How you can build more confidence in yourself


Confidence is the most important power that is required to move forward in life, work, career, and business. Lack of confidence in our own abilities and beliefs makes us negative and puts us into depression. Confidence is important for living a happy and prosperous life.

Confidence is required in every field. Confidence is not only important for humans it’s also for animals and birds. But due to its higher demand, it’s very costly to get.

There are various methods, tricks, suggestions, and rituals that people follow to become more confident.  But maximum suggestions and motivational content and practices don’t work for a long period of time. It’s because it’s not built or installed inside us.

To become more self-confident and powerful in work, career, and business we need to build real confidence, and unlimited motivation inside us.

So in this article, I am going to explain and suggest real methods that will keep increasing your confidence day by day in anything that you do.

And to build more confidence in you. You need to help yourself. I can teach you, how to do it. But without your commitment and decision, it’s impossible for any teacher/trainer/coach to help you in your life, career, and business.

But I am sure that you want to help yourself and want to follow real processes and methods.

So if you’re working in the IT field as a content writer, freelancer, teacher, website designer/developer, YouTuber, blogger, digital marketer, manager, leader or IT student then this is the class (guide/article/post) that is very important for you to attend so that you will become more confident in yourself and your works/projects.

But if you’re not from these fields, don’t worry, it’s also for you.

Let’s start:

Ways to become more confident at work, in your career, and in business:

1. Improve your Information Technology/Job skills consistently:

To become more confident in yourself at work you have to improve your current technical skills in which you work each day. If you’re a content writer then you have to improve your keyword research, search engine optimization, marketing and sales etc. skills daily. If you’re a graphics designer then you have to improve your logo design, banner design, typography etc. skills each day. It’s very important.

It’s because if you don’t improve your skills then you will keep watching others’ skills and achievements and compare yourself. You compare negatively, such as his/her skills are better than mine, he has achieved so many things, etc. and I am not that much skilled and I haven’t achieved anything.

This type of comparison comes when your skill level is less than others or average. And it makes you less confident than others at work. That’s why your first lesson is to improve your skills. It can be current skills or new skills.

Commit yourself to doing it and you will see that your confidence is increased exponentially. After analysis makes it a lifetime habit to improve the technical and non-technical skills that you use to help clients, readers, students and customers. And it will make you successful in life and your career without any doubt.

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2. Get up early in the morning:

Getting up early is not that important and many say it won’t work. But I say that if you want to become more confident in your career and life then make it a habit to start getting up early in the morning. It can be 4 AM or 5 AM.

How it will help you to increase confidence:

1.) When you get up early, you can improve your current skills or you can learn/practice new technical skills. When you improve your skills, you find new ways of doing the same work. You find there is more to learn. And in this way, you don’t pass arguments on others for your failure, instead, you find that it’s you who can do it and respond.

When you take responsibility for your success, career, life, and business and work on yourself then you start becoming a leader who is confident in his hard work and skills.

2.) You’re busy with day-to-day job work and fail to find time for yourself and learning. So if you get up at 4 am at least you have 2-3 hours that you can use to build your skills and improve your skills and that will make you an expert. And the feeling of being an expert makes you confident in your job.

3.) Normally 90% of populations related to your field around you are sleeping at 4 am. But you get up and start working to achieve your goals. The rest is sleeping. And in this way, you win your sleep. You become a winner, by breaking the loop of sleep. It gives you a sense of achievement and makes you more confident and energetic. It gives you time to practice your trade/skills/knowledge/appearance before you visit the office.  And a practiced player is more dangerous/confident/skill full than a less practiced player.

So make it a habit to practice your skills from 4 am to 7 am daily.

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3. Do physical and mental exercise:

I hope you already know the benefits of yoga and exercise and eating healthy food. But you if don’t know then start doing yoga and exercise daily. I know we all are busy. We don’t have time. We have to manage family, kids, and many other things. But that’s the part of life, we need to learn to manage household things to achieve bigger goals at work. So get some time at least 30 min. for yourself.

As you know our body is a machine. Machines work well when we maintain and care for them regularly and fill them up with original fuel. We need the same for our bodies. Exercise aligns our body like we align our car. When the car is aligned and maintained we drive more confidently and peacefully. Else you know how unaligned cars behave on the road.

So my friend, think about your physical, and mental alignment. Care for your body and eat healthy food that gives you vitamins to think creatively. And doing these practices not only makes you confident but increases your face glow. And I don’t think I need to tell you more, I hope you got my points. I am not joking it’s really helpful to grow self-confidence.

4. Worship God:

God is the supreme power and includes us in our path in each work that we do each day. So get a min. 5 to 10 min. each day before breakfast and stand in front of God. You can pray or you can follow your own rituals.

But you can also do the following:

God, you’re great, you’re the knowledge of every expert that exists on the planet, you’re the boss of bosses, you’re the solution of every obstacle, and you’re the creator of every invention. I am not. I am not. I don’t know anything. I need to learn. And you’re my teacher. You’re my guide. etc. And be serious and focused when you do it.

How it will install confidence in yourself:

When you kick out the ego or transfer it to the listener and the listener is the god. Now god accepts you as an empty glass and fills up it with confident water. Else, if you’re saying I know how to do it, I know I can do it, I know I am best, I know how to handle it, I don’t have time, I don’t care to pray or etc.

And it means that the glass is already full of pride and ego. And God can’t help you until it’s not empty.

(There is a deep scientific concept behind it if you ask then I will explain any other day).

Conclusion: When we pray, we create hope, a positive circle around us that protects us from negative powers. And to become self-confident, you need to protect yourself from negativity and ego.

5. Listen to your parents:

When we did not know anything about learning, prayer, exercising, healthy food, and habits at that time? Then who are those who helped and believed in us and grown us till today? They are parents. When we were kids, our parents encouraged us, when fallen they powered us to get up when we failed, they support us to try again, and they favored us when everyone was against us.

For someone, it can be a parent, sister, brother, spouse, and teacher. Now to increase your confidence you need to start listening to them again. You have to sit again with them at least for a week as long as you can. You have to communicate with them about your problems and worries. You have to talk to my friend. They are waiting for your call. Just be with them for a few hours if you can afford the time, they have given you all their lifetime.

I hope you got my idea.

Conclusion: I just mean that when no one believes in you, even you also stop believing in yourself, then in that time there are only parents or (God, Sister, Brother, Spouse) who believes in you and knows about you. And within a few days, their beliefs about you, become your beliefs.

They always want your happiness without any money. And to make you happy, they know how to power you up and align you on the right track in your career. And you will start feeling confident again in yourself.  And it’s the same method to become confident that was started when you were a kid. But you forgot the source of inspiration and confidence. Today, you saw it. I hope you can do it.

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6. Get to the office as soon as possible and start the work:

Small wins and achievements especially in the morning time, increase confidence and build a balanced momentum for the whole day at work. You can also do it by visiting the office before time and starting working. It will not only make your boss happy, but all the other employees of the company also learn from you and respect you. Their respect and smiles will improve your confidence. And it will improve your learning and working power and you will become the most productive employee of the company. It’s important to become a great employee before you become a great entrepreneur.

7. Plan your week:

If you do some kind of fixed work, or the productivity of the work process depends on you and your commands then plan your week on Sunday. It takes 1 hour or a maximum of 2. And it’s not that much you can’t afford. When you planned the week, you don’t get time to think about negativity and obstacle. You make a list of things that you can do. And you start doing it from early Monday. Else there are many people who spend half of Monday planning for the week.

I just mean if most of the things are planned then you just have to start implementing them on Monday to win more business in the week than others. And to achieve more in the week you need time to think and it’s enough from Sunday to Monday.

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8. Set small goals for the day and achieve them:

Set small goals daily from weekly goals. If your goal is to write a book, then write a minimum of 1 chapter or lesson one day.  But if in any case, you don’t have the mood to write today, then start working on another task that is also important. Just do small work and achieve small goals each day. When you take small steps you move towards your day’s goals. You just have to take the next step.

If you think that there are 100 steps that you need to take to become successful, then you will never get motivation and confidence. It’s because 100 steps are too much and there is no clue of success. That’s why instead of thinking 100 steps think about 1 step that you can take right now. And I am 100% sure that it will increase your confidence. It’s because 1 step is small and you can take it right now.

9. Speak less and listen more and work more:

When you speak too much then your skills, powers, strategy, and planning get exposed. The only confidence before a project is planning, commitment, and goals. You haven’t achieved the goals set, but you explain as you have achieved them and talk about them very confidently.

But in this, your confidence goes out. And after a talk, you start feeling low confidence. So instead of talking and explaining about the fruits talk about how other people can help you in a specific task.

Don’t think about results, think about the process and actual work that is important to do to complete or achieve the goals of the project.

So next time when you plan your strategy, don’t explore it, explain it instead of keeping it secret. This secret planning, strategy makes you confident. It’s because you believe in this. No one else believes in this. That’s why the lack of beliefs of others in your ideas can make you negative and unconfident.  So it’s better and highly recommended to work on the things and delegate the things that make the project successful.

10. Read the book at least 1 hour before you sleep:

There are many burdens, negative, and stressful that we take to home from the office. We keep thinking about all those.  And negativity and lack of confidence make us irritating people and it starts affecting our family life. So it’s better than at home before you sleep to make it a habit to read some books on leadership, management, success, etc. Reading books gives you relief from stress and you can sleep peacefully. And peaceful sleep helps you to get up early in the morning and makes you confident and energetic to work.

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11. Expect less from others and more from yourself:

It’s not bad to expect good work from those you are paying money. Nor it’s bad to expect respect from those you like such as friends. But even if you respect others, it’s not guaranteed that they will do the same.

You pay the salary for work but it’s not guaranteed that they will do good work or keep working for you.

So my suggestion for you is that stop expecting from others. But don’t stop respecting, appreciating, and paying your team members, students, and clients.

When you don’t get the results as expected it makes you negative, unconfident, angry, and stressed. It’s obvious, that you’re doing everything that you can do. But still, there is a lack of appreciation for your efforts and dedication to others.

So, my friend, you need to focus on the things that you can do best for your clients, students, audience, and readers instead of focusing on how much they like and share.

If you believe that your work is noble work then keep doing it for yourself, your family, your country, and the world. Don’t do it just to earn money, likes, and shares. Do it because it’s important to do. One day right people will identify your efforts. Keep walking.

And keep walking is the only way to remain confident. Else when expected results don’t match you will feel less confident. So why expect? Instead, do your best which is important for the work. And forget about everything and everyone. Everything will come on time. And also don’t expect what others will do for you, instead focus on what you can for yourself. And do more than expected for your clients and students.

12. Save the money for investment and your dreams consistently:

Money plays an important role in our self-confidence. Lack of money in our pocket makes us less confident many times in life. So it’s better that we always have minimum money saved for survival in a situation of lack of clients, students, and business.

To save money and make it a habit to do each time at least 30% when you get pays for your efforts.

13. Use social media less and build real connections more:

Don’t use social media if you think it’s not worthwhile for the time that you can use in your projects. Not only time but when you use social media, the content you find is really prideful, argumentative, egoistic, negative and overly pronounced, and promoted. And such content forces you artificially to compare yourself and time with others.

Obviously, you find that there is a more rich, better, and highly skilled person than you. But it doesn’t mean that you’re worthless to the same people or less important to the same customers. It’s all about your self-beliefs.

If you think social media affect your life, then it can be definitely. But if you think you can use it for your benefit then you can do that too.

Social media websites are good for celebrities, politicians, and media companies. Also important for those who want to showcase their achievement and success. And also for those who want to help those people.

So start reducing the time that you spend on social media. And build real relationships with the right people offline, and start helping and connecting with more people in real-time that can be helpful for your career and business.

Few loyal friends are enough for you in your whole life. Else 5000 friends on social media websites don’t make you confident and can’t help you. But few childhoods, workplace friends can do more for you. So spend time with those who matter to you most to become happy, confident, and successful in your career and life.

So, friend, I hope you have learned the above points carefully. You can disagree on many points, and it can be tough for you to learn from a stranger about confidence. But I am teaching similar skills for the last 15+ years and I hope you can do it. You can test the tips for a few days and I am 200% sure that you will see the increment in your confidence within a few weeks.

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