How to get best cloud storage for small business


Cloud storage solutions are the modern evolution of information technology. Almost all want to grow and scale up a small business with the power of Cloud storage solutions. But how to decide what cloud storage solutions your business need and which one is the best cloud storage services provider in the cloud computing market.

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To give an answer to this question without research/use is difficult. There are many best cloud storage solutions providers for small business. Most of them promising to double your productivity, lower down the cost, automate the repetitive task, motivate teams for collaboration, upload almost everything on the cloud and create a healthy work environment and access your data on any device and anywhere.

And this is possible if you use cloud computing and cloud storage in your business.
So to make it easy for you to get best cloud storage solutions for your business, I am writing this basic guide. And I hope it will help you to invest your money wisely in cloud solutions for your business.

1. The first thing you should do to take advantages of cloud storage is to identify the loopholes in the current business process. Such as slower server speed, time-consuming data storage and management, complicated collaboration method and small storage space. Also, find out do you want automation, do you want to speed the speed of work and project development.

If you able to find out what speed do you need, how much space you need, do you really want to share images and photographs, what are your security concerns etc. then not these on a separate sheet

Now after analysis of what are the things that cost your time and money and what type of solutions that can really help you to save your money, increase process speed and generate revenue. It’s time to find out what types of cloud storage solutions are available in the cloud computing market.  

You can also take the best decision by looking and analyzing business/website data. It will help you to find out what plan you really need. 

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2. Best cloud storage solutions contain auto-scaling, secured and flexible accessibility on any device. Instant back up and sharing of documents with subordinates, simple process to upload and download photos, videos, music files, able to store and back up data in real time, direct storage from applications, easy to manage, arrange and view data and various other features that inspire and increase the productivity of onsite and remote workers and make the work joyful.

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3. Now if your goal is to boost teams’ productivity then look and notice the goal of cloud storage provider, are there goals and composition of cloud storage services are to boost team productivity, do they have example process that really helping teams productivity or note.

4. If you’re looking only for instant data storage and backup then identify which cloud storage solutions provider companies’ focused more on instant data storage and backup. Such as chat messages, sales funnels, articles, application files, successful sales funnels, social media data, office application files etc.

5. If you see that there are some advanced features available for team collaboration, data storage and management, backup and protection then understand why you need this solution in your business, how it will help you generate income right now or in future. I don’t its good practice to buy costly features that you don’t need. For example, you only need cloud-based data storage then why pay for team collaboration features.

6. See the cloud storage pricing plan. You will find that there are cloud storage solutions which provide you service in which you only have to pay according to user access, storage and based on features. For example, if you need 1 TB for data storage, then you don’t need to buy unlimited data storage feature if you have 10 remote workers, but you only want to give access to 5 users, then find out the plan in which user access is less than 10.

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7. Now you have selected the features and companies. It’s time to select the best cloud storage solution. I know there are many good and big companies providing cloud storage services. The best way is to use their free cloud storage plans, use the features for few days exactly the way you work. Talk to customer support and sales team and try to take their help. Analyze are they really approachable, so they quickly resolve problems.

8. Check the reviews carefully, are they real and different. Check the reviews particularly on the features that you need in your business. Such as are there any reviews on team collaboration, are there reviews on instant backup. Such as if you want to store and share photos then see the reviews only related photo storage and sharing.

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9. Learn article/reviews on Cloud storage and cloud computing services carefully. Many are only selling and promoting it without using. They don’t know what your business process and vision. What type of services you need. No matter how effective it is to backup data automatically from your PC/Mobile/Tablet directly to cloud but if you don’t need these features if it will not help in increasing the revenue the way you want then don’t buy this features. Instead not matter how less online document writing or higher speed editing of the document online are promoted, but if you need this feature and it really helps to speed your business process and the system then buy it.

10. Look at existed clients of cloud storage services provider website. See 3-4 websites and service provider, see their clients. You will be surprised that many are displaying same clients on their website. So don’t get influenced by their existed clients and mostly if they are big companies and your competitors. Buy what you need, not what they are trying to sell you.

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Remember, if you’re not earning money by using Cloud storage solutions then you’re losing. And in business money matter the most. The best way to buy right cloud storage on the internet is to take little time to research. Don’t try to buy any cloud storage solution on first sales calls, email and expression. Use the demo, free storage, contact to support and notice the behaviors and ask them some direct questions.

If you don’t’ do the research and don’t follow above methods to select best cloud solution then what will happen. You can say nothing. Yes, I can be wrong. Those companies are great. Those reviews on cloud storage on provider’s website are ultimate and have each and every detail. Then why I don’t waste time on research.

You’re right when everything is fair and everyone is guiding not selling, not forcing you to buy. Do I am forcing you to buy from that company that is best? No! Why not I have not written 10 best cloud solutions provider instead of this guide. It’s because I haven’t used any 20. I am using 2-3 cloud storage as per my business. Then it’s not good to suggest you best 20 cloud solutions without even using 10.

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I love to be wrong instead of looking right through fake truth. Else it’s your money, your business, Klient Solutech only want to guide you. But at the end, you have to take the decision with your mind consciously.

I believe that negativity can cost money but fake and attractive positivity is more costly. It’s ok to start taking advantages of latest cloud computing technologies, but it’s also important that you can check, test, research each cloud unit so that cloud computing will grow your business.

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