Steps to create a simple business plan using templates in Word App


A business plan template is important to outline goals, strategies, processes, and milestones for a new and existing business. Whether you want to achieve a long vision or short terms goals having a business plan is like a road map. It can be a rough plan, but planning helps you to achieve your career and business goals faster.

A business plan does not only provide you the clarity on what needs to be done to achieve any goal or milestone. But it also helps you to present your business to attract investors, streamline daily business operations, optimize growth opportunities, and monitor progress.

While many business owners, executives, and organizations make separate plans for each function and part of the business. It is a part of the main plan. Such as SEO plans to attract organic traffic from search engines, funding plans that make investors interested, marketing plans, employees training plans, hiring plan, and plan for various other small and larger goals.

Ways to create a business plan in Computer

You can create your own business plan. But for this, you need to have good knowledge of business and industry. If you do not know how to start a new business or plan for the business you are starting, then you can use the following methods.

  • You can take the help of business consulting companies or freelance consultants to create any kind of business plan and strategy. For goals, you can hire or consult with specialists such as website design plans, distribution and delivery plans, and investment and money management plans.
  • You can download editable free or paid business plan templates from the Internet.
  • You can create a business plan on your own using Microsoft Word. If you are not a Microsoft Word app customer then you can also use google docs.

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So, the following are the steps to create a business plan in Microsoft Word using free templates.

(Also see the images for better understanding)

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word and click on New

Step 2: In the search box, type business plan

step 1 and 2 to create business plan in Word

Step 3: Select an appropriate business plan template that you like.

step 3 select the template

Step 4: Click on Create (This will automatically download the template from the library and insert it into the Word document.)

step 4 - click on create

Step 5: Now you can see that template is inserted. Now you can make changes in the dummy content and replace that with your business details.

Step 6: Once editing is done, now you can save it as PDF (or Export), print and share it with others. Please see the images for ideas.

  • Saving business plan as a template

saving business plan template

  • Printing

printing business plan template

  • Export as PDF

export business plan template as pdf

Some other tips to create Business Plan in Microsoft Word:

  • Use and Insert pictures, shapes, and Smart Art, charts to make a business plan look attractive, engaging, and easy to understand the process, hierarchy, and relationships.

illustration to insert in the business plan template

  • Also insert Watermark in the business plan document such as confidential, company name, your business branding etc.

watermark to insert in the business plan template

  • Find the business plan of any other company related to your business and make your business plan by looking at it.

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