How to start using MS word in computer


To use Microsoft Word for document writing, editing, and publishing make sure first that it’s installed on the computer. To confirm it or to start using the Word application you can use the below steps that are relevant for Word 2016 or Word 365 and for the previous versions as well.

In windows 10 or Window 11:

type here to searchtype here word to search

1. Click on the search icon or bar in Taskbar or center app menu ribbon and type Word. You will see the Word Icon or Logo.

(If the Word application is not installed and your internet is connected to the computer then it will take to the Bing search engine and show you results related to the Word application. And most of the search results will be related to Microsoft Word. Which will be mostly from Microsoft.) Where you will also get information on how to buy and download Microsoft Word.

2. Hit Enter key on the keyboard or click on that icon with the mouse left button.

Once you do it, it will run the Microsoft word application. Now you will see various options such as:

  • Blank Document
  • Recently Open Word files
  • Templates and some others

3. Now just hit enter or click on Blank document. So now, the Word application gets started.

Now start typing and you will whatever you typing displayed on the screen.

Please visit this read these posts and tutorials for more information so that you can create professional-looking word documents on your own in Microsoft Word.

The above posts are enough to enhance your Microsoft Word knowledge. Still, if you’re getting difficulty learning Word practically or understanding then please let us know. We will cover that in the next post and will share it with you.

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