How to Be a Good Employee with examples


Good human beings always will be good employees or team members. Great companies are not built by robots they will be by good employees. Good human beings follow great habits. Those habits make humans great in every aspect of their life.

To be excellent at work there are several ways to be a successful employee. I am exploring today with you my experiences and non-secret ways to become a good employee of your company.

Following are simple and easy ways that help us to stand out from the crowd in the workplace. The followings ways are not only important in a job but outside work too. So, Let’s start:

Be trustworthy and honest

Things that help us to become good employees inside and outside are our honesty and trustworthiness. When we keep in mind our commitments that we told to our boss during the interview are most important to perform great in the job. When you’re honest while taking decision for the benefits of the company then your every action turn out into profit.

I mean to say it’s very easy to become the best employee of the year or month, you only need to be trustworthy that your manager can give you big responsibility. Today it’s very easy to become a good employee. Today, startups and big companies can’t able to find employees who are honest and trustworthy. If you’re honest and trustworthy you will be successful in your career and job.

Readily available when you’re required in a challenging situation

Good employees always available when companies and business is going under the tough situation. As you know that real friendships are shown in times of trouble not just in times of happiness. This is similar in the Job.

If you are available and stand with the solution for the company then it’s a great time to showcase the leadership skills in you. Never leave the tough and demanding situation. It’s also depending on the nature of business and job. But most of the time in whenever their deadlines to complete the project or demands of customers we need to do it.

For example nowadays due to #NOTEBANDI or demonetization government of India (#PM Modi) and private banks working extra hours. The work is very stressful and required a good eye on documents. This kind of situation is often in the private sector, especially in IT companies.  So, this is the time to do hard work and become the most outstanding employee for the company.

Connect your personal goals and plans with company goals

It’s tough for companies to be successful without clear goals and plans. The importance of planning in life is really important. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd you have the need to set up personal development goals that will make you successful. But to become a good employee you have to connect your personal development goals and plans with the company. Yes, it can be tough to understand the strategies and plans of any big company when you’re just a fresher.

For example: If company’s goal is to reach 225000 thousand visitors to the website. And they want to make 100, 00,000 profit per year or month.  Then you can talk to the manager or project leader if you’re the leader of this project then ask what are the incentives or salary increments I will get and what about my team.

I just mean to say here that whenever a company sets goals it does not mean that all the profit is going into the owner’s pocket but also for the team too. Yes, there are rare cases or you can say bad management in which employees are treated by HR or Project manager very badly.  But to become a good and great employee we all need to hard work and we’re not alone.

Focus on the present task

Focus is most important for productivity and peace of mind. We all once in our career have to multitask. It’s not bad if we’re talented enough to do that according to the situation. In any company sometimes there is a lot of work that needs to do in a week or month. But once you prioritize your task and make a To-Do List each day. Then it’s easy to speed up the work and we can focus better.

For example, if you didn’t submit your past work or didn’t complete the last order and asking for more and talking about the future instead of doing present work. It will not affect your productivity but also your personality.

Focus on the current task, complete it on time, and then move to the next. One by one, inch by inch keep going towards your goals. This kind of strategy is sometimes not possible but it will help to become a good employee.

Be like a leader for challenging work

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. Martin Luther King

The above quotes by Martin Luther King highlight one thing that when we’re challenged, we do a great thing and we become what most people dreamed to be. For example: If you’re challenged by your project leader or manager that you’re not able to do that, when they try to insult you, when they communicate in the office to make you uncomfortable then you’re challenged indirectly. They challenged you and your talent. Then the real you come out. Situations and time always challenge us in real life.

We’re insulted thousands of times indirectly. But we never go away from that tough situation. We can’t say that I don’t like to do it. It’s not about choice and it’s about demand in certain situations. And when you challenge the situation and come out with great results by doing hard work. You will become great. People don’t have time for failures they only like winners. So, never go away but take the official challenges as an opportunity to grow more and to earn more, and become a great employee and asset for the company.

Job was done well

Give your 100% in all kinds of jobs. Never think negatively about the results. Each day is an opportunity in front of us to live the life we dreamed of. When we give our best we produce and help teammates to produce great results. Prepare yourself for the work before you start to work. We prepare food to eat, similar we need to prepare ourselves mentally and physically with a plan before starting to work. It will help us to do the job well. And when we do it consistently we will become a good employee.

Communicate and share ideas

To become a good employee, to do the job well, to focus on the present work, to achieve goals we need to communicate with our boss and leader. We need to listen to the project and expectations. We need to share ideas or any creativity with our boss that help us to get success with speed and accuracy.

Good employees always communicate about negative and positive aspects of certain tasks, they share ideas no matter they are experienced or not. It’s all about creativity and dedication. Communication builds a strong mutual bond between employee and boss. Boss and employee are just words. But in reality, all is Team working to achieve one goal.

The goal is to make projects and tasks successful. It’s not about limiting your creativity and freedom. It’s all about how much you’re confident about the ideas and knowledge that help. To become a good employee effective communication and knowledge sharing always help each other. That’s how communication and sharing ideas can help you to become a good employee.

Develop Skills, potential and quickly learn new things

Education is the most important element behind various kinds of success in our life. To become a good employee we need to develop new skills, potential in quick time. The development of skills, potential, and speed is really important in this very competitive online and offline business world.  Customer and clients demands are changing every day. It’s very tough to be adaptive according to the market demand. But we have to do it. Companies, Entrepreneurs, employees or freelancers who’re adaptive according to market demands. Those who are consistently developing and practice new skills and ideas are more successful than others.

If there is a demand for Python programmers, you know only about PHP then your salary can be near 20000 to 30000. But if you know about Python programming or similar demanding programming language in that time of demand in your company then your salary can be increased by the employer to 40000 to 50000 because they don’t need after you to hire new personnel.

The above is just an example but such things are happening in the companies nowadays. If you’re a consistent learner and use your free time for your career development then I will guarantee that you will be a successful and happiest employee in your company.

Evaluate and Measure

Never depend on your managers who ask you about progress. Let them do their duty. But you always evaluate and measure your own progress in each project. How much you’re learning, how much you’re earning, how much time you’re spending, and how happiest you’re while working on the project. Always do it and keep watching your personal and career development goals.

It’s not a race to become a good employee. It’s about your career development plan and strategy. When companies, businesses, and entrepreneurs measure and evaluate each workday then why don’t you ignore to do it? Always write you’re each day’s progress in a company in an excel spreadsheet. It will not only help you track your career progress but also give enough data for analysis for salary increment.   

Be healthy and fit

Health is wealth and I don’t think you need an explanation about it. But I want to say that a healthy mind and body really improve your knowledge, confidence, and productivity. All such things help you directly and indirectly to become the best performing employee in the company. Virat Kohli is an inspiring example. Fit body and mind not only work in cricket but also in all kinds of performance printed jobs. Virat Kohli takes fitness seriously and you can see his record-breaking and setting performance.

Faster and accurate productivity

Get a clear idea of what you need to accomplish at the end of the day, week and month. And start working on that. It will help you to stand out from 95% of the employees.

Ask and understand the ground rules of the company

Learn and learn from other good employees. Ask for a suggestion from your seniors when you need it. Get inspiration and interest in the work and company goals. Avoid political or cricketing debates during working hours. Avoid office politics. Avoid showcase. Be like a great team player. Act professionally. Be disciplined and punctual. Be like a leader and set an example in your company that will help and inspires other employees to follow you.

Take help and help other teammates

It’s great to help others. It pays you in long run more than salary. Freshers in your company need help and direction, whenever they ask or you feel they need your experienced tips then help them. It will make you a good human being and definitely, they will be a good employee.

So, friends, this is what I am able to think about a good employee.  I hope it will help you to become a good employee.

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