How can artificial intelligence benefit humans?


Artificial intelligence can help humans to copy their brains, behaviors, and personalities into the machine so that when you’re not present in place of problems and opportunities machine can play your role.

It is the group of programs and functions that run automatically when you use any tech device. It is in notifications, calls, chats, mobile hangs, viruses, apps, websites, and soon in every non-living item. just an example, Chair will communicate with you in the future. Every device can work without human presence.

In simple words, artificial intelligence or machine learning, or deep learning are just terms that we can use to describe the change and innovation in Information technology.

In this article, I, just want to share how artificial intelligence can benefit humans in daily life. You can say its technical philosophy or imagination or future. Whatever it is, I just want to share what I feel and think about artificial intelligence and human connection.

So let’s first understand what is artificial intelligence.

According to the, it is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

It means when you combine artificial intelligence, and machine learning with robots, you will be able to create your (human) clone and not only one but thousands. So, in this article, I, am covering how information technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are trying to create your clone so that if don’t have time to read this article, your clone can read it and when you’re driving, you can listen, what if I was trying to say.

In this article, I, am talking to you about the new world. In that world in which you don’t need to type or need to search on Google, in the world where you don’t scroll your Facebook timeline to know what your friends are doing. In that world in which you no longer fight for car parking and in the world where every machine has great communication skills and a strong vocabulary almost in all kinds of worldwide languages. The question is do you want to go there?

If you choose no, then sorry, because you’re already in that world. Where humans communicate only with machines and programs, work less and machines are everything.

Here are examples of the new world, in which artificial intelligence, chatbots, machine learning, and many others help humans. You can say helping it’s because “helping is a marketing word or positive emotions), IT companies can’t use we’re creating your clone, or we don’t need humans to earn money.

I don’t know where you’re living in this world. I don’t know if you are a search engine crawler or school kid or IT professional. But one thing is the proof; if you’re here it’s because of artificial intelligence.

Humans imagine, build and run machines to help them in their daily life. In a life, where money is the most important element to live, where it’s important to know what my friends are doing, in a life where it’s important to eat healthy food, in a life where peace of mind is important, in a world where we want to live tension and stress-free. These are the challenges and problems in our daily life, and that’s why humans are, attracted more to machines to keep solving new and growing problems.

But today humans are ready to create a human clone, might they think it will solve all our daily life problems? But you know that those artificial brains or clones will create new problems. Technology is not the solution it is only a method. The solution is how wisely you use natural and artificial intelligence.

So now let’s take an example, of how artificial intelligence is benefiting humans:

Automatic Chat Plugins and applications on the website customer support automation are an innovative way to convert website visitors into business leads and automatic selling process as well as a customer relationship building system. You don’t need to hire a staff or person to handle the customer’s inquiries. It’s a fully automated system to chat with customers. These are automatic chatbots and customer support automation. They will handle all frequently asked questions.

Here you can take a look at what I mean:

There are various artificial intelligence agents such as booking, feedback bots, customer support and education, and training even chatbot bots can communicate with your website visitors. You can integrate a chat system with API integration or by the plugin on your website. There are many companies using these automatic chatbots to automate customer relationship management.

Here are the top 2 chat apps to automate your customer support:

Free live chat + 24/7 automated bot

LiveBeep Chat


While automatic chatbots or customer support automation is not now fully automated.  But it helps to automate commonly asked questions by prospective customers and when the chatbot finds something difficult or unusual keywords it will direct the notification to a customer support representative to handle this specific query.

How does it work?

You can create automatic replies based on customer data that you can use to write automatic replies. You can also common sense to find and predict user queries. And then when people visit a website, the chatbot automatically activated and starts automatic conversions with the website visitor.

Who can use this?

I can think everyone can use this based on the customer relationship model as travel companies, e-commerce websites, hotel websites, and many other small business owners can use this artificial communication intelligence.

How is it beneficial?

Automation or using AI-programmed chat applications can reduce the cost of hiring and retaining customer support agents. Also, it helps to reduce the workload on customer support. And overall it will help to get higher conversion rates in lower IT infrastructure in the business.

What are the challenges?

Behavior prediction of 10 or 1000 visitors and their keywords, region, language, the frequency of words, and the use of common sense to automate communication is the biggest challenge.

What is the future of artificial intelligence chatbots?

The future is looking innovative, and amazing and customer support representatives in the future need to learn to program automatic replies, need to learn chatbots, and need to analyze the pattern with different languages.

Today, every chat interaction on business websites is on record, those help companies find out keywords and track the behavior pattern of humans on the website. So they are creating and tracking the chats, and keywords to create automatic replies.

I think the above example will help you to understand how artificial intelligence can run and change this world.

Another helpful article: Importance of cloud computing in today’s world

Another example: Artificial Analytics Intelligence

Artificial analytics intelligence helps humans to understand customer data, page views, conversion rate and take the correct decision and focus on productive digital marketing strategies.

For example, Google Analytics is trying to help users to get the most important data reports automatically. Such as up and down in website traffic, bounce rate, average session times, and much more. Before this, it was tough for new or existing Google Analytics users to understand where to focus the marketing efforts, and what type of data is important to create marketing campaigns.

Now you can ask a question or just type the query such as lower bounce rate, or just bounce rate, it will automatically showcase the growth in bounce rate as well as suggest the changes that you need to make on your website.

Is not helpful? Yes, it is because if Google Analytics is understanding website data and then suggests the solution, it’s better than searching on Google. It’s because you get a solution based on your data. Here you can learn about it: About Analytics Intelligence

It means in the future artificial intelligence automatically collects and analyzes your data and creates a process to implement the next content decision. It means you only have to click on YES/NO.

In conclusion, I will say that information technology or computer technologies provide great benefits for humans. Technology has changed human life and now artificial intelligence takes this innovative change to a new level where everything is automatic other than content creation. Such instant results in search engines, reminders, notifications, face recognition, and translation are small tools that change the way we use and access information technology and data.

The most important benefits of artificial intelligence for humans are that it’s creating a human clone, reduce the cost of conducting business, replaces humans from dangerous and stressful situations of work, saves time, increases productivity and improves living standard.

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