What kind of data can be stored in cloud storage


Whatever you see and access on the Internet and computers everything can be stored in cloud storage. It means you can install business software on clouds. You can store songs, images, client’s data, videos, backups, websites, content and almost everything.

Cloud storage is a cloud computing service model in which more than one user can store and access their business applications from remote locations using the Internet.

How can you use Cloud Storage? 

You can use cloud storage to store data from mobile phones, tablet, and computer. Even if your phone memory is full, you can upload the old data to the cloud storage service provider.

Cloud storage is a part of cloud computing in which data is stored on clouds. Cloud is just a word for marketing campaigns used by cloud storage services providers. Cloud means the Internet or networks of the computer.

What is the Idea behind Cloud Storage? 

And the idea behind cloud storage is that you can store your data on other computers that are located in another physical location. But you and your team can access that from anywhere.

According to Wikipedia information, cloud computing is invented by Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider in the 1960s. But now cloud storage and cloud computing technologies are in trend. It’s because big companies such as Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Box, Dropbox etc. are investing in cloud computing technologies.

In simple words cloud computing and cloud storage technologies is that you can store, manage, access, calculate, manipulate, arrange, share, edits, data, and information from any device (Laptop, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) and from any location.

And the advantages of cloud computing for companies are that they do not need to install the server on their own physical location, they do not need to install any software or database management system.

The minimum cost to set up own basic data storage infrastructure is around 5, 00,000 and management & maintenance is extra. So it will save money and reduce the cost of conducting business for you.

So these big companies have that much money to invest and they invested. Now, small business owners, SME’s can reduce the cost of conducting business by using third-party cloud services. And it will speed up their business processes and cash flow.

Now common people and SME’s are getting big benefits of cloud storage and cloud computing. They don’t need to carry pen drive, memory card and do not need to buy more than 1TB hard disk drives it’s because their data is now stored in the cloud or server or the internet. And they can access it anytime from anywhere.

Advantages of cloud storage: I am seeing that in the future with cloud computing people do not install any software in a computer such as today we install windows, MS-Office,  Antivirus and thousands of other things.

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In the future, everything is installed for people and companies and they only have to pay monthly and yearly. Then no maintenance cost, no need to for people to install and no need to buy software, no need to update and upgrade antivirus, etc.

Even I am seeing that if people store songs on clouds using computer and mobile, then later they can play those songs while driving cars or trucks. I think it’s happening.

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Now for you, it’s time to take the advantages of cloud computing and cloud storage in your daily life.  Now, what you can do from today so that you will start getting the benefits of cloud computing.

Now let’s talk about the basics uses of Cloud computing and cloud storage for tech users and small business owners.

Here is the list of the basic data and information that you can store in cloud storage:

  1. You can upload MS-Word files to Onedrive or Google drive. After that, you can access those files anywhere from mobile, laptop and desktop with an internet connection.
  2. When your files are loaded on the cloud storage you can share those files with your teams and they can edit or make the changes.
  3. You can upload and store your video files on cloud storage. After that, you can play those videos on Internet-connected TV.
  4. You can upload the document that you want to share with a freelancer if you hired someone on remote location. So they can download and upload when work is done.
  5. You can host your website or store the database of clients on cloud storage.
  6. You want to format your PC so you can upload your data to the cloud by using free space 15 GB(Approximate) on Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and One drive etc. it means you upload 50-60 GB for free.
  7. If you’re a freelance graphic designer and looking to showcase your skills and design sample to clients then you store and share the data with the client if you don’t have a website using cloud storage.
  8. If you use pen drive very often then it’s time to store files on Cloud. It will save the data from the virus. And if any case your pen drive corrupt or you lost it then the data is also lost, so it’s better to use cloud storage services in which you don’t need to carry pen drive or virus-infected data.
  9. You can backup your data and save it on the cloud storage so you don’t need to buy external hard drive or server and it will save your money.
  10. You can work with your teammates on the same page with coloration. Such as using Microsoft excel online and saving the data.
  11. You can create a daily progress report sheet and then share with your teammates to update it frequently.


So as I paragraphed in starting of this article that you can store almost all kind of computer and mobile data on clouds.

Clouds are more secure than a hard disk and pen drives. While more than one person can work and access the files so it will increase productivity and speed in official work.

In future everyone store data online using cloud storage and cloud computing applications.

That’s it, what I think about cloud storage and cloud computing.

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