Top 5 Tips for Staying Driven on the Road to Success


To become a successful entrepreneur, freelancer, blogger, graphics designer, web developer, teacher, etc. or anything that you want, you have to keep yourself motivated and focused in difficult and successful situations. But it’s not as easy as it looks. Sometimes everything looks against you. Everything that you try leads to failure instead of success. It happens to all of us.

Remember, failure and success is a continuous process to achieve more wealth, freedom, and flexibility. But why it happens? And how you can balance yourself between success and failure. In this post, I will try to do my best to help you to find the solution.

So let’s get started:

Unlocking Success and Failure: Understanding Your Key Metrics

1st measure your success and failure. You can’t be successful if you don’t know what it takes to become successful. And if you’re getting a failure, you need to work on the things that make you fail. It’s just that simple. And the methods to become successful can be different for each other. But if you’re a business leader, then it’s important that 1 method is followed by your whole team:

Let’s understand in an example:

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, then you need to define yourself, and your own success secrets. And if you don’t know, and do not agree with other secrets then you need to create your own successful method:

What does it take for you to become a successful entrepreneur? It can be similar to the following:

  • Quality products and services – focused on the development of the customer.
  • Consistent Marketing
  • Consistent Innovation
  • Cost/Distribution/Supply management
  • Profitable investments
  • Team building and training


What it takes for you to become a successful blogger? It can be:

  • Consistent writing and publishing. At least 1 article per day or week.
  • Website speed
  • Monetization of content
  • Patience / Time
  • Experience and knowledge
  • Keyword research skills and SEO.
  • Communication skills

What does it take for you to become a successful web developer? It can be:

  • Consistent learning and skills development – 2 hours daily.
  • Money management and investment
  • Willing to work on more challenging projects
  • Consistent work from clients and companies.


I mean that you should know what it takes to you to become successful in the field you’re in. And then you need to work on just that. And if you do it, you will be able to keep yourself motivated and successful.

Not only do you need to define what will make you successful but also how and why you’re getting failed.

Now it can be the following:

  • Lack of project vision as an entrepreneur.
  • Lack of skills in trending technologies as a developer.
  • Lack of self-confidence as a blogger


There are various reasons why people fail. The failures can be by following wrong leaders, it can be by following myths, can be a lack of team and money. But whatever at least,  if you research and define the reasons for failures yourself, then definitely you will think to work on them wisely.

Failure is not a bad thing. It’s good and very important to become successful. It’s just a process to become successful. All of us have to face it. It’s because we’re trying to achieve our personal, business, environmental, political, economic, and career goals.

If you play, it means you will win or you will learn to win next time by not repeating the mistakes. But if you don’t play, you will never win or never learn to win. It’s in your hand to make it a habit of not trying, and at the same time, you can think to make success your habit.

The conclusion on this point, is that define the things, methods, technologies, ideas, process, the system that is best fit for you and helpful in this situation to become successful. And at the same time, be aware of the things that are creating obstacles.

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1. Commit yourself to work on the things that make you successful and fail:

Once you know what will take you to become successful and what are the things that are preventing you to become successful, it becomes easy to work on them.

If you have defined that learning is very important for you then you will invest your 2 hours in learning daily. You can learn daily about your business/trade/skills/field etc. through the news, blogs, social media, online courses, and books.

If you have defined yourself that lack of energy in the body is the reason for lower productivity then you can work on them. After that you will get up early, you will take a healthy diet, will talk less and listen more, and do meditation and yoga.

If you have defined yourself that lack of team and support from the staff in the project is the obstacle then you will spend time training them. You will take their classes, you will clarify their vision, and you will build their skills through your own or online courses, or by hiring a trainer. It means you will work on them with them.

If you have defined that you need to write at least 1 blog post daily to become a successful blogger or to grow the blog traffic then you will write daily.


So whatever you have defined for yourself. You have to work on that. Only you know what can make you successful. You can learn from others. But the way you think becomes greater after learning this kind of article.

Once you know and start working on the things that make you successful then you will start feeling motivated, will start feeling hopeful, start believing in yourself, and sooner will remove the obstacles by consistently learning and working hard.

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2. Handle the pressure of goals and work:

Once you have defined and started working on the things that will make you successful then it will create pressure. You will feel the pressure of big goals, dreams, and demands.

The only way to reduce the pressure and manage it to benefit you is that “Don’t think about the following things in bigger ways after defining your course of action:

  • Don’t think you have to write 100 articles. Just think you have to write 1 article.
  • Don’t think you need to spend $5000 on online marketing. Just think you have to spend $50 this week on a PPC campaign.
  • Don’t think you need to make your team perfect, you just have to improve the basics. Don’t expect to achieve it in one day. Just improve 1 thing in 1 day.
  • Don’t think that you have to work hard for many years. Instead, think you just have to work hard each day. Days will become a month, and the month will become years soon.

An apple tree doesn’t produce a $1000 value apple in one day. But if getting the proper care and doing the things that make an apple tree fruitful and beneficial, only then it can produce the value that is expected. And remember, gardeners, don’t do all the things in one day. They do according to the season and growth of the apple tree.

That’s why it’s important to walk each day and need think about the next small step. If you do it then you will handle the pressure and start managing it. And within a few days and months, you will start thinking that there is no pressure.

So be smart in handling your mood, mind, and pressure. There will come a time when you will find yourself successful. But it will come when you are on its way.

Don’t keep yourself down if got failure while working on your success. Get up and run again. It’s important to face a dark night before sunrise. It’s important to face the summer season for the rainy days. Technically, it’s not a failure that you think it is. Instead, it’s a process. Do it.

3. Read and learn what’s happening and how you can control that in your favor:

When you’re confused you will not able to think. But even if you’re feeling confused, you can still remove it. So when getting confused, when unable to think, then learn and see the things again that are defined by you to work on to become successful.

And keep those things written on any board or in your pocket. And read each day, or whenever you start feeling confused. That will help you to read the situation and you will become able to turn the challenging situation in your favor. The more you believe in them, the faster you will achieve your goals and success in life.

For example, you’re worried about the recent expenses that you did for business and you haven’t got the results you expected. Your team members are not following the process. Your website traffic is going down. You’re not getting any new clients. The current client is not paying the money. And you have to pay a salary to your team members.

So now this is a very difficult situation and it can make anyone confused and unmotivated. So instead of sitting in the office with a hanging mouth, do the work that is necessary. I know it’s impossible sometimes. But just get relaxed. And read your defined success methods again.

Say to yourself, “You will learn that, you need to handle this situation to grow from here. It’s a challenge but I will face it. I just need to get relaxed, I just have to do the things that are important.”

So your final decision can be like this:

  • Do the work that will generate money. It can be to call your clients for payments. It can be to find new projects and clients and get advance money.
  • 2nd,  start working with your team. Don’t just think that you’re the boss. If there is no employee, then there is no boss. So don’t think of others and yourself like bosses and employees. Just think you’re the same as them, I mean you’re the team. Become the leader of your team and just work with them. Don’t let others feel that you’re getting stuck. Instead, behave like we’re in a good situation. And keep yourself cool.
  • It will boost their morale. It will reduce your ego level. And it will create results sooner and later. Now, you can read the situation on ground zero (I mean working and sitting with teammates at their desks) and that will help to handle the pressure.

And just be prepared yourself for challenges in the office and in business.

So you need to think like this, you need to define your methods clearly. You can’t change your success secrets again and again. You just have to stick with a few rules and principles.

4. Don’t feel too much confident and over-excited about your success:

Enjoy the success from the inside, but always remember, how you get it. People forget, and that’s why they take many years to get 2nd success.

So just enjoy it. But don’t forget that, success and failure is a processes. So you need to stick to your rules and principles, So each time, whatever you try will become successful. Let your team enjoy success more than you. Give credit to them. And take responsibility on your own when get failed.

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5. Remember, that success and failure are not permanent:

Remember, that success and failure are not permanent. Success comes, people appreciate it and then forget. If you get a failure, then they criticize and then forget.

You don’t need to think like people. You just have to think about yourself in your way. And I believe that you will think positively.

Think, success is a habit. Thinking, and working hard is the habit. Think, failure is the formula for success.

If you get failed then it’s because you’re trying to do big things.

And nothing is permanent. Nor success and not failure. You just have to balance yourself. You just have to work each day. That’s it. And you will be able to manage all kinds of business, and career risks. And need to prepare yourself in the morning for a successful day.

Success is an amazing thing, make it a habit to repeat.

Now it’s up to you. To try again.

It does not matter how many times you have failed. The only thing that matters, can you try it again after updated knowledge and mind.

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