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Thousands of website designers are available with best website designing plans and support. There are various aspects that small business owners are confused in such as technical and financial points. It’s tough for common business people to understand hosting, responsive websites, wire-frame, SEO and various other website jargon.

So this article will help those people looking to hire a website designer 1st or 2nd time. If you’re one of those people then let’s understand the concept behind designing websites or hiring a web designer.

Generally, you don’t need to hire the world’s best website designers. You just need the person who is able to design your business website. You can also hire a specialized, expert and experienced website designer. So the cost of hiring a website designer is different.

Now when you search for a website designer you found that the prices, support and technical aspects of the job are different in various plans. Some website designer charging more money to build an eCommerce website it’s because they are expert and professional. But beware they can be fraud too.

If someone is asking for less money and providing more value than the person can be right. But he/she can be smart.

Some website designers charge $20 per hour and some are ready to design the same or similar website within $10 per hour.

Now the first thing you need to learn or have to research or calculation in excel that how much does it cost to build a website? Here you can learn about this:

There is another big web technological confusion among small business owner or fresher website designers. Which one web technology or method they can use to build a website?

You can build websites using WordPress, HTML+CSS, Website Builder, PHP, Magento, Drupal, Python etc. even Microsoft Word to create a website.

So remember, you can create the website using all the above methods. The important thing for you to note down is that which one more effective technology and which one is less costly. If you can consider the goal of building a website then it will help you take and discuss the decision.

When you don’t have goals in mind or written for website design, and results you want then it’s tough to choose and select the best website design package. So setup website goals before hiring a website designer.

Here you can learn more: 10 things you should do when hiring someone to build a Website

Smart ways you can follow to hire a website designer

There are many ways and things you can use to hire a website designer to build your business website. You can hire a website designer offline and online. You can also hire an independent freelancer or design agency. Now let’s discuss this in points:

  1. You can use an online marketplace or freelancing websites to hire a website designer.
  2. You can do local city search for a website designer or website design agency. For example, a website designer in Shimla.
  3. If you want to hire to build an e-commerce website then you can search “e-commerce website designer in Shimla” etc. based on your city.
  4. You can contact with known and unknown people to find a website designer for you.
  5. You can search on Facebook for a website designer.

Now contact minimum 3-5 website designers or website design agencies before finalizing anyone. You can’t spend your money on anyone. For that, you have to compare website design expertise and prices before hiring.

Now you can ask the following things:

1. Can you design a website for my clothing business? I want to get clothing orders online. And I want a similar website?

Now you have to ask this question more than 5 people. And note down the answer or remember what the person said to you. Remember, more specific answer and the answer that looks like a plan, not a sales pitch will be best.

Now the next question:

2. Can you please share me some of your recent projects or similar projects?

Now notice the websites or their sample. And read their name or website design agency name on the website. Some website designer or agencies share with you fake designs or other companies designed website. So make sure they provide you the proof. You can also see is the designs and functionality of the website are up to the industry standard.

3. How much you charge to build a website?

Compare the prices with other people, after the analysis of all the answers.

4. Do I get controls of my website, if yes, and then ask how?

It’s important to get all the controls because in future you have to update the website. And you can also hire another website designer for the same website.

5. What is the process if I need to update something immediately?

Some website design agencies take more than 2 days to update any small object on a website. Some have to ticket and chat support also depends on the company. But independent freelancers are quicker than web design agencies. Of coz, they will charge more.

6. Do you educate me about How to use the website? If yes, then do I need to pay extra?

Educate means here that you should have the knowledge about how to log in and update the basic things on your website. This is a little extra cost for you, but very helpful. Also if you don’t how to operate the website, what are the technologies, when they have to update, how they have to update etc. such as hosting company, website speed, etc.

7. Is it a onetime payment? Or Do I need to pay you after a year?

Website designer or companies nowadays are selling monthly plans approximate 400 o $10 per month. Very low, might be they are reselling website builder services as an affiliate. Some web design agency takes only renewal fees after a year.

8. Do I need to buy hosting separately?

You can do that, but make sure that the web design agency gives a discount on hosting for you.

9. What is the process if I want to add the new features on the website?

This is the most important question you should while dealing with website designers and companies. If you hire a regular or hire a website designer for a monthly basis then you don’t have to worry about that, it’s because you’re paying them a salary. But this also depends on your plans. If you want to run an online store then you need your own small IT team remotely or in your office.

Many web design agencies provide online store building services, but they are unable to handle and provide services that able to sell and market your products online. And the cost of hiring online store builders is more. So ask this question to all the website designer or website design agencies in advance.

10. Do we sign the legal agreement?

This is professional practice in which both the website designer and business owners are bound to follow the appropriate conditions. Both are on the same table.

Important information for you that you can read later:

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Difference Between Website Builder And Web Hosting

After discussion on all above or similar question and answers, now following are some tips that you should note while discussing your project. You can use the note down the important points and package deal in excel sheet:

  1. Note down the skill.
  2. Note down the prices in a different column.
  3. Check out the portfolio of a web designer or web design agency.
  4. Ask their support and services methods to existed clients.
  5. Also, note down the verbal commitments. You can record audio, video. If it’s through emails then it’s good.
  6. Compare how many people agree to sign the agreement.
  7. Differentiate force and education. Some website designer or agencies force you and some inspire or educate you.
  8. Compare the extra cost.

So I think above guidelines and methods will help you to hire the best web designer. Following are the most important suggestion for you:

  • Make sure that you’re registered owner of the domain.
  • Make sure your website designs or themes and code have up to date.
  • If you’re using WordPress theme then it’s important that it’s billed as your account or you’re the owner of the theme.
  • When using a WordPress theme, make sure you or your website designer activate it to get automatic updates from theme builder.
  • Make sure that the website is indexed on Google or search engine and basic SEO of the website have been done.
  • Make sure that the Google Analytics code has been inserted in the website, so you can track the website traffic and build marketing strategies accordingly.


That’s it friends, what I think will be important for you to consider when trying to hire a website designer. It’s important to consider that in future when you want to expand the business online then you will able to do that. It will possible when you have a strong foundation on the website or it will be expandable with minimum prices.


If you’re want to build a business website or facing any problem with a website designer or agencies then comment below your concerns.

Thanks for reading! Keep coming!

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