, images, videos, database and other kinds of contents. You will also get unlimited bandwidth and website backup options.

Many web hosts charge for restore and backups separately. So consider the hosting plan based on your requirement, as a small business website, or blog only with less than 1000 visitors or 10 people real-time frequency, you can use a starter or basic plan or single domain hosting plan.

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2. Multi-Domain hosting or shared hosting plan: – Shared hosting means you rent a server to host multiple websites, but that server is shared with other websites or companies. This plan is effective for people looking for more space and flexibility options from their hosting service provider.

It costs 300 to 500 rupees per month. And you can host unlimited websites, unlimited storage space. Many hosting provider free emails or unlimited email ids.

Domain-specific emails ids are accessible through Microsoft outlook or webmail and these email ID’s are based on your own domain name or business name. This not includes @gmail.com but it will use your domain name such as info@examplecompany.com. But you can configure your business email ID in Gmail too.

Some shared hosting services providers include 1 Click WordPress Installation, Antivirus protection and 30 days money back guarantee.

But you need to move your website from shared hosting to dedicated hosting when it’s high traffic approximately, 5000 visitors per day.

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3. Dedicated Hosting services: – Dedicated hosting means a whole building is only configured for only one company and their websites. It means all the unlimited domain and websites you can host on dedicated server mean you rent a whole server like you rent whole building but not shared with others. It means the building can handle the high volume of public and your website pages do not need to reload.

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4. Cloud-based Hosting services: – Cloud hosting is promised by its provider that it is the fastest method to load websites on the server. While cloud hosting means your website is operated or run or online from more than 1 server if any server is facing downtime it will load from another server.

In simple words, for example, you stored songs folder on multiple computers such as Computer A, Computer B, and Computer C. Now you want to play songs on computer and you selected computer A, now due to maintenance or any reasons you aren’t able to play from computer A, then it will turn you automatically on computer B, and computer C.

Similarly, when you host a website on clouds it means your website is hosted on multiple servers. So if any server is down it will load from another server. And also it’s kept changing their position from A to B to C and never be down.

Else VPS and Dedicated hosting or shared hosting based on the single server. You can see very often that many websites give you error about the server is down or reload or refresh, and sometimes the server is busy in maintenance.

But if cloud hosting has to maintain the server then the website keeps running from another server. It means you opened a shop in multiple buildings, if one building is not live then it will run from another building, and common internet users not have an idea that it is running from computer A or computer B.

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It’s very effective for big companies, high traffic government websites or citizen services websites. Else Google, Facebook is not run from a single server but also more than one server. Similarly, banking applications are hosted on multiple servers so they remain to live all the time.

5. Website Builder (Hosting + Domain + Applications to build a website), all in one plan: – Above plans and information, knowledge is tough to digest for first time user hosting the website or for basic computer or internet users.

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But if anyone wants to host their website or want to build a website, they can use all in one solution. Yes, that comes with website builder application or website building services provider.

A website builder is an application that helps people to build websites based on pre-designed layouts, structure, and content. You only need to sign up and website builder will take you from point A to Point Z with the complete website.

In the end, I will suggest that compare 2-3 top hosting provider and plans when trying to host your website. You need to look only 3-4 things such as how many domains you want or can install? How much space is better for your website’s data? What are uptime or bandwidth and business emails features you’re looking for?

When selecting the hosting plan for the website do not consider the advice of only one person, but also compare the point of views of 3-4 people writing about best hosting services and plan.

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