What is an operating system in computer – creative examples

In this post, you will learn about computer operating systems with creative examples. Also, learn and understand how an operating system works and created.

In Computer an operating system is an interface that enables the user to communicate or instruct and get desire results from the computer.

In General, the operating system is the 1st computer software that has to be installed before installing any other applications on the computer. No application will run without an operating system on the computer.

There are various types of operating system interfaces that users can create or use. But practically there are two types of operating system interfaces:

The 1st one is the CUI command-line user interface (code-based interface). In which operating system everything is operated through commands or through typing each command.

The 2nd type of interface is a Graphical user interface, where not only you can operate a computer through commands, shortcuts, but also visually through mouse or touch such as click on icon and menus.

Example of command user interface operating system: Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS), Linux.

Example of Graphical user interface operating system: macOS, Microsoft Windows 11 for computer and Android or iOS in mobile phones.

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Importance of operating system:

Without the installation of the operating system, there is no use of a computer. You can’t use the camera, audio, video, the internet, and various other devices and software.

How operating system software is created?

All types of computers and mobile software are created using programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Dart, and Swift any mother.  C programming language is mainly used to create an operating system.

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Creative examples to understand the Operating system and its uses and creation process:

An operating system in a computer is like a soul in the human body. Without the soul, there is no use of ears, eyes, legs, arms, and all of the senses.

When we Input data or instruction through input devices such as keyboard, mouse or compile a computer program (code) then it is processed by CPU (Central Processing Unit). Now if the instruction is executable (based on the features of the operating system) then we will get output. Else we will get an error or compile-time error or bug.

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Similarly, when we learn something related to our field or expected then our software gets updated. Else if our software (Sanskaar, Skills, Knowledge) doesn’t match the learned or observed thing, then it will not update the software.

Computer and all the technology devices and software are created by humans. Like a clone. For example, you can create software or another machine that can do all of the complex and difficult works with more accuracy and speed than humans.

Application software or system software (operating system) is created in a way so that it can be used by anyone and can access all the power of its hardware and components.

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For example, through communication languages or skills you can give or get instruction from another human being. We’re accessible, it’s because of our input/output component of the body, and that is connected with our soul.

Our body is programmed by God. God has built the operating system in the human body. But after that, all the other application such as communication skills, writing skills, English speaking skills, management, marketing, sales, law, leadership is installed by us through schooling, books, courses, teachers, parents, society and now internet and technology.

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For example, when we buy a computer, we buy it along with windows and all input and output devices. A computer has just basic windows /operating system default programs that are pre-installed by an operating system company when we buy it.

But after that, we install various application software based on our choice such as graphic design software, billing and accounts software.

Even many of us install code editor, programming languages SDK, language framework to build software.

For example, you can create an app (mobile application (software) by installing dart SDK, flutter framework, and code editor. For that, you have to write instructions to the computer in a dart programming language. And the group of those programs and functions is called software or mobile app or application software.

When someone uses that software, it will work the way you have programmed it. For example, if you have written a program to calculate heartbeats when holding the mobile phone in hand then it will do that. But for that, you have to open the app and then have to click to count.

Similarly, to this method, operating systems are created and work. But the creation of an operating system is more complex than the creation of a simple mobile app or website.

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We all do communicate. But to communicate with computers we use programming language and software. And operating is just an example of that communication interface of a human being with the computer.

So, I hope you gained something from this post. I have written what I know and observed. I have tried my best to explain it as easily as possible.  If you liked this post then please share it.

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