How to start business in Microsoft Word Office 365 niche


Microsoft Word is application software and now you will get it in Microsoft 365 SaaS. Here you can compare the subscription plans. Having basic and advanced Microsoft Word skills opens new job, career, and business opportunities.

There are so many uses for Microsoft Word in education, home, and business.

From school students to Seniors, anyone can learn Microsoft Word and use those skills to generate part-time income, work as an expert, provide freelance services, and also start an online business.

But if you’re new to Microsoft Word or just started learning Microsoft Word then this is the post for you. It’s because this post will give your ideas, thoughts, and knowledge about how you can use Microsoft Word skills to start a career or business.

If you’re already running a Microsoft Word application software-related online or offline business, then in this post you will get ideas for growth and scaling that business.

This post is also very important for those who have good Microsoft word knowledge or expert in Microsoft word. But they haven’t thought to use these word skills or word knowledge to start an online business or side income. And it’s also the post for those who just looking to start an online business as soon as easily as possible.

So, all of this and more you will learn in this post.

But before we start, we want to make sure you are an aware and good understanding of Microsoft Word if not then no problem, just start with the following posts and then come back to this post later:

Articles about Microsoft Word:

I hope you read those posts and are now ready to move to the next level. Let’s start:

Top 10 things that you can do after learning Microsoft Word or with your existing Microsoft Word skills and knowledge:

With Microsoft Word skills and Microsoft application software, you can get an online job, you can start an online business, do freelance work, Blog about Microsoft Word, Word Tutorials YouTube channel, and many other things. So, let’s find out all these uses one by one:

1. Start Teaching Microsoft Word Online through live classes or Live-streaming:

There are various uses of the internet in our daily life and various advantages of the internet for business, and one of the best is to teach people what you know and learn. And you can start teaching Microsoft Word Online. Even start to teach Word when you’re learning so that you will be able to learn Word skills much better and faster.

You can start your own branded online Microsoft Word skills or Office 365 Skills Training Academy or you start individually.

You can also start with free online teaching tools. You can start live streaming or you can take live Microsoft Word video classes through Skype, or Google Meet.

You can use Microsoft Word online notes and resources and you can also test students’ skills through Microsoft Word in real time.  For a smoother process, you can also use a whiteboard, and class scheduling software.

To go further you can use virtual classroom software to teach Microsoft Word to live interactive classes, where you will get options for live streaming, scheduling, monitoring, recording, sharing, and many other.

You can also use a more advanced video streaming platform to host, monetize and broadcast your Microsoft Word classes to local as well as international students.

The benefit of using a professional and SaaS-based online live streaming tool to teach Microsoft Word is that your data will be saved automatically, you will be able to record and share your screen, and you will be able to collaborate with other students.

For live-streaming Microsoft Word classes, you can target and segment your audience. You can segment the audience based on location, language, age, goals, and various ways.

For example, you can teach Microsoft Word to schools Students in English. Read more about its importance here: Importance of MS Word in Education

You can teach Microsoft Word skills to organizations, and private sector teams. Read more about its importance in business: Top 3 Productive Uses of Microsoft Word in Business

You can teach local students or international students. Go as per your experience and knowledge. Apply the knowledge with discipline and consistency for the best results.

To promote, market the online live-streaming classes for free you can use social media such as Pinterest, Linked In, YouTube, and Facebook, and many other.

You can use PPC, CPM search engine, video, and display advertising to get more admissions to your Microsoft Word Live Training. You can also build your website for your business. And you can also do blogging on that to promote your live-streaming classes.

For payments, you can use online business or services payments tools. By using advanced payment tools, you can take payments from credit cards, debit cards, eCheck, and also by email, mobile, and various things. Or even not fits, you can use net banking.

While becoming an expert or teaching Microsoft Word is one thing. But running it as a business requires proper planning and strategy. Which include marketing, management, and scale-up strategies.

For example, teaching one of the latest versions of Microsoft Office such as Microsoft 365 is a strategy. But for that, you have to invest in software or tools upfront. You can start with a basic plan or home and later you can switch to a premium or business plan. Here you can compare Microsoft 365 Plans. 

It’s tough to share everything in one post, but I will try to explain it more in the upcoming posts.

If you’re interested or already running a Microsoft Word-related business or teaching Online classes related to Microsoft Word and want my advising or consultancy services then you can also contact me.

For updates related to this post, you can also follow us on Klient Solutech Page. And you can also follow me here for technology-related business and career development guides and updates.

Learn to teach Microsoft Word or any skill online through live classes:

If you don’t know much about online live streaming or live online classes then it’s very important for you to research and more about life streaming on the web and free video tutorials and search engines.

But if you’re looking to learn it step by step then we have found a couple of live streaming-related online courses, that can help you to think and create your online Microsoft Word teaching plan and checklist:

2. Create Word Online Courses and promote them:

But the benefit of using online course creation tools and platforms is that you will get a complete all-in-one solution. Where you will get everything to create your online education business. Many provide video editing, website, sales funnels, landing pages, payment automation, and data analytics options.

Even you can record and build it on your own and then list the course for sale or admission on the online courses marketplace website.

You can create Microsoft word tutorials and then sell them to companies, businesses, and educational institutions. There are various business opportunities with Microsoft Word Expertise that you can use as per your knowledge and skills.

For marketing and promotion of the Microsoft word course, you can use various marketing strategies.

You can write content related to How to? Microsoft Word Exercises on your blog, you can share demo video content on YouTube, etc.

You can also use social media and search engine advertising.

And you can also publish your unique written guest post on authority and educational niche blog websites.

Other than this, you can use email marketing options, landing pages, eBooks and various other things to promote and sell your online Microsoft Word courses.


3. Start a blog with Microsoft Word Niche:

Blogging is very important in our everyday life. While most of the experts suggest starting blogging on profitable and high CPC categories of niches.

And due to that many only start with Hosting, WordPress, Domain, and Marketing Niche. But considering that in mind, starting a blog on the Microsoft Word niche is also a profitable and great blog idea.

As you know Microsoft Word is application software and it’s widely used by businesses, organizations, educational institutions, and many others.

It’s updated by Microsoft Inc. regularly. It also comes pre-installed with almost all new PCs/Laptops brands. And many buy it later for business and personal use. Microsoft Word is a part of Microsoft Office Suite.

I personally started using Office 2000 I think, then 2003, 07, and many others. I used I think almost all the versions since school time. I never shared that before, but once I worked remotely and on-site technical support in Microsoft Word for a data typing and editing company for 6 months or a year in earlier my career.

At that time the use of the internet is not that much especially in my region so all the solutions were provided on the CDMA/gsm phone.

And literally, I was surprised when I think about those days and how I was able to answer and solve Microsoft Word typing and editing queries of teams and individuals.

The nature and appearance of the menus, and programs are much more advanced and useful than earlier versions of the Office suite. While most of us resist changing or upgrading our office package or version because we are familiar with the current version.

But to be a leader in Information technology or in business it’s very important to upgrade not only our mindset but also our tools. For example, Microsoft 365 Subscription has various plan that solves the needs of almost all type of user.

Microsoft Word application has grown and now it’s more mature and very beneficial than ever to use in business and for business. I have experienced it I think for the last 18 years and once a month, I think I still need to learn it. And yes, it’s always.

But why I shared here my personal experience with Microsoft Word?

I shared it with you so that you can understand that the scope of blogging and running a business around Microsoft Word is great. Whether it’s a blog, YouTube channel, live classes, and freelance services.

When I am not satisfied for 18 years when I still want to learn/use and then think how many people are there who need to learn Microsoft Word.

If you don’t know about its uses then I recommend learning the following posts:

Top 3 Productive Uses of Microsoft Word in Business

Top 10 most powerful uses of Microsoft Word

Uses of Microsoft Office Applications in Daily Life

The point is that each type of technology wheatear it’s a method or application software has a life cycle. And some software never dies because they contribute heavily, and usefully to the life of people. Behind Microsoft Word, there are great teams of developers and thinkers, and also visionary.

Even I am pretty sure that it’s possible that one day Microsoft Word will become a website builder software. It’s because of its productive workplace and business features. And people want to learn and want information to all of those features.

So, teaching Microsoft word, or starting a blog in Microsoft Word is a good idea.

But for the monetization part, you have to be creative. You can start with Google AdSense. And along with that, you can also explore Affiliate marketing options.

To start a blog on Microsoft Word. You have to buy a good domain name and hosting. Buying good hosting is very important. Because in the Microsoft Word niche you will get tons of traffic to your blog.

So, for faster loading and good user experiences, it’s important that you use good and professional hosting services.

For marketing, you have to improve your search engine optimization skills, content writing skills as well as social media marketing skills.

If you don’t know much about WordPress or Blog creation then the following posts can also help in that:

What is a website builder? – Essential things you need to know about website builders

Uses of WordPress in Websites and How does it work

10 things you should do when hiring someone to build a Website

Build a business website on your own or hire someone: Detailed Guide

How long does it take to learn WordPress Skills?

How long does it take to build a website in WordPress?

Different Ways to build any type of Website

Top 10 WordPress eCommerce, Blog, Business website development Services

4. Start Working as Word Expert Freelancer:

Remote virtual assistants, admin, and data entry operators are in demand. As I told Microsoft Word application software is used by school students, professionals, content writers, blog websites, eCommerce websites, and various offline and online businesses. Because not all have the same time and expertise to create official and workplace documents in Microsoft Word.

That’s the scope for freelance work and freelance business. You can provide Microsoft word business and educational template creation services, you can provide document writing and editing services, you can provide Microsoft word remote technical support.

You can provide word freelance services to eCommerce, template creators, branding and marketing companies, and many others. You can also work with CEOs and managers as virtual assistants.

But along with Microsoft Word expertise to do freelance work, you also have to get more Microsoft Word-related freelance work from clients on online freelance platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr:

  • You have to be confident in your Word skills and expertise. Make sure you learn and update your Microsoft Word skills once a month.
  • You have to be good at promoting and marketing yourself online. For this, you can build your personal website, portfolio website along with blog.
  • You have to be good at verbal and written communication in a native or foreign language such as English.
  • You have to learn more and update your business skills.

And many others. But if you work on the above it’s enough to start as a Microsoft Word Expert Freelancer.

The following posts are helpful for you to learn more about Working as Microsoft Word Freelancer: 

Best freelancing platforms and ideas to get projects

What is freelancing? Definitions and meaning with examples

14 tips that will help you get your first client on Upwork Quickly

Ways to promote yourself as a freelancer, especially profile

5. Create Word Template and Sell them:

Microsoft Word Templates help to create documents faster, professionally, and effectively. The uses of Microsoft Word Templates are big and widespread per the business and industry.

In this way, for example, you can create an email newsletter or marketing brochure in Microsoft Word, and you can create Business cards, wedding cards, certificates, and many other things in Microsoft Word.

The existing word templates provided by Microsoft and even many other websites are not enough.

Businesses need innovation and creativity on the daily basis to scale and grow. It’s important to surprise customers and clients with wonderful and valuable things. So using the same templates that are used by other businesses reduces the uniqueness and difference. And it also loses a competitive advantage in business.

That’s why it’s very important to create great professional-looking documents in Microsoft Word. That is good for brand identity, marketing, and retaining old customers.

That’s why businesses need new and professional templates. Even if not, it must be good to read and grab the information quickly and effectively.

It can be for digital work or printing purposes.

So, providing Microsoft Word template creation services is a great and very beneficial online business.

But it also depends on your business strategy and marketing skills.

How do you want to sell?

Do you want to sell to Microsoft?

or do you want to sell directly to educational institutions?

Do you want to sell on your website?


Having a good domain, hosting and website is not enough to run the business. along with these you also need scaling and growth strategies. But this is a business that anyone can start from home, full-time and also part-time.

The following posts will help you with this: 

Top 7 Small Business Growth Strategies with examples

While doing a job how to prepare to start your own business

Explore these 16 Growth Opportunities for your business

I know that the above are just basic ideas to start online selling or template creation and services business. But you can research on your own as well, what kind of digital products you can create through Microsoft word. It’s also important that you have the basic knowledge and understanding about online business, eCommerce, target audience, SEO, website, and social media marketing.

6. Start a YouTube channel – Create Word Tutorials:

I know you will say that sir, there are already many channels. The content is already saturated. and the competition is high. especially in Microsoft Word-like niches.

So, my answer is this:

Dear, it’s ok that there are so many YouTube Channels, it’s ok that there are so many competitors. That’s the place for business.

But it looks a little tempting or overwhelming.

What my point is?

My point is simple. You don’t have to teach the same things that are already taught or videos are already created and popular for those things. You have to put and need to think about your own flavor in Word videos for YouTube. You have to focus on a certain and specific target audience. And after that the road is clear. And the more you keep digging into this you will keep getting new ideas to apply. But it’s important that you believe that Microsoft Word application software is a great productivity tool and you know the best on your own version.

Once you start that then start scaling up your YouTube channel through websites, blogs, and online courses. Just start it as a hobby and let yourself fail and learn. And when you learn something then apply that.

7. Look for Office Assistant and Admin Jobs:

Cybercafe, small finance, insurance, transportation offices, and various other business needs document creation service on daily basis. Hiring a remote freelancer needs extra time and managed process.

So not all offline working offices and companies hire remote Word Experts. They need someone with a $100 to $500 salary part-time and full-time for their document creation, editing and typing work.

Even many business owners try to do it on their own. But here is the opportunity for the job.

List your Microsoft Word skills effectively in your resume. Show some printable samples. Show how you can help them. Show what other skills you also have to help them etc.

Write proposals along with resumes and send them to various offices in nearby communities and society offices.

I believe that if you communicate effectively with confidence and with basic Word expertise you will get a job just after Microsoft Word. But having good typing skills is also important. You have to practice basic typing lessons.

That’s the power of Microsoft Word Application Expertise that you can use to start an online business or for career development.

I am sure that you got good Microsoft Word-related online business and career development ideas, strategies, and opportunities in this post. But I have remained the research part and data to those who want to start a business and career around Microsoft Word. It’s better for all of you to research on your own and if you believe and have confidence then do it. Else don’t just go on my words.

Learn more:

What to include in a Resume: 11 Resume Writing Tips

How to get work experience as fresher for the job

Note: You know that this post is so useful. It has taken me lots of brain and time to write this. And I don’t think I need to tell you to share it everywhere on social media. You will do it on your own. Thanks!


If you need help related to this post and want to talk or consultant about business and career, then you can contact me.

You can use any platform to connect with me. When you can contact me, please be specific and clear about your point of view in detail.


Is Microsoft Word easy or hard to learn?

It’s not a good question. The best question is how to learn Microsoft Word effectively. There are various ways to learn Microsoft Word. You can learn on YouTube, you can learn in live classes, you can learn through blogs, you can learn through person-to-person offline classes, and various others. Here you can learn more:

But if you’re looking to learn systematically and effectively then you can do online Microsoft word courses. If you’re just looking for quick tutorials then you can use YouTube. If you’re looking for the details and a deep understanding of the subject of Microsoft Word, then you read blogs etc.

Here you can learn more: How to learn Microsoft Word quickly, effectively and easily

How long does it take to learn Microsoft Word?

It’s a never-ending process. Timing is also depending on your selected sources and online courses or tutorials. I am using Microsoft Word for 17+ years. Still, I think to learn. And I have to learn it many times when I need some help.

Your 1st step is to become good at basic work. Then advanced works and after that expert works. But more than expertise it’s also important that you apply your Word knowledge.

So that you will be able to learn it more effectively. As I shared in this post, how you can apply your Microsoft Word knowledge and expertise.

Please read the following posts: 

Microsoft 365: Scale Up Office Productivity to its Best

Microsoft Word Introduction, What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft word uses and features

Is Microsoft Word being good to start a business?

No product and service-based business ideas are perfect. Even it’s possible that many things shared in this post are not practically possible. But running a business is a different kind of skill that you need along with Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office Expertise.

No idea is great and but if Microsoft Word is your only expertise, then you have to apply and use it with discipline, consistency, and confidence. But still, there is no guaranteed. It totally depends on you, your sources of knowledge, and inspiration and your consultant.

Is Microsoft Word good for your career?

Yes. But for that, you need to learn to apply your knowledge.

Here you can learn:

How to Choose a Career in Information Technology

How planning can help you to achieve career and business goals

Methods to become more confident in your IT career

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