How to apply for jobs on Upwork freelance website


Hello Friends, Welcome to this post. I am sharing freelancing tips for beginners “How to apply for a job in Upwork.

Job in Upwork, former oDesk is a dream of many freelancers. I had to. I did and I learned everything by practicing. The first job is not tough to get. But you need to work hard for yourself. Make sure you want it. You want to work on Upwork honestly.


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How to apply for a job or project in Upwork

Profile for a job in Upwork: The title of the profile should be according to your strengths. Skills, experiences and passion you can include in your profile. The best way to apply for a job is that you should include your best skills in your profile. No matter what it is. Test your skills. Take two or three tests of skills. Add some items of sample works to your portfolio. You are free to include your offline job experience certificate and details in your profile. So, take time to complete the first step.

Search for jobs: Select categories related to your skills. Use the search box to find works. Type the query according to the skills. For example, if the profile title is a logo designer then you can type “logo design”. Then see all results below and read every post with an open mind.

Project Selection: You can customize your search result by selecting job type, experience level, client history, and project length, etc.

Suggested custom job search results are

1) Select fixed price job

2) Set experience entry level

3) Client history 1 to 9 hires

Apply for the job in which

1) Client payment method is verified.

2) The job description is in one or two paragraphs.

3) Previous work history

4) Budget is genuine for the job

Timing & region

People are working around the world on Upwork. The working times of clients and freelancers are different. Make sure you are available for work after submitting an application. The best time to apply for a job on Upwork is morning. Start early in the morning between 3 am to 9 am and you will get good results. And it is also important, especially for Indian freelancers. Early Morning time is better for work spiritually and scientifically. You get other benefits too.

If the job is looking genuine then apply with confidence. These things are helpful for the beginner or even the experienced too. If you’re confident then do it.

 Job cover letter: the Cover letter should be professional. In a professional cover letter write your skills, steps to complete the job, and duration. Also attach a sample of your work, links to your social profiles, website, etc.

One paragraph with two or three sentences is good. Use numbers to show the process of your work. Explain the duration and reasons why you applied for this job. Be honest with clients. They are a god to us but not all are equal. Good and bad people are everywhere. Set genuine rates of your skills. You can apply for the two jobs daily. This is not the rule but it is good.

After applying for the job at Upwork

Upwork is full of professional people. They want similar to you.

1) Test your installed software like Adobe Photoshop.

2) See notification from time to time on Upwork or mail notification.

3) Test your communication system like Skype.

4) Check battery backup like ups, and lighting system.

5) Internet connection or data card recharge.

6) Start practicing the work you applied.

7) Stop worrying, be cool.

This is not impossible to get the job after the first application. Everyone does mistakes. Learn from your mistakes.

So, this is another part of my experience. You can convert your dream into reality. Best of luck. Try the “how to apply for a job in Upwork” process for 7 days.

Here is a video Tutorial of this post:

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37 thoughts on “How to apply for jobs on Upwork freelance website”

  1. Hi,
    I have stared it company, and we have expertise in logo and all other designing work. I need your help in making my account in running condition. We can design more than 200 custom made original logo per day. We are team of 60 designers. But we don’t have enough work. Please make my account in running condition. We can handle work, but don’t know how to bring traffic to the profile. Please guide. Also please tell me that can we create multiple accounts on up work?
    We can pay fee if there is any.
    Awaiting your kind response
    Puneet Kumar

    • Hi Puneet, thanks for the comment!
      It’s a pleasure that you want to do freelancing. Puneet, Freelancing is pure business. There are many platforms for graphic and web designers to get projects. Upwork is best for me so far. But there are others too such as elance,, flex jobs, 99designs,, etc. hope you know all about those.

      As you mentioned and we discussed on phone. Your business needs branding. The first and foremost important thing for any business. I saw your website. Your designs are great and professional. But we need to think about how to bring people or automatic leads.

      My suggestions are:
      1.) List your strengths on paper, write your values for example (dedicated, professional, hard-working, honest), etc.
      2.) Make a plan and selected targeted clients for example what kind of clients you want.
      1.) Build a website in which you can explore your works as a portfolio.

      2.) Update social media platforms.
      3.) Start blogging for targeted clients to bring traffic to your site.
      4.) Add values and benefits to people’s lives.
      I am a learner. I have experiences and skills that are helpful for people like you. If you trust me, send me a mail with your requirements. I will try to provide you with complete business. Let’s help each other. Its simple ! Have a nice day! Jai mata di !

  2. Dear Mr. Vijay
    I have seen your youtube lecture about how to work on Upwork. First I would like to thank you for your guide. I am from Raebareli , Uttar Pradesh would like to know set up payment method which is good for me.

    Thanking you

    Alok Shukla
    +91 8004314350

    • Hi Alok, Thanks for watching ! The best payment method for Indian freelancers is Local Fund Transfer. In this case Upwork team automatically transfer the fund to your bank account you mentioned during the profile creation. You can also edit your Upwork payment methods later. There are others too but Local Fund Transfer is better for all of us. And also we can use other methods. You can also create your Paypal account for emergency or later use. Local fund transfer is better according to me.

      Thanks! If you want to ask anything else, I am here to help !
      Vijay Sharma

  3. hi sir
    sir meri profile me apply to this job ka option nai aa rha …..You must make changes to your profile before you can submit a proposal. … likha aa rha hai to sir job apply ke option ke liye kya karu……?

    • Hi Pradeep, Upset of seeing this. But you don’t worry it will resolved soon, I got such problems earlier in this process too and there are so many others who are doing this.
      Pradeep, Make sure you completed your profile accurately, See upwork guidlines for this.
      In other words, Koi bhi trick aajmane ki koshish nahi karna, puri tarah se honest hoker, mehnat se profile banavo. Jo bhi options hai, unnhe pura karo, upwork profile ke baare mein thoda aur study karo. Aur uske baad acche se proflie banavo. Kyunki Profile hi jab tak sah nahi hoga. To baaki sab bekaar hai, profile par kaam karo. Koi jaldi karne ki jaroorat nahi hai. Aaram se karo !
      If you other queries! Ask me !

  4. We’ve hidden your profile because it does not meet the following Upwork guidelines. You will not be able to submit proposals until these issues are fixed. Check these support messages for more details.

    Please edit your profile and then resubmit for review

  5. Hello Vijay

    I have seen your video on youtube. First of all congratulate you have a good profile on upwork. I also want to do freelance work. Right now i don’t have an account on upwork . I am working for a SEO company. So I want to take SEO projects and I also want to take data entry projects on startup to make some money. Please suggest me to take projects .
    Jogesh Sharma

    • Thanks Jogesh,
      Its good that you want to do freelancing work. SEO is most demanding nowadays and will continue in future. Yes, you can do some data entry projects in early. But make sure the all the projects you going to take is related to seo in somewhere. Start with small projects and build trust and clientele. 2 or 3 clients is enough. Do great work and provide highest quality and get some positive feedback. Manage your time properly and do not over commit. Best of Luck !

  6. Hello Vijay,
    I saw your tutorial, it is very good and hilarious too. I am working as a designer with my friends who do freelancing on Upwork formerly in elance for last two years. Now I have good knowledge of logo designing, brochure, flyer, business card, stationery and other vector base art. But now they can’t afford me because of less work, I have my portfolio ready. I have sign up in two weeks ago and participated in some contest. I didn’t awarded but my all design were 3 or 4 star rated later rejected. Now I want to sign up in Upwork and want to complete my profile 100% but I don’t have experience certificate or other certificate to show there…and is it necessary to have internet banking activated in your account for Local Fund Transfer or PayPal… one more thing I want to know does it cost freelancing in Upwork or as I worked there as a designer only.PLEASE REPLY SOON. THANKS!

    Ms. Hira Agnihotri

    • Thanks!
      Yes, both are free (upwork and freelancer) but they have few limitation. Study about them daily for 1 hour, what they’re implementing each day for this try to search on google news.
      2nd, I don’t think so that you need net banking for paypal and direct deposit. You can search about that. But I suggest, activate online banking in your account that will help you in future too.

      3rd: Don’t worry, if you haven’t any certificate to show. Certificates are not a matter. You can just add your sample designs. And try to apply daily for min. 3 – 5 jobs and review everything on sunday.
      That’s It! Best of Luck ! Freelancing is not a job for money, its a pure White Business and treat all the clients like a learners.

  7. hello vijay,
    I stuck with a problem.. I don’t have pan card (applied) to open my Paypal account. so I preferred local fund transfer but I stuck at W-8BEN. how I solve this..plz suggest what information I give there to make smooth transaction.

    reply soon

  8. Hello Vijay Ji,

    Thanks a lot for very Informative video related to upwork.
    Really hats off to you for helping others.
    I have issue related to my carrer and upwork. Can i mail you please ?

    Thank You
    Best Regards

  9. Hi sir,
    My name is Tarun arora . recently 3 days ago i have created my profile on upwork . i have watched your video and thanks to you for uploading video i have gain so much knowledge from your video regarding profile. I have a query , I wanted to know what is the meaning of Hourly rate and fixed price rate. when i go to find job , somewhere i see fixed rate is xx$ and time is 1 week or 2 months. and sometime i see there hourly rate and estimated budget is xx $. please explain me about this i am confuse. suppose my hourly rate is 5$ per hour and client estimated budget is 50 $ . how can i negotiate with him. it will take 1 week to complete the project then how can i told him that my hourly rate, time limit etc. and how can upwork will count that i have worked in hours .

    i hope you get my question.please reply

    • Hi Tarun Thanks for watching !
      Horly rate mean:- You can earn hourly. If it is $5 per hour in Upwork profile then client will pay you $5. If you completed logo design job in one hour then you will earn $5.
      Fixed price: – You can earn after completion of job. e.g. If client is paying $15 for logo design then you can earn $15. But if you completed one logo design job in one hour then you will earn $15.
      Tarun both are similar. But the challenging point is here that if we want to earn more then fixed priced job is better because if we are working 7 hours in a day and we completed our fixed price job in 2 hours then we save 5 hours. Client hire freelancers on the basis of your experience for hourly job. And they have budget for this. If a client budget is $10 for logo design and your hourly rate is $5 and you commit to complete within hour then it will save $5 for clients. And if you didn’t complete it is costly then for client.
      In most of the cases hourly job are produced for two types of work. One when the quality not matter and second when client know that you are expert and will return completed work soon.

      The answer of your above confusion:
      Your houlry rate is $5
      The budget is $50
      And it will take one week to complete !
      and that’s why you want to negotiate? I hope i understand the question.

      #1 Don’t do this. Find the project that is best for you. Only then you can produce quality because then you don’t need to think about the price.
      #2. Do this without negotiate. Try to complete this within 2 days.
      #3 Do this for long term perspective. Yes, don’t worry that price is lower then your rate and client can’t able to pay more. Client can hire others if you don’t do there are so many others that can do this job in $50 so, you need to think about future perspective. First provide the great quality in that price. Impress client with your knowledge and expertise that they are happy to pay you more.
      $4. First search for price other are charging for the job. If they are higher then tell to client that the cost of the work is … ! And I need time to complete the project with quality.
      #5. Do this if you’re beginner. Learn and increase your price 10% every time when client provide you great feedback.

      Hope i guided you correctly ! But if i am in your place – I can choose 3rd option.

      Thanks !

  10. Hello Vijay Jee,

    Your upwork video is really great and very helpful for a novice.
    Hats off to you.
    I have few queries related to career and upwork . Can i mail you please .

    Thank you
    Best Regards

  11. Hello Vijay Jee,

    Thanks a lot for very Informative video related to upwork.
    Really hats off to you for helping others.
    I have issue related to my carrer and upwork. Can i mail you please ?

    Thank You
    Best Regards

  12. Hi Vijay,

    I have mailed you on wednesday . Kindly check.
    And can you please tell me upwork projects in HR . The procedure is same for HR as well.
    Best Regards

    • Hi Yogita, Sorry, I didn’t checked my company mail few days. But now I got the details. And i replied you with the suggestions on your concerns mailed you! please check ! and inform me!

  13. You don’t need to share the Skype id or something else, may be it is against upwork policies. I didn’t do it yet. So, please check upwork policies and guidelines. You can only share in your cover letter about your expertise and links of those expertise. No problem they notify you when you got hired and there is now upwork chat room on direct messages, so you don’t need to worry.

    • Hi Abhishek,
      Internet is opened for all abhishek, this is not a one main game never it will be. But if you want to earn online or if you want online income and jobs on any freelance marketplaces sites such as upwork, you can join ! Do little research – create profile – start applying !
      If you can explain little more about your profession and skills, What you want? then it is helpful for me to suggest you better from my experiences!


  14. Hello sir,

    I saw your tutorial.Thanks for this information.
    I want to ask you one thing that in your cover letter you put your Skype ID.
    I read in the internet that its against the policy of Up work.So please guide me about this.Is it good or not to put the Skype id in the cover letter?


  15. Hi,
    I saw your tutorial on youtube.Thanks for that informative session.
    In These Day i am stuck with problem in upwork. i have profile on upwork with 75%success score in SEO field. But from last few months i am not able to get job or even when i submitted my proposals not getting any response from client side. not any rejected job from client. Is any thing wrong going with me. or any changes in upwork..


  16. Hi Vijay,
    My name is Aarti.I am a java developer and i want to become a freelancer.Can you give me some idea about the java cover letter? I mean just a rough idea about the profile and cover letter.
    Which kind of cover letter we should write for the java,angular.js and node.js.There are lots of cover letter available on the internet but i personality want you idea for this.


    • I saw your profile it’s good to know about you. But client want to know more about you. For example: What kind of problem you’re solving related to your field.
      Your title is WordPress Web developer but you didn’t mention more about the WordPress experience in your profile.

      1) Write like you’re the best WordPress Developer. Write everything that you can do in the wordpress such as Theme editing, plugin installation, css editing, theme installation, cpanel management, API integration etc.
      2) Also mention the reason why you do this ? Why you like to do this. ?
      3)What are past experiences related to these skills.
      4)How do I (client) believe in you.
      5)What kind of project you like to do, what kind of clients you want to work for.
      6)Do some test and get top 30% in wordpress or related.
      7)Upload some sample of your work.
      More info: You should read these all:
      and make notes on paper. Then work on the best suggestion that you think is workable.


  17. Hi vijay my name is pulkit pandey and i have good commamnd on WordPress and i have one year experence also i have made my id on upwork can you please tell me how to get the work from there and if you have any work on WordPress please give me i want to work on freelance

    Thank you
    Pulkit Pandey

    • Hi, Thanks for visiting my site.
      Currently I am not working on freelancing websites due to own projects. But
      in future whenever I got somthing that is well to outsource I
      definately contact to you.
      As you know I am always updating my site with new IT information for
      freelancers and other. So, keep connected and Here is the complete source
      for you:
      Learn Maximum posts in this: I spent more than 6 months to writing such
      suggestion, hope it will help you.

      If you want to keep connected you can subscribe to my rss feed or Like our
      facebook Page

      Thanks for visit! I hope it was helpful. Please share our website with

  18. Hi Vijay!
    It was informative and pure awesome for the beginners who are just at the start of their career. Would love your blog. Thanks


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