Google Docs vs Microsoft Word, Which one best for Business


Microsoft Word is the oldest and most popular for the last 2-3 decades of word processing application software that was developed and marketed by Microsoft Inc. Where google docs is a word processing web-based application developed and marketed by Google.

Difference between Google Docs and Microsoft Word

You can use both applications for document writing, editing, and publishing works. But the big difference between both is in terms of productivity, collaboration, cost, and effectiveness.

Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft word is a paid application. You can buy separately or through Office 365 subscription plans.
  • To use Microsoft Word, you have to install Microsoft Word separately or through Microsoft Office Package. Microsoft Word is a part of the Office 365 family where you will get Excel, PowerPoint, and outlook as well.
  • It’s a desktop application but you can use also use Microsoft word online in the browser as well.
  • Many laptops or computer manufacturers and sellers provide basic office versions for their customers. It means on new windows laptop or computer; you will get Microsoft Office home basic or professional pre-installed and you just have to activate it through a Microsoft email account such as outlook or
  • Microsoft is more useful to create and edit professional-looking documents, brochures, eBooks, cover pages, forms, letters, and reports. Most of the features that are needed to have for business document creation you will get those in Microsoft Word without installation of any third-party options.
  • You can use Microsoft Word online or share Microsoft Word documents directly within the application with your team members.
  • Microsoft Word is best suited for document writing, editing, and printing services for business and education. But for simple document writing and sharing google docs is preferable. Read More: Importance of MS Word in Education
  • In education or schools and colleges, students need to write and create various assignments, research papers, and reports all of these similar things need shapes, SmartArt, diagrams, font variations, backgrounds, signatures, and many other things. If you do such works in Google docs you have to install various add-on extensions and still, that will not as much effective as Microsoft Word.

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Google Docs

  • Google docs is free to use for everyone. You can use google docs in the browser. You just need to have a Gmail email account and internet browser installed on your computer.
    You don’t need to install google docs on your computer. It’s a web application which means you can access or use it through the browser.
  • With Google docs, you will get all the basic features to create simple documents that do not require too much customization and formatting such as for blog post writing, newsletter, and stories. But to create professional-looking documents you to install add-on extensions.
  • Google docs really helpful to collaborate in real time with other team members. Mostly it’s good for writing, editing, and proofreading technical documents, blog posts, email newsletters, and press releases.
  • Google docs is good in that businesses don’t need to create printable documents, or do not require tables, shapes, and various other formatting options in a document.
  • Google docs is good for those who do not have too much document writing, editing and creation work and they do not want to pay for Word or Office subscription in that case Google Docs is the best option for them.
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